New 2020 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Estate W205

The new generation model 2020 Mercedes-Benz C-Class (W205 ) was a familiar event for the company’s Mercedes. Moreover, the car marked the expansion of the C-class, so he is also shown – the designers are capable of many accomplishments. But let’s still all in good time. Today we look at the m


Numerous photos of the car give rise frankly envy those who can afford to buy a brand new Mercedes. Outside the bright, incredibly stylish, aggressive and dynamic at the same time elegant. Agree, very few people besides Mercedes capable of such masterpieces. By the way, we did not say, but in fact it is now a question not of a sedan and a wagon body, which continues not only to lose its relevance, but also to increase the presence in the world markets.

Mercedes C Class Estate years Photo

We note at once that Mercedes will have two options for registration of the front, depending on the configuration. Anyway, the front car looks excellent. A well-built LED optics, grille, hood and traditional Lighthouse label company at its end. Well, Mercedes sticks to its traditions, but also takes into account the current trends. Different equipment allows get different front part, as we have said. So, among other things, the difference will be the size of air intakes and plumage. In this variation, both remain aggressive and assertive.

Photos side 2020 Mercedes-Benz C Class Estate

If you look at the 2020 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Estate -, with the side, here you will see a beautiful neat lines, demonstrating commitment forward. For its design the car shows what he can do in terms of the track. It is worth noting that compared to the sedan, passenger boarding through rear doors will be more convenient. Versatile designers receive the cancellation, deprived of the few drawbacks of a sedan.

Photo rear of the Mercedes C-Class Estate

The rear part does not look too headroom that happened in other models of Mercedes. All done in harmony, in accordance with the general shape of the car. Yes, the versatile trunk is not the biggest in its class, but still made food elegantly, without undue heaviness, with swollen to the extent necessary the rear arches and very stylish triangular-shaped windows.


In principle, fundamental changes in terms of the interior design of the versatile happened, when compared to the sedan. Done all in the identical style. Nevertheless, it is impossible to ignore the interior. It is as always expensive, beautiful, stylish, largely low-key, but not devoid of the charm of modern technology facilities. Plus, do not forget that the wheelbase by creating a station wagon has been increased. This affected not only the increase in the large luggage compartment, but also added 45 millimeters of space in the legs for the rear passengers. So landing in the rear seats to be more comfortable, and the journey 2020 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Estate will be a memorable one.

Photo salon C Class Estate the year

Of course, the interior features are largely dependent on the equipment, as it determines the materials, additional services and systems management options, as well as a number of other features. In any case, even the base version will offer you the highest level of the interior, which the company always strives to adhere to. I recommend you watch the video review of the car, get to know him better and see for themselves that the interior of the 2020 Mercedes-Benz C-Class station wagon – turned out to be a unique, unique and just incredibly beautiful.


In this component, besides the serious differences from soplatformennika not expect. However, note that the exterior can be made in two versions, depending on the wishes and financial capabilities of the buyer – from Avantgarde to top performance Exclusive Line. The latest version will be more aggressive and athletic, with a modified grille and other components that compares favorably with the version of the standard version. But do not worry, because the C-Class Estate in any of the versions of the exterior will look great.

In the basic version you will get a halogen lamp, and in the top version will replace them with more modern LED, and add the dynamic cornering lights, a system based on light-emitting diodes as well. Regardless of the configuration, the daytime running lights are made of LED.

Photography Class wagon tailgate with the year

As an option for luggage available electric opening and closing the trunk, as well as the opening of the hands-free – system Hands Free. Not less important was the option Connect me system. With it, the car owner can from anywhere in the world to know how much fuel there is in his tank. In addition, this functionality allows you to turn off or turn on the auxiliary heater in the cabin, to call a remote service to repair or evacuation in case of emergencies. What can we say, a complete set is really rich.

Photo Tracking System

As for the interior, the list of options and standard equipment are identical to the sedan. So, you get a smart climate control, which will take into account the data obtained from the navigator, a set of security systems and assistants, the standard audio system with USB Audio 20 or Audio 20 CD, or a full-fledged multimedia touchscreen 7 or 8.4 inches. Exclusively premium finishing materials, high-quality assembly.


Again, the wagon and the technical characteristics identical to its soplatformennika. By the way, to build models using MRA platform is available rear-wheel drive, although in the near future promise to start production of four-wheel drive version. The suspension is independent, multi-link with an electronic shock absorbers functioning. Although the optional air suspension can be ordered. By equipping the driver and passenger safety systems, this car is among the market leaders.

Picture engine

Now for the most interesting – the hood space. It offered customers a very large selection. Thus, the present diesel engines, the power of which is 204, 170, 136 and 115 horsepower. Fans of petrol engines will have to choose among 333, 211, 184 and 156-horsepower engines. If you are concerned about fuel economy, can be ordered with a Mercedes hybrid installation. They are also two. In tandem with an electric motor operates a diesel engine that produces 231 hp in the end, or petrol, with a total capacity of 279 hp By the way, gasoline hybrid is charged from the power outlet and consumes 3.8 liters of diesel per hundred.

Photos Mercedes C Class Estate


The company Mercedes has presented another masterpiece, look at that – it is a great pleasure. Numerous reviews of the owners 2020 Mercedes-Benz C-Class – years make it clear – the machine was not only beautiful exterior, but also striking within its technical parameters and capabilities. Yes, get a car dream of millions. And who will be able to afford? It is not entirely clear, because the manufacturer will announce final prices fall.