New 2020 Lexus GS – the dream of millions

This car is a dream of millions, not because it is a brand 2020 Lexus, although it plays an important role, but also because of the uniqueness, originality, and originality is 2020 Lexus GS year. This stylish machine with a cocky character, sporty heart. Just look at the 2020 Lexus GS and you will immediately fall in love with him.

Well, let’s look at this new product literally from all sides, will study the main advantages of the model, its characteristic features, stuffing, technical and dynamic features, and much more.


We recommend that the first thing to see a photo of the car and make conclusions for himself. Ahead of 2020 Lexus, as always, she looks at you with a certain aggression, but does not cause fear. Properly installed head optics and the use of light-emitting diodes do their job.

New 2020 Lexus GS photo front

Falshreshetka radiator, which, incidentally, was a two-level, received frame in chrome. Embossed bumper allows us to understand that the engineers worked on the aerodynamics seriously in order to achieve the best performance drag downwind. Hood gently thin lines goes to the roof, which is also created for a reason, and taking into account issues of aerodynamics.

2020 Lexus GS years Photo side

On the side of the machine is no less attractive than the front. Neat wheel arches, body dimensions suitable for wheels, elegant door handles, again aerodynamically designed mirrors. It becomes apparent that the speed – it is an important part of the 2020 Lexus GS year. Designers did their best to convey the spirit of a sports car at the expense of the body lines. Needless to say that they got a hundred percent ?! The question does not require an answer.

Photos 2020 Lexus GS Rear

Looking at the car from behind, you realize that 2020 Lexus does not overlook a single detail. The first thing that catches the eye, it is aggressive, like a slightly narrowed optics. The rear bumper is slightly pushed forward, it has a smooth transition at an angle to the wheel arches. The course interesting and suitable for machine design.


What else do you expect from a 2020 Lexus, if not the most beautiful salons of those that are available on the world markets. Of course, the luxury brand, and therefore the internal equipment must be appropriate.

Photos 2020 Lexus GS saloon

Let’s start with the driver’s seat. It has a really unique opportunity, as regulated individually, has a memory for setting, that is, sitting behind the wheel, different drivers can simply activate your saved settings, causing the chair will fall just as it was convenient.

Front row 2020 Lexus GS saloon

Multifunction steering wheel and a “wrapped” into the skin of the highest quality. Even long-term retention in the steering drive will not bring discomfort.

If we talk about the back row, then there is much more space was in the legs and in the ceiling. Unfortunately, with the comfort of only two passengers can be accommodated, as the one who sits in the center, may experience some problems due to the high transmission tunnel. But 2020 Lexus GS offers three-zone climate control for the rear seats, entertainment system, climate system, heated seats and sun blinds, which, however, are provided only in the Luxury package.

If anyone is interested in the amount of luggage in the 2020 Lexus, which is rare for such machines, it is 530 liters. If you buy a hybrid version, then you have to be limited to 465 liters. I recommend you watch the video review of the car 2020 Lexus Es Ji and detailed study of its appearance and interior equipment.


The car is offered in the market in two versions. It is a complete set of Premium and Luxury. List the equipment and options available in this or other equipment, it makes little sense, as it may take several pages.

2020 Lexus GS 250 pictures

Suffice it to say that even in a more simple, if you can call it, version, 2020 Lexus equipped with all that is required only to the modern driver, ranging from security systems, finishing just pleasant trifles, the presence of the vehicle which is not mandatory.


It is hardly necessary to expect that this will be the cheapest GS. However, the actual price of the new product is 1.7 million rubles.

  • Starting with a complete set of basic equipment will cost 1.7 million rubles. You will receive a 2.5-liter engine.
  • The version with 3.5-liter engine starts at 2.2 to 2.7 million rubles.
  • A car with a hybrid power plant will cost between $ 2.6 to 3.2 million rubles.


To begin with, the new 2020 Lexus GS – year for the Russian market is represented only with two petrol engines and one hybrid installation.

  1. Model GS 250 has a 2.5-liter six-cylinder engine that produces 209 horsepower. Complete with a six-speed automatic transmission. To hundred accelerates in 8.6 seconds, top speed is 225 kilometers per hour, and a hundred kilometers in the combined cycle spends 9 liters. Car rear-drive only.
  2. Version of the GS 350 has the engine of 3.5 liters, whose power is 317 horsepower. Gearbox automatic, six-speed. To get to the level of one hundred kilometers per hour, the car will require 6.3 seconds. Maximum speed is electronically limited to 190 kilometers per hour. According to his passport average consumption is 10.2 liters. The drive is full.
  3. The hybrid system consists of a gasoline engine of 3.5 liters capacity of 292 horses, as well as nickel-metal hydride batteries. This 2020 Lexus can score a hundred in just 5.9 seconds. A hundred kilometers spends 6.7 liters in a city and 5.5 liters in the conditions of the track. Maximum speed is 250 kilometers per hour.

It expected soon another hybrid version with 220 horses and the petrol powerful motor that will deliver on the charged version of the 2020 Lexus GS – five liters in volume and capacity of 466 horsepower.


As you can see, which is really impossible not to dream in front of us the next representative of the segment of luxury cars. 2020 Lexus Company did a great job on the modernization of its previous GS, and eventually introduced to the market a completely new model, which is different improvements in almost all aspects. It’s hard to say yet how the car will be able to withstand the weather and road conditions in our countries, because it is not the European level of the road, and the climate in some regions of the stern.

Anyway, the new version of the 2020 Lexus GS the year went and striking looks amazing inside. Numerous reviews have happy owners are given to understand that the model changed, has received a number of innovations, it retained its flavor, and has given rise to competitors to exert power and to try to do something better than did the 2020 Lexus.

Photo rear of the 2020 Lexus GS the year

Will it have the same Audi, BMW or Mercedes to make their representatives of this segment such as to circumvent a brand-new 2020 Lexus GS years? It will be interesting to find out soon. Of course, 2020 Lexus engineers are not going to stand still, and now continue active development updates. Do not forget that in the near future will begin to deliver a charged version of the GS to our market. And this is five liters engine capacity and more than four hundred horsepower under the hood. Will version somehow look different from the fellow with a smaller engine capacity – is not reported. In any case, the news will come very soon, so we can always keep you up to date with the latest developments.