New 2020 Lexus NX (200, 200t, 300h)

At the end of the week, April 20, in the Beijing Motor Show will be held dedicated to automotive innovations. The event will show the public a new small-sized crossover 2020 Lexus NX, which is ready for series production. Premature declassification 2020 Lexus HX new premium crossover , is a marketing ploy most Japanese companies, to create intrigue. 2020 Lexus laid out in the open access of external official photos of the exterior and interior, but did not specify the exact technical characteristics of the car. Spies will learn all the nuances of a hurry to tell us everything, including the technical stuffing, so that a serious affair, the company did not work.

2020 Lexus NX photo

The latest news reports, the beginning of the premium 2020 Lexus NX car sales is scheduled for September-November for Europe. New car prices in Russia ranges from 1,765,000 to 2,550,000 rubles, which is translated at the exchange rate, official data include figures in euro, namely thirty six – fifty-two thousand euros.

By creating a new compact crossover, 2020 Lexus first entered this segment, thus creating a strong competitor by German leaders: the BMW the X3 , the Audi the Q5 and Mercedes the GLK . We are interested in how to unfold the struggle for leadership, write your opinion in comments to the review.

You now reveal the entire arsenal that will use the 2020 Lexus NX in the fight with their competitors. Basically, the always takes 2020 Lexus, this graceful, stylish and modern look, which is updated in a timely manner. The new design is very similar to the concept car shown earlier named 2020 Lexus LF-NX. He certainly is not as expressive and futuristic, but there are similarities.

Comparing car with the concept, it can be seen that the mirrors and handles design remains the same, traditional for the company. But in all other parts can be traced a strong resemblance to previously presented exhibits. All items are made in the style of chopped, cut, although compared with the layout much flattened.

2020 Lexus HX photo

Presented by photo materials provide an opportunity to fully see the 2020 Lexus NX from all sides. It is based on the platform of the fourth generation of the Toyota RAV 4 , extended to 2.7 m, as a result of overall length equal to 4.63 m.

Looking at the front of the car, in the eye catches a massive bumper which creates a feeling of not compact crossover, and a massive SUV. As there is practically no such bumper, it covers the entire front of the huge grille mesh in style with the 2020 Lexus logo on the perimeter decorated with chrome. It stresses the lower part of the bumper stylish lip, which are hidden by kroyam flat fog lamps and air intake nozzle.

Stylish fog and head optics

Above, like a predator’s eyes narrowed head optics with Xenon headlamps, which in turn is also highlighted daytime running lights in the form of sticks compressive false radiator grille with two sides. The design of the front of the crossover turned out just great, newlyweds, serious and representative. 2020 Lexus knows how to attract the views of others.

Bold and sporty looks most 2020 Lexus NX F Sport, the other version of the crossover quieter.

The side of the crossover

Bypassing the car on, at least the front part of the eye and attracts crossover profile. Pronounced all parts, wide vyshtampovki on doorways, protruding rear diffusers create a distinct sporty style, strong position of the windscreen, littered with the tailgate, in every detail looked through streamlining and speed. Wheel arches are willing to take massive size wheels with a diameter of 17 or 18 inches, with 215/65 tires or 225/60. According arches office used unpainted high strength plastic, which enlarges the wheels. Wide window openings on the perimeter as the radiator grille finished in chrome line. 2020 Lexus HX roof decorated in the back of aerodinmichnym fins that resembles a series of BMW.

Rear part

The rear of the crossover noticeably quieter front, but no less attractive. Suffice stylish, modern ceiling side lights good gaze. Looking around the car in profile was visible as the lights attract attention. For vehicles in this class, these ceiling is a huge plus, you must be visible from all sides. Tailgate sufficiently thought out, not cut back, executed in a maximum width of opening a full, unrestricted access to your luggage.

Exhaust pipes

All the charm of completed massive bumper, finished at the bottom of the unpainted plastic from which peep the two chromed tailpipes.

Summed up the exterior 2020 Lexus NX , we can say – turned crossover is very attractive, athletic and pretend to take a good place with respect to their competitors. For a compact crossover, it is not a small ground clearance.

We proceed to the design of the interior, particularly interesting than the 2020 Lexus has equipped its younger model. Sitting behind the driver’s seat and observed the front panel, which is performed in a modern style with cutting-edge premium materials, you know – the crossover is not inferior to his older brothers.

Interior exterior


The new crossover salon looks bright and stylish, but not here, not what the concept of fiction. There are new seats with good lateral support, 2020 Lexus NX F Sport is equipped with a sports seats. Between the front passenger passes a massive tunnel, rolling in a smooth and harmonious front panel. Used compact steering wheel, instrument panel and beautiful stylish center console.

Photo front panel

One of the main chip, which will be equipped with interior 2020 Lexus NX – wireless charging of mobile devices (As we talked, this option would have to come up with cell phone manufacturers, and here where different outcome.). The remaining options in the traditional mode: radar cruise control, view camera 360 degrees to the projection display system helps to travel in reverse, monitoring blind spots, the system Remote Touch Interface, as well as elite Audi preparation Mark Levinson, power accessories, access to a car without key, but so many variations of interior leather trim.

Technical units

It’s time to learn new technical features compact crossover 2020 Lexus HX model year . Above we mentioned, the platform used by the well-known RAV4, and the three power units used in cars, are described below.

Powertrain 2020 Lexus Hybrid Drive

  • 2020 Lexus NX 200 is mounted 2.0 liter atmospheric powertrain.
  • 2020 Lexus NX 200t is equipped with a 2.0 liter petrol engine uprated issuing about 250 horsepower.
  • The most attractive model 2020 Lexus NX 300h uses a propulsion system 2020 Lexus Hybrid Drive – electric motor (43 hp) together with a 2.5 liter gasoline engine with 177 horsepower, the total power of 220 horses. This option shows the excellent dynamics and good fuel economy.

Like most compact crossovers, the initial equipment provides a choice between front-wheel or all-wheel drive modification. 2020 Lexus NX 200t and 300h originally equipped with all-wheel drive.