New 2020 Renault Scenic

New 2020 Renault Scenic was introduced last year in Geneva, together with him, and was presented off-road version of the XMOD. The appearance of the restyling of the third one-generation 2020 Renault Scenic compact minivan on the territory of Russia was quite expected, aided by a small, but very successful history of this model: the first generation produced in the interval 1996-2003, the second generation were produced during 2003-2009 gg. The last restyling of the current generation of the minivan, produced from 2009, is the second.

At first glance at the car it seems that looking at the hatchback, and only the height of the body indicates it belongs to the class of compact minivans.

2020 Renault Scenic Photos

Before the car is made in the traditional French style of the company – the massive lights, big logo in the center of the narrow false radiator grille, large bumper with original décor, new foglights.

2020 Renault Scenic Photos

Foods made with no frills, but looks great – it is promoted by large ceiling lamps, carried out at a right angle, a large tailgate, made so that the loading and unloading of cargo is carried out is very convenient.

New 2020 Renault Scenic Photos

Side auto shows straight lines, slightly convex surface of the doors and wings, stylish silhouette of the roof stretching back, neat body overhangs. Overall exterior restyling kompaktvena looks modern, clearly demonstrating the cars belonging to the brainchild of French concern, all done simply and efficiently.

For cars provided nine different color options – primary is white. For that kind of body color options as Cassiopeia gray, gray platinum, garnet, aquamarine, beige, black and chocolate need to pay extra.

Photo minivan

Note that especially for the domestic environment 2020 Renault Scenic body car passed the appropriate training: Now power units supplied to Russia cars adapted for starting in low temperatures, carried out anti-corrosion treatment of virtually all elements of the body, enhanced underbody protection, and increased up to 160 mm ground clearance .

  • Dimensions 2020 Renault Scenic fully meet the declared class: the length of a car – 4344 mm, width – 1845 mm, height – 1675 mm, 2703 mm wheelbase.
  • Front track is 1546 mm, the rear – 1547 mm, front and rear overhangs are equal to 885 and 757 mm, respectively.
  • Compact MPV is equipped with 205/60 R16 protectors for alloy or steel wheels corresponding radii.

The basic version Authentique is equipped with a large number of different modern elements and systems: Stability , an assistant at the start of the hill, ABC, front, side, front airbags, cruise control, LED foglights and running lights, CL, air conditioning, heated front-row seats, keyless entry, and heated electric mirrors, an advanced multimedia system. The most expensive version of Expression in addition to the above, has rear parking sensors, automatic handbrake, leather design steering wheel and gearshift knob, rain and light sensors, dual-zone climate control.

2020 Renault Scenic Photos salon

The interior space of a minivan makes a good impression, inside the car can accommodate five people without problems. The front seats have a greater range of settings, thus providing comfort, lateral support – unobtrusive. Comfortable steering wheel can be adjusted in two directions. The instrument panel features a relaxed outlines, all devices are read very well, but a few surprises non-standard placement of the dashboard – the center. All controls, gear knob, are exactly where they should be – getting used to the car does not take a lot of time management. Note-quality materials used in the decoration of the body, perfectly carried out the installation of the passenger compartment of car, and excellent noise isolation. The only drawback of the front panel can be called too small buttons sizes.

Space for rear passengers

Places in the back row is enough for its convenient location three passengers, but only when all the seats are pushed all the way back – all three seats can be moved along the interior skid completely independently. However, at the very least placing the boot capacity is reduced to 437 liters. In the case of installation of the rear seats in the maximum forward position, the luggage compartment volume will increase up to 524 liters, but sit passengers would be extremely inconvenient.

trunk Photo

If you need to transport more cargo, the rear seats are dismantled, the total amount of free space the luggage compartment in this case will be 1500 liters. To accommodate oversized long objects must be lowered down the backrest of the passenger seat.

2020 Renault Scenic specifications

For Russia, the technical characteristics of the French compact van equipped with two petrol powertrains: a 4-cylinder 1.6-liter engine (110 hp, 151 Nm), is aggregated with 6-speed manual stupas provides acceleration to the first “hundred” for 12,6 seconds, while a top speed of 185 km / h. This manufacturer of consumption is 7.5 liters per komborezhime, but reviews of the owners kompaktvena say about the actual flow rate in the 8-8.5 liter.

A more powerful 2.0 liter engine (138 hp, 190 Nm), is aggregated with the CVT , it accelerates the car up to the first 100 km / h in 10.6 seconds at a top speed of 190 km / h. The claimed consumption in komborezhime (about 8 liters) and does not coincide with the data obtained from the car owners (9-10 l).

The only diesel restyling kompaktvena (1.5 l working with a 6-speed automatic transmission), we have not been submitted – grade diesel sold in Ukraine. According to the reviews of the owners, the motor will drive cars to 100 km / h in 13.4 sec., “Maximum speed” is 180 km / h. A significant advantage of the diesel unit is its economy – the engine consumes about 4,8-5 liters komborezhime, and no more than 5.5-6.0 liters in urban traffic.

The front suspension is independent car (mounted MacPherson strut ), the rear uses torsion beam semi-dependent. All disc brake kompaktvena also has electric power steering. During the movement of the suspension shows increased energy content, being, however, sufficiently elastic. Suspension naturally absorbs almost all road irregularities, only to overcome big holes can be felt in the cabin.

Video Test Drive

Restayligovy kompaktven perfectly holds a straight line, the slope even at large angles of rotation is almost imperceptible. The only awkward moment of handling the new car is slurred steering wheel descriptiveness – sometimes it seems that the connection to the wheels is significantly overdue.

2020 Renault Scenic Price and equipment

On the territory of Russia the price of the new 2020 Renault Scenic basic version Authentique is 818 000 rubles – for this amount offered 1.6 liter engine is aggregated with 6-speed manual transmission. For a richer version of the Expression 2020 Renault Scenic , having 2.0 liter engine and CVT, will have to pay 967 thousand rubles. If you purchased the most expensive option kompaktvena – with all the possible options and systems, it is necessary to fork out for 1 100 000 rubles.