New 2020 Toyota Auris hatchback

Photospies as is often the case, were able to “catch” their lenses in the new 2020 Toyota Auris hatchback first – in late July, and only in mid August , the famous Japanese company officially introduced the second-generation model. The general public has shown innovation in November of the same year at the Paris Motor Show. The new hatchback has received a completely different appearance – he became more aggressive and sporty. Sharp edges replaced the sleek lines, false radiator grille visually merged with the front optics.

The changes were made and many other exterior parts. So, you can see the triangular windows, a style reminiscent of a crossover in the new 2020 Toyota Auris ‘s rear rack new RAV4 in , rear optics has become more complex form, which is something even distracting from the overall design.

Also changed the size 2020 Toyota Auris : the length increased to 4275 mm, height of the hatchback, on the contrary, decreased – up to 1 460 mm. But width (1760mm) and the value of the wheelbase (2600mm) remain unchanged.

The luggage compartment has increased to 6 liters and now stands at 360 liters. A hybrid Auris – 127 l. Despite the fact that the boot capacity has increased, the rear passengers received an additional 20 mm of space for the legs.

hatchback Weight, depending on the modification, decreased by 40 kg, -. This was achieved through the use of body panels in a new type of steel. This rigidity and torsional increased by 10 percent.

It is – with regard to the exterior. The interior of the new Auris, too, has undergone major changes and much has changed: the first thing that catches your eye – a completely new front fascia, other devices, and a new steering wheel. The central console is divided into several blocks and is located almost vertically.

At the beginning of the second generation hatchback is planned to equip the same petrol engine as the previous version: 1.3 liters. and 1,6l., as well as a diesel engine in volume of 1,4 and hybrid installation.

However, the power units have undergone albeit small, but still modernize – and Specifications 2020 Toyota Auris has been improved. It is planned that soon in the Auris diesel BMW will put a 1.6 “liter”.

The new 2020 Toyota Auris has other technical innovations that are worth a special mention: it is recalibrated steering and suspension. There was also a sports modification of the new model has the RS nameplate. Among the options – glass roof.

Complete set and the price 2020 Toyota Auris

Equipment Price Engine Box Drive unit
1.3 Comfort MT 735000 1.33 petrol (99 bhp) mechanical (6) front
1.6 Comfort Plus MT 744000 1.6 petrol (132 hp) mechanical (6) front
1.6 Comfort Plus AT 814000 1.6 petrol (132 hp) variable speed drive front
1.6 Elegance AT 859000 1.6 petrol (132 hp) variable speed drive front
1.6 Sport MT 845000 1.6 petrol (132 hp) mechanical (6) front
1.6 Sport AT 885000 1.6 petrol (132 hp) variable speed drive front
1.6 Prestige AT 944000 1.6 petrol (132 hp) variable speed drive front

<img width="900 " class="aligncenter" src="" l" and the capacity of 99 "horses", mechanics) – 735 000 rubles. For a top-end version of the hatchback Prestige (engine displacement of 1.6 liters and output of 132 hp, CVT) have already put 944,000 rubles.

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2020 Toyota Auris test drive video