New 2020 Toyota Auris – the pride of the Japanese producers

New model 2020 Toyota Auris – an evolution of the design style. The car has a modern appearance, a spacious and comfortable interior, easy-to-use, practical, cost-effective and has improved security in combination with improved driving dynamics.

The five-door hatchback class “C” became the pride of the Japanese manufacturers. The model has a completely redesigned body, making it longer and lower than its predecessor. The body is made with high-strength steel, which could not but affect the weight of the car – in some trim levels it is about 500 kg. Reduced and drag coefficient, so the car became more economical in terms of fuel consumption.

vehicle Exterior

The latest models of Japanese manufacturers can not boast of an original style of performance, because they lacked personality. But 2020 Toyota Auris – a pleasant exception. The car has become progressive design and several sports in comparison with their predecessors. Rate new appearance model can be in the photo and video. Manufacturers have made some face lift model, making the headlights are thinner and a little aggressive.

2020 Toyota Auris photo

The first acquaintance with the model of admiration and surprise. The car has Asian features, it looks aggressive and emotionally. 2020 Toyota Auris – elegant, universal machine, which certainly will appeal to different age groups.

2020 Toyota Auris has the following external dimensions:

  • in length – 4274 mm;
  • width – 1760 mm;
  • high – 1460 mm;
  • clearance – 140 mm;
  • wheelbase – 2600 mm.

The charismatic image of new items emphasize slightly slanted headlights head optics with LED daytime running lights daytime, between which originally blended the upper duct repeating features of lighting. Front fairing if pruned from the bottom, equipping it with the wind “lip”, a powerful chrome trapezoidal air intake in the “clothes” with widely spaced foglights.

Photo in 2020 Toyota Auris profile

The profile of the hood Auris looks somewhat aslant, showing piled pillar, flowing top and triangular rear rack. Light air sidewall and wheel arch with some relief complement the stylish appearance of the body.

2020 Toyota Auris photo back of

The trunk has a compact car door with small size glass. Lighting is located behind the high and comes on the wings. The large rear bumper with integrated diffuser is some imbalance on the one hand and underlines the sporty character of the model on the other.

Picture 2020 Toyota Auris

In general, trends in design compared to its predecessor is somewhat ambiguous. Manufacturers like intended to change the image of the family car for something more. But it is still difficult to assume which camp to join a new car.

Vehicle interior

The car has undergone drastic changes in the interior design. Design of the car has changed dramatically and creates an impression of incredible luxury and great comfort. The model has acquired a new steering wheel and instrument panel with several dials, as well as a color trip computer. Manufacturers removed the “hump” with the center console and the front seats are equipped with bright profile.

Photo salon 2020 Toyota Auris

To finish the high quality materials used in combination with the original metal inserts, which are designed to add freshness to the overall view of the interior. Removed a wide variety of colors and shades – the model became less elaborate and seemingly unpretentious. In general, materials used for the familiar model of the segment. More expensive versions have inserts with leather substitutes, and some parts of the front panel under the decorated carbon.

Photo of the front seats 2020 Toyota Auris

Armchairs pleasant surprise landing and multifunction lateral support. The ergonomics of the machine is beyond praise, as evidenced by the rave reviews of the owners. Passengers can comfortably accommodate rear – in the back row of the updated model is longer by two centimeters.

Photo rear seats 2020 Toyota Auris

The backrests of the front seats and the rear adjustable. All conveniently organized and understandable.

Photos trunk 2020 Toyota Auris

The length of the luggage compartment has increased by nine centimeters, and its volume is 360 liters.

Panoramic roof and hatch – is another pride of the new items.

Specifications and equipment 2020 Toyota Auris

Used 2020 Toyota Auris in the platform borrowed from the precursor model. The front has a front suspension and rear – beam.

Standard equipment includes car six airbags, as well as useful system for the motorist. Depending on the configuration changes and a list of available equipment, as well as the design of car – Chrome Finish the look, design and drives the air intake.

Basic vehicle equipment has:

  • climate control;
  • multi-color display;
  • enhanced audio;
  • heated front and rear seats;
  • electronic security system (ABS, EBD, Brake Assis).

Powertrain options, there are several. Buyers can choose the engine, depending on their preferences.

Powertrain options:

  • diesel engine ;
  • gasoline engine ;
  • Hybrid engine.

The simplest petrol engine of 1.3 liters and 99 horses can be equipped only with manual transmission. The engine of 1.6 liters and 132 horses provides several configuration options – manual transmission and CVT .

Special attention is given to the power plant equipment – a hybrid engine of 1.8 liters, which operates on the Atkinson cycle. Mode “electric” and innovative drive make it possible to move the car on electric only. This system is designed to provide precise control and a stunning dynamic acceleration combined with economical fuel consumption.

Test drive the 2020 Toyota Auris

The car has a broad and balanced set of features, but is more expensive of their kind. How justified the declared price of this model? Ride on 2020 Toyota Auris in the configuration with the engine of 1.6 liters and a CVT.

Yes, a small price can not be called, but the car has everything you need in this class: climate control, keyless start cars and automatic parking. Car park – not a new phenomenon, but has not received mass distribution. Therefore, those who are entitled to receive an honest way, this function will cause admiration. But the one who bought the rights for the money to park and have not learned.

Inside, it is comfortable, all centrally regulated. The only negative – not very convenient to adjust the vertical position of the backrest. The steering wheel has buttons to control the multimedia system and trip computer – very convenient.

2020 Toyota Auris – back of photo

CVT leaves a pleasant experience – intuitive algorithm and no failures. You can choose to translate the box in the “sport” mode and add spice to weekdays, but saving mode is disabled in this version. Manual mode is present.

Chassis is also at altitude. Suspension elastic silently swallows small bumps. The driver time machine just a lot of mistakes. Slightly alarming clearance of 140 mm, but because 2020 Toyota Auris – a resident solely of asphalt.

Auto road keeps smoothly and stably, it behaves predictably and correctly. Steer can only be two fingers of the hand. This is good, but lacks spark.

Price 2020 Toyota Auris

Vehicle standard, having a 1.3 liter engine, manual transmission, will cost our compatriots in the 767 th. Rubles. 2020 Toyota Auris with a 1.6 liter engine, CVT is placed 846 th. Rubles. A complete set of the “luxury” will have to pay at least 976 thousand. Rubles.

Summing up, it can be argued that the technical side in the 2020 Toyota Auris all competently implemented. Fuel economy – the main feature of this class. 2020 Toyota Auris – a reliable and straightforward machine, quite quiet and comfortable, has a wide range of functions.

The car is a positive experience, and announced price more justified than not. 2020 Toyota Auris is the ideal choice for those who appreciate the “green technologies” and the cost of the machine contents.