New 2020 Toyota Camry photo

And on the way the new 2020 Toyota Camry (2020 Toyota Camry ), it will be manufactured at the Petersburg plant “2020 Toyota” (2020 Toyota). New 2020 Toyota Camry will be available with two different engines:

  • The petrol engine of 2.5 l.
  • The advanced V6 engine with a capacity of 3.5L.

On both cars complete sets will be established by the six-speed gearbox, which is careless maximum fuel economy and performance. 2020 Toyota Camry will have 6 options for painting, white, silver, gray, dark gray and black, surely you understand that all of these metallic paint.

2020 Toyota Camry Price

Price 2020 Toyota Camry, , certainly not small, for the simplest version of the car will have to unfasten 1030 000r. with minor modifications, the price will reach 1300 000r. Well, if you prefer the most complete set 2020 Toyota Camry “Suite”, it will cost 1440 000r.

2020 Toyota Camry test drive

Test drive 2020 Toyota Camry we prdstavim as interesting video, which is located below.

Reviews 2020 Toyota Camry

As the seventh generation Camry was published recently, 2020 Toyota Camry reviews yet, but evaluating the last range of the car, we can say that it is a high quality and very nice car!

2020 Toyota Camry photo