New 2020 Hyundai Equus – an elite luxury sedan

2020 Hyundai Equus – represented in Russia since 2010, but to win a really wide popularity among local motorists is not managed, even despite the fact that immediately after the presentation of the car came into the world “top ten” of the most interesting models. Perhaps the increase in sales will contribute to the update point, which was subjected to the well-known leader of the South Korean company in , which is the middle of summer is made in Kaliningrad. Releases South Korean luxury sedan will be in two versions: a basic and an elongated “Limousine”. In this review we will evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of 2020 Hyundai Ekus year – this will help us a video and photo news.

Many experts believe 2020 Hyundai Ekyuz exterior of one of the main reasons that led to the modest sales. At the sight of the company’s flagship becomes incomprehensible: what’s wrong in this presentable sedan, fits perfectly into the executive class? However, looking more closely, it becomes clear that the Equus, despite not look cheap, completely devoid of originality and so familiar to car brand 2020 Hyundai recognizable appearance.

New 2020 Hyundai Ekus – photo

It seems that the South Korean Grand simply copied the appearance of popular European premium cars. Perhaps the move was purely marketing aimed at the conquest of Asian markets luxury cars, where it is met expectations producer. Note that the Napoleonic plans associated with the sedan, indirectly confirms a few things. Take, for example, seemed unremarkable name Equus. Actually, the proper name is an acronym for the words car: excellent, high-quality, unique, world-wide, excellent (Excellent, Quality, Unique, Universal, Supreme). Agree, this name is quite a body expresses the intention of the company. However, in Europe and the Russian Federation to the desired result of changes in the vehicle exterior has not led. So far, not led.

Photo 2020 Hyundai Equus – Front

The front of the sedan meets a sloping hood, beautiful falshradiatora grille, stylish headlights, a wide air intake, as well as the original forms protivotumanok. We should also note the presence of Ekus own logo, situated where the world has always been a well-known company sign – in the middle of the hood.

Photo 2020 Hyundai Ekus -, the side

In reviewing the memory side cuts an impressive overall appearance – it looks impressive and expensive. It may be noted and cuts through the entire body, beautifully curving to the back of a wave of vyshtampovki. However, the side of a premium sedan (more than the front part, or aft), can be taken as, for example, representation sedan Maybach.

2020 Hyundai Ekus – photo rear part

Feed differs somewhat elevated tailgate rectangles original exhaust system. Note large sloping rear window, emphasizing the harmonious appearance of high-end sedan and the 2020 Hyundai brand logo, which was a place even behind.

  • Options 2020 Hyundai Equus could be described as the reference for the declared class: length – 5160 mm, height – 1490 mm, width – 1890 mm.
  • Note and a wide wheelbase – 3045 mm and a variable ground clearance.
  • Ekus “Limousine” long base version for 300 mm (5460 mm). More from this car and wheel base – its length is 3345 mm. Width and height are unchanged.
  • The basic version of the sedan has a fixed ground clearance of 150 mm. For the top-end version (having air suspension) ride height can vary between 145 – 175 mm.
  • The total weight of the loaded vehicle is 1990 – 2240 kg, depending on equipment.

Another miscalculation preceding the Equus, which many experts believe the main reason for revision was extremely simple (for business class and declared value), interior design. The changes radically improve the situation: now to the materials used in the decoration can not find fault with, and build quality in no way inferior to the best world brands. Note that a significant improvement has undergone and insulation – inside restyled sedan has become an order of magnitude quieter, even when driving at high speeds.

New 2020 Hyundai Equus photo salon

The driving position is characterized by high comfort and ergonomics. The multifunction steering wheel is conveniently fits in your hands, all devices perfectly readable and informative. Note the choice of several options of the dashboard and unit (optional) projection display.

Photo rear compartment 2020 Hyundai Equus the year

The basic package includes a comfortable seating area on both rows have heating and ventilation functions, while the front seats are provided for the Power and Memory settings.

Photo rear seats Equus – photo

The rear seats can also be adjusted – changed backrest inclination and longitudinal position. The windows were protected from ultraviolet radiation, and the most expensive equipment in addition equipped with sunshade and an electric motor. The luggage compartment holds 520 liters. cargo.

Photo tailgate 2020 Hyundai Ekus –

Prices and equipment

Add that to the auto implemented the highest level of security – standard with ABS, BAS, ESP, EBD, VSM, TCS, tracker dead zones. We should also note the presence of 9 airbags, pretensioners, active front headrests, as well as equipped antitravmaticheskoy steering column.

option Engine Price Fuel Drive unit
Luxury 3.8 AT (334 hp) 2990 TR petrol rear
Elite 3.8 AT (334 hp) 3230 TR petrol rear
Royal 5.0 AT (430 hp) 3740 TR petrol rear
Limousine 5.0 AT (430 hp) 4040 TR petrol rear

One of the main advantages of 2020 Hyundai Ekus – is the price. This car only today an executive sedan, the value of which (in the basic version – Luxury) is less than 2.99 million rubles.. The cost of a more expensive version of the Elite started with a mark of 3.23 million rubles.. 2020 Hyundai Equus Royal -, has 5.0 liters. power unit, is estimated at 3.74 million rubles.. For «Limousine» will have to pay at least 4.04 million. Rubles.


Updated 2020 Hyundai received a single platform is the development of the South Korean company specifically for the premium sedan. This database allows you to distribute the weight to 50:50 on the axes, as well as being adapted for rear-wheel drive car. Note that for the premium sedan is offered two types of suspension: a basic version is equipped with a spring suspension having front and rear multi-link independent designs. A more expensive version supplied with pneumatic adaptive suspension, automatic control of different clearance and damper settings. Each of the wheels has ventilated disc brakes. There and the presence of the steering rack, complete with electrohydraulic amplifier.

Photo V8 engine of the new 2020 Hyundai Ekus

Version 2020 Hyundai Equus in , designed for the domestic market, will be equipped with 2 power units.

  • The initial version of high-end sedan will receive a 6-cylinder V-shaped petrol engine volume 3.8 liters. (334 hp, 6400 rev / min., Euro 4), equipped with direct injection, as well as 24-valve timing device. This engine allows the massive sedan will accelerate to 100 km / h in just 6.9 sec., Developing the highest speed of 240 km / h. At sufficiently impressive performance, the motor more than efficient: in komborezhime claimed consumption is 10.9 liters in urban traffic – 15.8 liters..
  • Senior powertrain become V-shaped 8-cylinder engine capacity of 5.0 liters. (430 hp, 6400 rev / min.) With a 32-valve timing mechanism, the timing changing system, variable-length intake manifold, as well as direct injection. The quality of this engine underlines the fact that for several years he was acknowledged as one of the 10 best engines in the world (according to the publication Ward’s rating). The most powerful power unit will drive a standard version of the car before the first “hundreds” of 5.8 seconds, a variant of “Limousine” – for 6.0 seconds. Top speed, as well as for the sedan with a less powerful engine is electronically limited to 240 km / h. Fuel Consumption (for the standard sedan / limousine), while driving in the city is 17.6 / 19.1 liters on the highway -. 9.3 / 9.1 l, komborezhime -. 12.3 / 12.8 liters. Both motors are aggregated with 8 stupas. Automatic transmission.

Carried out test drives restyled 2020 Hyundai Ekus showed the car in all its glory. We were pleased with excellent handling, informative steering and a smooth ride. The only “but”, especially in the context of supply executive sedan in Russia, was the fact that the car is very hesitant to cope with part of local road – large pits. In truth, it was created completely for this, so get into the large holes, especially at high speeds, it is not recommended. When driving in the city.

In the conditions of a city is not inferior to its main competitors – the German representation sedans, and several superior performance premium cars of Japanese manufacturers.

Reviews the Equus owners, operating the car for a little more than six months, fully supported by the results of tests, as well as the information provided by the manufacturer. Note: all those who passed on Ekus more than 500 – 700 km per day argue that cars created for long journeys – comfortable driver’s seat and turn-tuned control of driving pleasure.

Photos 2020 Hyundai Equus – year

Concluding the review is traditionally mention the strengths and weaknesses of the executive sedan. The former, of course, belong to the equipment of the car (high tech specifications), an impressive appearance, the presence of one of the best in the class of the power unit, the impeccable quality and design trim, competitive cost for the class. The disadvantage is said to be the lack of inherent auto company 2020 Hyundai «external signs.”