New 2020 Opel Antara

Perhaps, every self-respecting motorist at least once had the opportunity to admire the beauty of the 2020 Opel Antara crossover. And some are even lucky enough to become the owners of the vehicle. They managed to catch the car’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as highlight its elegance and sense of style. Most of the owners of 2020 Opel Antara will forever remain faithful to her. But the company does not stand still and continues to evolve. So this year, 2020 Opel announced the release of the new Antara, , which has managed to absorb the latest achievements and developments of the company. Let us now begin the story of such a sensational car that appeared in front of everyone in a new guise.

  • First, its front part with steel bumpers look completely different,
  • secondly, the taillights and headlights have been significantly upgraded,
  • Thirdly, there were 19 inch wheels.

Besides, the novelty has a fascinating interior. This is evident by looking at the revolutionary lighting that is used in the interior, as well as thanks to the upgraded center console. Another difference is the increase in the use of finishing materials. In terms of specifications, the engine of this elegant car just gorgeous.

Specifications and equipment 2020 Opel Antara

Its parameters have been improved, and now the 2.4 liter unit can accelerate to 167 horsepower. Along with his power, he has become much more environmentally friendly, which allowed him to earn a rating of Euro-5. New 2020 Opel Antara appears to us in two versions – Enjoy and Cosmo. By its very name, is not difficult to guess that the Enjoy modification created for the owner and his passengers get incredible pleasure from the car.

Its basic components include antibuksovochnaya system, system climate control, four-wheel drive, powerful sound system, two front and side airbags for the driver and the passenger sitting next to him, power windows, heating system of the front seats, side curtain airbags, which are located in the front and rear, dynamic Stability Control, the system for attaching child seats, as well as upholstery and Fuse Charcoal fabric. Available all-wheel drive allows the driver to control the car completely driving and to respond quickly when braking. In addition, driving for the driver will be enjoyable and uncomplicated occupation, even in the absence of experience.

Now, as for the variation Cosmo. This modification allows the car owner to provide the most necessary components for maximum comfort while driving. The basic elements Cosmo variation includes on-board computer, the sensor to track the rain, cruise control, automatic washing of headlights, a leather shift knob and interior of the cabin skin in such styles as the Charcoal, Saddle Brown and the Mondial, the mirror with lighting system, which is located on the site of the sun visor, comfortable armrest, in which you can store the necessary items, headlights with xenon lighting, athermal windscreen, as well as 18 inch alloy wheels. In addition, the system can be activated to automatically dimming interior mirror, a passenger seat, which is located next to the driver, can take a horizontal position.

If you are worrying how the car will behave on the turns, you can be calm because the complexity of this process will take the car itself due to the presence of the hydraulic differential, controlled by electronics means, making every turn 2020 Opel Antara calm and safe occupation. All of these characteristics is truly impressive and provide maximum comfort inside the car.

2020 Opel Antara is the car, creating a technology which took place on a completely new level, which is extremely positive impact on him and his essential gadgets. Regardless of what kind of modification you like the most, you can be sure that behind the wheel of this car, you will feel like a real car-king.

The driver’s seat is the anatomical seat that allows you to adjust the dimensions of a completely any person. The cost of such a revolutionary and incredibly attractive vehicle will be about 32 thousand dollars. If you are in the first place are such items as elegant appearance, easy to operate, and most driving comfort, while the car 2020 Opel Antara – is the embodiment of your most cherished dreams. Become a driver of the undisputed favorite today, and enjoy all of its great features, making it a unique SUV.

Price 2020 Opel Antara

The price of the new 2020 Opel will vary from 940 000 p. to 1153000 p. This car will be released in three trim levels, is one of complete sets will be on a mechanical box with a 2.4 liter engine. This is the simplest equipment, which for everyday life I think is more than enough. For more information on the vehicle’s equipment, you can see below.

Picture 2020 Opel Antara

Video 2020 Opel Antara

Reviews 2020 Opel Antara

Reviews owners 2020 Opel Antara, , as well as simple avtotseniteley that have not yet decided whether or not to buy it:


I liked this car, but I still do not know whether to take it or not worth it. Compared with the other competitors, and they are either lower power motor or deficient functions. I need advice.


I now would not recommend to make a choice in the direction opelevskie news because all forums write about various issues related to them.


Personally, I am not aware of any problems in this machine. It is a great model that is worthy and attention and money spent.


Certainly, comments were made before the purchase of the machine itself, as it is protestit half an hour, and then screeched to leave this disgusting creature! The verdict – the horror, and even what.


Yes, you’re here spreads negativity towards this car! For the money it is better not to find, and the package of options that it has, still need to look even more expensive cost. In addition, its appearance as interior lining, is simply amazing.


Subscribe to believe what has been said above. In addition, I wish to add that in comparison with previous versions of Antara, this is much better to drive, also fixed insulation, and the engine, especially diesel, has become much more powerful while consuming less fuel. But because of the shortcomings, I can specify the cut to 176 mm ground clearance. However, after my conversation with the staff of the showroom, I was given a few arguments which claim that the clearance of the car – 200 mm. Is this true or not, I can not say.

On the market there was a new crossover 2020 Opel Antara .