New 2020 Opel Antara : more style, more power

Once 2020 Opel was one of the world’s automakers, who equaled many car manufacturers. Unfortunately, at some point in the affairs of the company did not go in the best way, with the result that once the leader has become a somewhat mediocre producer.

But then the fault has served most ec

onomic crisis and the combination of circumstances that have been established are not in favor of 2020 Opel. Nevertheless, we can safely say that the German car manufacturer is reborn, back lost ground, gaining the trust of consumers for quality, reliability and visual appeal of their models. It is those things that used to be allowed to break out in the 2020 Opel auto industry leaders.

photos of the new 2020 Opel Antara

Out latest innovations clearly indicates that everything is going well in the camp of the German company. The appearance of updated crossover 2020 Opel Antara – is one more step to the top.

Indeed, the car was very nice, modern, stylish and richly equipped. Yes, and to the technical characteristics do not find fault even with a strong desire.

So we suggest you familiarize yourself with the new SUV from all sides, to evaluate the different appearance, to look into the interior, to study the technical parameters and more.

Pictures appearance 2020 Opel Antara

Appearance – one of the strengths of the new crossover. Here the designers have tried to be like, essentially transforming a novelty compared to its predecessor.

Photos front of the 2020 Opel Antara

The front part was modified fascia grille with one large and two small chrome struts positioned horizontally. New optics unusual shapes clearly underlines the strengths of parketinka. Powerful bumper crossover protection, neat traditional fog lamps round shape successfully complete the look.

The lateral part of the new Antara

Side note exaggerated wheel arches, which are now located within the stylish alloy wheels of 17 inches. The high window sills, roof rails, stylish rear-view mirrors with LED repeaters, air near the front wheel arches. Everything looks very interesting and modern. If the machine is slightly inflated compared to dorestaylingovoy version, which gave some sporty crossover, more aggression.

The updated 2020 Opel Antara back

Behind the 2020 Opel Antara – year, offers conveniently arranged cover of the luggage compartment, a new bumper, stylish optics.

Well, in terms of appearance 2020 Opel made a serious step forward. Yes, the previous variation was frankly good, but when you can compare with a new variation, pre-reform Antara immediately turns into something outdated and boring.

Dimensions updated 2020 Opel Antara

Apparently, despite the slightly exaggerated form, the actual dimensions of the car has not changed. If so, then the newcomer to the crossover current are the following figures:

  • length – 4576 mm;
  • width – 1850 mm;
  • height – 1704 mm;
  • ground clearance – 200 mm.

Photo interior of the new Antara

At sufficiently solid dimensions, the designers managed to use every available centimeter efficiently. As a result, the interior boasts the presence of a sufficiently large space, while maintaining a good indicator of the luggage compartment volume.

Roomy trunk

Thus, in a standard location backrest rear seats, the luggage compartment volume will allow you to accommodate 420 liters of luggage. If the lower back, the space will increase almost three-fold. Moreover, the loading platform turns out pretty even, than can boast, not all crossovers represent competition for the Antara.

Judging from the photo and video materials, as well as to rely on the opinions of specialized journalists, the interior is made of better materials. The former is not the best plastic replaced for soft counterparts. As a result, it does not make noise, no squeaks, emits a pleasant odor.

The front of the cabin

The driving position offers a new multi-function steering wheel, made in the style of a sports car. The grip is very comfortable, all the buttons on the steering wheel are distributed correctly.

The front panel has a fairly modern appliances radii, on-board computer. On the center console there is a place for multimedia, audio, climate control unit and a number of other features that are present in the crossover.

High-quality leather interior Antara

In principle, even to the front and rear seats have no complaints. The quality of materials at the level of, the assembly and adjustment of elements looks good, and with the support side, things are good.

As a result, the interior can be given a high enough score. And not only for build quality, but also ergonomics, organization of space and comfort, ensuring each of 5 people in the cabin, including the driver.

Options 2020 Opel Antara

Facilities at the 2020 Opel Antara – year will be pretty solid, as one would expect. The exact list of equipment is not yet available, since the sales start to have to wait quite a lot.

However, to some extent already known equipment. The base equipment and for a fee you can get these options:

  1. alloy wheels of 17 inches;
  2. alloy wheels of 18 inches;
  3. electric windows on all side windows;
  4. electric parking brake;
  5. LED repeaters in the door mirrors;
  6. electric rear-view mirrors;
  7. fog lights;
  8. LED daytime running lights;
  9. multimedia system;
  10. multimedia touchscreen color display;
  11. sound system;
  12. navigation system;
  13. electric sunroof;
  14. heated front seats;
  15. ventilated front seats;
  16. signaling;
  17. airbags;
  18. electronic security assistants;
  19. package of safety systems;
  20. cloth upholstery;
  21. leather upholstery;
  22. multifunction steering wheel and so on.

Most likely, 2020 Opel will offer several complete sets of fixed and a set of options that are available only for a fee. This is already the basic version should expect quite a wide range of equipment.

The price of the new 2020 Opel Antara

Sorry, but about the price of the updated crossover manufacturer has not yet reported. Most likely, the company 2020 Opel is not exactly decided on the pricing, as sales of new items will start only at the end of the year. In Russia, the car can appear from the beginning of .

If we talk about the latest version 2020 Opel Antara, which is available now in Russia, the producer asks for it from 1 million rubles. The most equipped version will cost about 1.3 million rubles. Depending on the additional equipment, the price tag is a little increase.

Specifications 2020 Opel Antara

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, but the specifications have not undergone essentially no change. Engineers tried to finish a little motors. But their power, this had no effect. But it was possible to reduce the amount of harmful emissions, and reduce appetite a bit.


As before, buyers are offered two petrol engines and one diesel.

  1. The initial petrol unit performs engine 2.4-liter that produces 170 horsepower. For every 100 kilometers traveled path, he spends about 9 liters of fuel on the combined cycle.
  2. The top petrol engine has at its disposal a working volume of 3.2 liters, of which generated 249 horsepower. The appetite of this motor is serious enough – about 13 liters per 100 kilometers.
  3. Perhaps the most attractive in terms of capacity and appetite engine is a 2.2-liter diesel power unit. He’s under the hood of 184 horsepower and 100 kilometers it will require only 6 liters of diesel fuel.

Updated German crossover is offered to customers with front- or all-wheel drive. The base engine equipped with a manual transmission, although the number of a good automatic transmission in the list of options.

Specification body

Video Test Drive 2020 Opel Antara


In fact, all the major changes SUV 2020 Opel Antara concerned the external aspects and interior decoration. For technical questions, the developers decided not to change anything. At least, the new engine does not appear and the old ones remained at its former power.

In principle, no one was waiting for global restyling by Antara. Car-to-date and fairly modern. Yes, the appearance has changed a lot better, so now the exterior and technical capabilities fully meet the requirements of the modern motorist.

The next update, perhaps, should be the new generation of crossover. With the platform of a fairly popular Chevrolet Captiva, at the Antara have time of their life cycle.

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