New 2020 Toyota Yaris Year – the third generation after restyling

Hatchback 2020 Toyota Yaris came to us from Japan. It is worth noting that in the domestic market, this machine is sold under a different name – Vitz. A similar machine can be found in the eastern regions of Russia, which are closest to the land of the rising sun. The fact that officially we have not sold the car, but who want to get yourself this hatchback we do not have enough.

In this regard, we want to acquaint you with the latest update, the – 2020 Toyota Yaris, which has recently experienced a planned restyling and summer became available in Japan and Europe. The first generation saw the light as much as only six years ended in 1999 and after its release. It was connected with the release of a new generation, the existence of which also lasted for six years from 2005 to 2011. After that, 2020 Toyota released the latest generation of today. Two years have passed and it’s time to upgrade, upgrade a little hatchback.


  • Exterior
  • Interior
  • Configurations
  • Price
  • Characteristics
  • Conclusion

Planned changes affected both the exterior and interior a bit. As for the specifications, then everything stays the same. In any case, let us now take a closer look at each of the components of the hatchback.


Thanks to fresh pictures and detailed video review we will be able to explore the length and breadth of a novelty, also based on our review. Let’s start with what is now 2020 Toyota Yaris – year will no longer be offered in three-door body, which was present before the restyling.

2020 Toyota Yaris photo front

The front end looks like Venza model due to the form of the front bumper, the air intake and even a little optics. As a result, it managed to create a pleasant “face”, underlined ribbons daytime running lights, LED components and a very original trim of the radiator grille. As a result, the appearance can be described as an aggressive and rapid. Although we face urban hatchback, at the 2020 Toyota Yaris looks like a bumper for a sports car track. Although still it fits into the image quite well.

2020 Toyota Yaris pictures in profile

In profile, it becomes clear – before us a classic urban compact hatchback, which fits perfectly into the turns, in harmony with its narrow streets and good maneuvers in dense traffic. Sideways is to provide a beautiful door handles are large enough and suitable for planting in the cabin door elegant exterior mirrors, small overhangs.

Photo rear of the 2020 Toyota Yaris the year

Foods traditionally urban avtomobilchika small, but still has its own characteristics. First of all, this is a great bumper diffuser and huge. Plus, adds unique exterior LED headlamp layout, arched glass tailgate and spoiler.

Well, the appearance – it’s really strong point of the updated 2020 Toyota Yaris. From now on, the car has become brighter, more interesting, more sporty and aspirations forward.

Do not be amiss to conclude the review of the external component of the data regarding the size hatchback. And they are:

  • length – 3885 mm
  • height – 1520 mm
  • width – 1695 millimeters
  • ground clearance – 140 mm.
  • Recall that the car will be produced also in a hybrid version, the length of which would be a little more – 3905 mm.


At first glance, the interior at 2020 Toyota Yaris – year rather modest and discreet. In fact, the car got everything you need for the modern driver and passenger equipment. This makes the practical hatchback. By the way, finishing materials did not save the company, and therefore include them in the budget category is hardly possible.

Photo interior 2020 Toyota Yaris the year

The car is aimed at European consumers, so did the interior, based on their preferences and wishes. The results of the novelty was convenient multifunction steering wheel, ergonomic and easy to read instrument panel, comfortable climate control system, as well as a large touch display with a seven-inch for Media Management. Unfortunately, the last component is only available in expensive equipment.

If we talk about the finish, there is involved a good fabric and skin, use plastic inserts for the front panel and the formation of dark gray, black, red or light gray colors.

Interior Picture 2020 Toyota Yaris

Driver and front passenger seat comfortable, although lateral support here is minimal. Rear seats are not too many, but even adults are high and large passengers will be able to stay there and get enough space in the legs.

The standard position of the back row trunk volume is 286 liters, which is pretty good for this class. Plus, the back row can be folded, with the result that the amount of space under the boot of luggage will increase to 768 liters.


For all markets, the 2020 Toyota Yaris – will be available in four classic equipment variants. Each grade has its own name – Base, Live, Active and Style.

  • the standard audio system with six speakers and CD player, USB connector
  • cloth interior
  • electric power steering
  • central locking control
  • electric mirrors
  • Rotary additional lights on the exterior mirrors
  • side and front airbags
  • fixing a child car seats
  • steel wheels 14 inches
  • Security EBD, BA and ABS
  • electric windows in the front doors
  • air conditioning.
  • steel wheels 15 inches
  • leather-trimmed steering wheel, handbrake and gearshift knob
  • straps made of soft plastic on the front panel and door cards.

If you order a 2020 Toyota Yaris – years in the Active configuration, then you get:

  • alloy wheels 15 inches
  • heating system for front seats
  • climate control
  • front fog lights
  • 2020 Toyota Touch multimedia system 2
  • color touch screen of 7 inches with music, telephone and navigation.

Top-end performance of Style allows the car owner to count on the presence of:

  • rain and light sensors
  • Keyless access to the salon
  • button engine start system
  • system 2020 Toyota Touch 2 and Go.


Despite the obvious advantages of this city car, officially deliver to the territory of Russia is not going to. It’s a pity. Perhaps, the new 2020 Toyota Yaris could become very popular.

Photo updated 2020 Toyota Yaris

Either way, it is possible to purchase products at home or in Europe. In European countries, the price of 2020 Toyota Yaris – was set of 12 thousand euros. Of course, it is the cost of the basic version. More rich equipment will be more expensive.

There is still a chance that restyling hatchback will deliver to us through official dealers of 2020 Toyota in Russia, but so far no reports on this subject have been reported.


Like it or not, but that car specifications often are primarily interested in potential buyers of a new car. The information is already available, so we can you tell in detail about this part of the city hatchback from the 2020 Toyota company.

Photo Mothra Yaris

Total customers can choose one of the four engines. Of these, one – a diesel power unit, two petrol and mentioned earlier hybrid propulsion system.

  1. The first of two petrol engines – a liter 69-horsepower engine with 93 Nm of torque. It works in tandem with the mechanics on five stages and provides top speed of 155 kilometers per hour. In this case the first one hundred kilometers per hour on the speedometer reached after 15.3 seconds after launch. Average fuel consumption – 5 liters per hundred.
  2. The second engine has a volume of 1.33 liter, 90 horsepower power and 205 Nm of torque. It works together with a six-speed mechanics or variator by which accelerates the hatchback to hundreds of 11.7 (12.6) seconds and provides a top speed of 175 kilometers per hour. Depending on the box consumes 5.5 or 5.3 liters per hundred kilometers on average.
  3. Diesel four-cylinder and 1.4-liter produces 90 horsepower with a torque of 205 Nm. Completed only mechanics in the six gears. In this equipment the machine reaches a hundred kilometers per hour in 10.8 seconds, accelerates to a maximum of 175 kilometers per hour and uses the combined cycle of 3.9 liters of diesel.
  4. The hybrid unit consists of a 1.5-liter gasoline engine with 75 hp and 111 Nm of torque, and the motor 45 kW. It works in tandem with a stepless variator and total outputs 100 horsepower. They help to disperse hundreds takes 11.8 seconds and top speed – 165 kilometers per hour. With this setting, the car will need about 3.5 liters of fuel per hundred kilometers in the combined cycle.


So we met with a rather interesting and a very striking look of the car from the Japanese manufacturer 2020 Toyota. It can be said that due to the restyling achieved a major breakthrough. Let technically nothing has changed since the release of the market the third generation model, the car still has left a very positive impression.

It remains an open question – why has this hatchback is not officially in the Russian dealers of 2020 Toyota? For reviews of the owners in Europe make it clear that this is a decent car that fits perfectly into the urban environment perfectly maneuvering in dense city traffic and stands out due to its appearance in the gray mass of cars. Let’s hope that the situation will change because of such a car would not refuse to many of our fans of the Japanese brand.