New 2020 Toyota Prius

Environmentally-friendly hybrid has become stronger and more aggressive. After a recent presentation in Las Vegas, it became clear – spy photos do not have lied about the appearance of the new Prius.

The fourth generation of hybrid hatchback will be sold as early as , but its specifications have not yet said anything. But you can pretty carefully consider the design of the novelty exterior. The front car has become more aggressive because of the terrible “look” headlights, lowered hood and an acute-angled bumper. In the last integrated LED running lights with direction indicators.

It is worth paying attention to the blue “aura” around the name plate with the logo of the 2020 Toyota . Another distinctive feature of the car – the almost complete absence of the grille. On the side, the profile of the sport of the Japanese “tadpole” shows 17 dyuymvoye wheels, ascending line and decreasing the window. Just pay attention to the truncated rear and a black box, which creates the impression of a solid perimeter stekleneya cars. Stern looks futuristic, as if a small space cruiser. New winding LED lights, joined understated spoiler-beam, bold shapes trunk, hidden pipe exhaust system and “monolithic” bumper made of plastic – is all that is worth knowing about the back of the new 2020 Toyota Prius.

Now about the numbers. Hatchback was built on a new platform, and 2020 Toyota TNGA became 6 centimeters long, 1.5 centimeters wider and 2 cm below. The novelty will receive a 7 color options for the body. The model shown in the photo, is painted in the color of «Red Hypersonic».

Interior 2020 Toyota Prius is filled with advanced technologies and unusual decorative inserts in white, resembling porcelain. The driver’s instrument panel is placed on top of the center console, which improves the overall visibility of the driver. Below are deflectors blowers and touch screen multimedia system. Also, it can be assumed that the high-end version will be equipped with a projection screen on the windshield. All controls have a pleasant blue backlight. By the way the gear lever not everyone finds the first attempt.

It is known that the Prius will get a security system 2020 Toyota Safety Sence. This will include: emergency braking system, blind spot monitoring system, pedestrian detection, monitoring the traffic lane and the dynamic cruise control.

What powerplant will propel the car remains a mystery to this day. However, 2020 Toyota said that the car will consume no more than 4.4 liters per hundred in the urban cycle.
Country cycle of 4.2 liters per 100 kilometers.

2020 Toyota Prius model year – World bestseller or Japanese freak? Up to you.