New 2020 Toyota Fortuner – Family brother Hilux

The new SUV from Japan, 2020 Toyota Fortuner – model year, starting to gather in the city of Kostanay in Kazakhstan at the facilities of “2020 Toyota Motor Kazakhstan”. The new SUV will attract fans of the 2020 Toyota the Hilux , as it is considered to be the closest brother in Russia. If we consider the history of both vehicles, they both began their release, since 2005, also suffered an update at the same time (2008 and ’11).

2020 Toyota Fortuner is attractive for its large capacity, the seven-seat interior and allowable costs, as well as excellent reliability, who is aware of the Hilux, will understand what kind of reliability in question. Only this option is ideal for a large family, and Hilux for fans, something to carry, because he pickup.

2020 Toyota Fortuner photo

Purchase will cost 39 thousand in Kazakhstan 2020 Toyota Fortuner model year – 45 000 $, the Russian ruble, the price is around 1350 – 1530 thousand.

According to official information 2020 Toyota Fortuner are not going to sell in Russia, but there is a large demand, can only hope and expect that the SUV vvezut the territory of the Russian Federation.

  • The external dimensions of the new 2020 Toyota SUV Fortuner -, quite impressive: length is 4705 mm, height 1795 mm, width 1840 mm, wheelbase thus equal to 2 750 mm, 220 mm will tell us the clearance (clearance ).
  • Standard on Jeep set tires with the dimensions 265/65 R17, with the data track wheels for the rear and front wheels is equal to 1 540 mm.
  • Depending on the total weight of the car is 1800 – 1880 kg.
  • The fuel compartment is designed for the total volume of 80 liters.

Looking around the car photos and videos, the conclusion, 2020 Toyota Fortuner is a truly masculine SUV with charisma and good looks.

Externally, the car proves that they belong to the class of SUVs. This is a small, neat bumper with a large angle of approach and departure. Volume wheel arches which allow to insert large off-road wheels. Large door openings and an impressive rear.

The car can, to some extent, and old-fashioned, probably many now think about it, because the new SUVs available on the market make the most of the benches in the direction of fashion, thereby producing nedovnedorozhniki. What can be said about the Fortuner, strict, stylish car for real men.

2020 Toyota fortuner photo front

The front end draws attention to the chrome grille, which becomes highly posazhannye headlamp lens optics with a Xenon bulb. Hood standard with two edges tapering to the grille. In the eyes catch volume mirrors diode repeaters.

Photos Side 2020 Toyota Fortuner

The profile is standard SUV, large hood uniform rolling in cluttered lobovinu sufficiently large wheel arches, which will take almost any rubber profile. From the side inspection noticed only large C-pillar and the rear of the unusual glazing, something like the Lexus RX.

Photo rear of the Fortuner

On the back of it can be said that this is not a rough SUV and a conventional SUV. The back of the plentiful glazed, large overall ceiling LED stuffing contribute not a little beauty and a small compact bumper emphasizes it all.

For painting the body manufacturer offers only stringent enamel is black, dark gray, dark steel, gold, silver.

Photo salon 2020 Toyota Fortuner the year

Having examined the exterior of the car, it’s time to talk about the domestic interior. Shop in the new 2020 Toyota Fortuner the year quite capacious, has three rows of seats and can hold the seed people including the driver. Total interior length is 2,880 mm, width 1,475 mm, height 1,210 mm. The front passenger seat and the driver has a good enough side support and high-quality content. Rear sofa is very roomy and allow for up to three people with the growth of even more than 190 cm. The third row is designed for school-age children, the other is there is not comfortable enough, but it can accommodate. Penetration to the third row should not cause difficulties enough to the right to withdraw the second row seat, with a special lever.

Picture 2020 Toyota Fortuner 7-seater interior

Now you can sit behind the driver’s seat, and evaluate all of the possibilities and advantages. Just understand that in the hands is quite convenient and attractive steering wheel, the truth of the downsides, there is only adjusted in the same position, height, deserve attention and dashboard, the center console is not admirable, Charge d’usual time, standard shorter. Registration is done in the usual, quiet and brutal style.


Factory “2020 Toyota Motor Kazakhstan” offers 2020 Toyota Fortuner in three trim levels, and with only one power unit running on gasoline and an outstanding 160 horsepower.

  • First grade – Comfort (price 39 to $ 200);
  • Second – Elegance (price 41 to $ 300);
  • Third – Prestige (price $ 44 500).

Fortuner in base complement rather not bad. Shoes in lesosplavnye wheels 17 “with 265/65 protector, halogen head optics with mechanical tilt adjustment, fog lights, mud flaps and additional steps, painted in chrome color false radiator grille and door handles, side mirrors with repeaters and heating, roof rails, the increased volume of the wheel arches, spoiler, CZ with remote control, cloth interior, two front airbags, electric windows on all doors, air-conditioner, audiomagnitoly with all modern features info. display in the center panel, 3-row seats, differential lock.

The average packaging – Elegance, added: steering wheel with multimedia keys and inserts under a tree, gear knob in leather.

In the maximum configuration – Prestige, we will see the leather interior, heaped multimedia system with touch screen (6.1 “), a rearview camera and darkened rear windows.


After seeing the SUV 2020 Toyota Fortuner model year – up and down, inside and out, it’s time to announce the specifications. As we wrote, the car going in Kazakhstan is only offered with a petrol engine , it:

  • 2.7-liter, four-cylinder petrol power unit, issuing 160 horsepower and peak torque of 241 Nm. This engine is aggregated with a five-speed manual gearbox or a four- gun . Claimed top speed – 160 km / h for the mechanics and the 155 km / h for the machine. About the fuel consumption information is not provided.

As the suspension used a fully independent, rear chetyrhrychazhka, front double wishbone. drum brakes are used for the rear wheels to the front disc. Enough high-quality four-wheel drive with a hard connection, a number of low gear, differential lock. To assist management, installed power.

Sadly, an expanded list of engines is only available to other countries.

  • 4 liter petrol the V6, issuing 238 full of horses, is paired with a five-step mechanics.
  • Four diesel, 2.5 liters of issuing 144 mares with a peak torque 343 Nm. It works in tandem with the mechanics and machine.
  • Another diesel four, 3-liter, 171 outstanding mare or torque peak of 360 Nm, is paired only with a gun.

That completed our review of the new SUV 2020 Toyota Fortuner year. Perhaps to some extent it is outdated, but extremely reliable. All confirms the opinion of owners in their reviews.