New 2020 Renault Latitude – French business sedan

2020 Renault Latitude is unusual for French-Romanian model concern: despite the fact that the company holds a leading global position in the production of low-end models, its success in business class more than modest. The last two attempts of concern – sedans Vel Statis Safrane and became one of the most poorly-selling car company in its history. A “trial balloon” Against this background is the new Laguna, which 2020 Renault took the role of “locomotive” to bring to market a new executive sedan, but to date model also does not justify hopes assigned to it.

To the concern of honor, of 2020 Renault did not succumb to difficulties, and the result of hard work carried out by the company together with the representatives of Nissan, became a business executive – a sedan 2020 Renault Latityud , which was launched in 2010 in Moscow. Today’s review will help us to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the company’s flagship sedan of business, and all the facts are backed up by photos and video materials.

2020 Renault Latityud photo

The most stylish turned the front of the French business sedan: a powerful grille partitions sparkling chrome finish, hood curves give the impression of “yield”, larger headlamps extend to the side of the car. The appearance of the front of the air intake volume is harmoniously complemented by slightly protruding bumper and originally located in the deep niches of fog. However, if it was not a big company logo, 2020 Renault Latitude looking at the front, you can be completely sure that you look at the Japanese sedan.

2020 Renault Latitude photo

However, this impression is scattered at the sight of the stern Latitud: powerful bumper, great, but incredibly stylish ceiling lighting, a short trunk lid, covered with chrome oval exhaust pipes. The rear end looks very presentable and leaves no doubt in the French auto accessories.

The side of the 2020 Renault Latitude may seem too simple, for example, with a side car missing loved by many manufacturers and vyshtampovki explicit wheel arches. Open secret: the company’s designers staked precisely the simplicity of forms. While most competitors strive to realize the exterior business sedans modern, innovative solutions (sometimes very controversial), the French manufacturer has decided to turn to a proven classic. And he has not lost: smooth transitions hood, straight window-sill line, powerful doorways, as well as modern glass roof, eloquent testimony to the cars belonging to the executive class.

Photos Reno Latityud side

Latitude of interior architecture, especially the dashboard, much like Lagune layout, but used in the finishing materials are more expensive – chairs lined leather of high quality, handle, gearshift lever, some function keys, chrome-plated, widely used inserts under a tree (in the top-end version – wood inserts).

Photos of the interior of the new 2020 Renault Latityud

About the car belonging to the premium class as evidenced by the variety of controls, unusual for budget cars – for example, an integrated blochok control navigation and telephone.

Front seats, without exaggeration, are comfortable, and the number of available settings (optional setting provided for the presence of memory and massage elements) are able to satisfy the needs of even very large passengers.

Picture 2020 Renault Latitude saloon

Note that the total amount of free space in Reno Latitud impressive, but more likely it will feel the back row passengers. So, on a huge one-piece sofa, has three separate headrests comfortably accommodate three passengers. If, however, the rear will be two in their possession will be going down tables and even cup holders. The capacity of the luggage compartment is one of the best in the class – if there is in the cabin of 4 passengers and the driver, you can place a 511l, while outside the luggage compartment does not seem quite cumbersome.

Price and komplekttsii

The basic version of the 2020 Renault Latitud has not filled base, especially elements and security systems. The French business sedan sets itself apart from its nearest competitors by the presence of three-point belts, unmatched ABS Bosh, 6 airbags, Ultrasafe (according to the statements of representatives of the manufacturer) of the steering column. Among other advantages of 2020 Renault Latitude basic configuration, we note the presence of 3D audio Arcamys, having a 6-Tew speakers, as well as automatic detection and wireless connection virtually all existing mobile gadgets with Bluetooth.

New 2020 Renault Latityud photos

The most expensive version of the car received an additional 2 and dynamics, «Plug & Music» system, and suggests the possibility of installing the optional Bose SoundSystem – audio with a professional equalizer.

Note that the French bid is made in the optional equipment of the sedan, which is a very wise move, since significantly reduces the cost of the initial configuration. The number of available at an additional cost systems is striking: LED fill lights and headlights, alloy wheels, Bi-Xenon, parking sensors, light sensors, rain, and lots of rest.

Price Latitude basic version, we start with a mark of 00 900 thousand. Rub. As the filling of cars offered optional features, the cost can exceed 1 million. 210 thousand. Rub.


In contrast to the exterior and interior decoration, the technical characteristics of the business sedan revealed nothing new: the creators decided to limit the “little blood” (in fact – a cost-effective), and took as a basis quite well-proven Samsung SM5 base. This platform has been increased, its size is now fully compliant business-class performance. The front suspension includes the use of MacPherson struts, rear uses borrowed from Nissan Teana mnogoryichazhka.

Junior Latitud petrol power unit has capacity of 2.0 liters (139 hp, 191 Nm). And a few rather weak for weighing 1.5 tons Latitud. Thus, the dynamics of acceleration auto motor data set is about 12 sec., At “maximum speed” of 186 km / h. Actual fuel consumption – about 8.0 liters.

Senior engine is 6-cylinder unit volume of 2,0l. (177 hp), the acceleration performance is significantly better than the “younger brother”. So, before the first 100km / h with the Latitude motor acceleration in 10.7 sec., Its top speed is 211km / h. The consumption in komborezhime is about 10.3 l. (In contrast to the declared by the manufacturer 9.7 l.). Both motors are aggregated with uncontested samsungovskim stepless variator.

Salon 2020 Renault Latitud

To summarize: 2020 Renault Latitude allows to speak about the outlined concern 2020 Renault breakthrough in the production of competitive vehicles business class. Doubtless advantages Latitud are quite reasonable price, high-quality execution of interior, calm, but the impressive exterior, acceptable fuel consumption. Also pleased with the reviews of the owners – they all talk about the quality and reliability of the assembly of French business sedan. Especially I liked the fact that a complete set of cars supplied to Eastern Europe, the French came very thoroughly: intended for the domestic market Latitud further subjected to rustproofing bottom and get a full-size spare tire. All presented in the CIS cars have a guarantee of three years (or 100,000 km.).
In our view, a clear lack of a sedan – is the lack of self-sufficiency: 2020 Renault Latitude literally created by the efforts of several companies, so the national identity, which is so like to brag about the French can be no question. However, once again pay tribute concern: in spite of everything, of 2020 Renault made his, and joined the list of manufacturers sought business sedans. Perhaps the next generation 2020 Renault Latitude, or other cars of this class group (in which it will appear in the near future – there is no doubt) will be totally French. Wait – look