New 2020 Honda Pilot : photo price and equipment, video test drive

We can say that now on the 2020 Honda Pilot, many will look completely different. Painfully attractive and interesting looks, this car.

Photo updated 2020 Honda Pilot 2016 2017 the year

The output of the third generation of a large crossover on the market will be held very soon. In February, the company from Japan arrived at an automobile exhibition in Chicago to officially present the third generation 2020 Honda Pilot. It has been an increased attention to the event to the machine.

Too hard to argue with the fact that the car looks great, its interior space is designed at the highest level. Plus, 2020 Honda offers a rich basic equipment, a variety of useful and interesting additional options, comfortable cabin for up to seven people. Interestingly, the car has become larger in size, but has lost a decent amount of kilograms.

As you can see, the car deserves the highest attention, in this connection, we offer to meet with the Japanese innovation from all angles.

Exterior updated 2020 Honda Pilot

Agree that the second generation of the crossover was frankly boring and dull in terms of design. Studying the photos and videos of the third generation, it is difficult to realize that these two cars are the immediate relatives.

Chic appearance in many ways even compares favorably with the car on the premium segment of the 2020 Honda company, which divides one new pilot platform. We are talking about a seven-seat crossover Acura MDX.

Body 2020 Honda is now not so angular, no boring straight line. Instead, we observe vyshtampovki exquisite, original ribs, aerodynamic components. By increasing the length of 90 millimeters, the vehicle, compared with the precursor, the weight lost in the order of 136 kilograms. This is due to the use of high-strength steel and aluminum.

Photo updated 2020 Honda Pilot 2016 2017 Front

The front part is decorated with a large, powerful false radiator grille with chrome crossbars. The front LED optics made fully by giving himself plafonds very fine form. Huge powerful bumper fairing and air intake, and enough classic round foglights most successful way complete appearance “front end” crossover.

Photo 2016 2020 Honda Pilot 2017 side

Side view emphasizes the fact of increasing the length of the body. This car does not look too great, congested. Neat lines, original vyshtampovki almost perfectly flat roof line, rails on it, quite compact hood, huge doors and large side windows make the image of the elegant new items, easy and very attractive.

Photo 2020 Honda Pilot 2016 2017 Rear

Behind engineers clearly thought about the question of practicality, because the tailgate is very successful, the lines are simple and concise. Nothing more, except competent optics, plastic skirts, powerful bumper. Some sports car attached to a successful lining system and exhaust hood over the tailgate.

The interior of the new 2020 Honda Pilot

Well, actually we’re a little lied, saying that the salon of the third generation 2020 Honda Pilot designed for seven people. The manufacturer offers and modification of eight seats. The differences between them are quite simple. At the seven-seat version of the first two rows have two separate seats and a third row – a full three-seater sofa. The version for eight seats instead of two separate seats of the second row also appears large, comfortable sofa.

Photo salon 2020 Honda Pilot

Most importantly, the third row is not conditional, not intended for planting only small children or very thin passengers. This is similar to the second row of the sofa where very comfortable to sit, where there is ample space in all directions. With two side doors, the question may arise about the difficulty of access to the third row. 2020 Honda has solved this problem very easily. To do this, first of all, it provides for a wide door, plus a special button on the seats of the second row. One click, and the chair (or couch) are moving forward, opening the passenger a huge opening, allowing even the dimensional man without a problem to sit in the gallery.

Photo front seats 2020 Honda Pilot

About the interior decoration can talk endlessly. But we try to meet the minimum description. Simply it is necessary to really look at. Excellent quality materials, excellent fit parts, carefully thought-out ergonomics, maximum comfort on all seats, magnificent and modern appliances. Do not machine, and a dream.

Photo rear seat 2020 Honda Pilot

Even the luggage compartment is admired. When a list of standard position of the third row, you will still be able to place about 550 liters of luggage. If this seems little, except for the front seats and interior will be free, you can lower the backrest of the second and third row. This forms not just perfectly flat surface, but and 2500 liters of space. Great rate.

Photos trunk 2020 Honda Pilot

Options Pilot

Equipment level is amazing when it comes to the new 2020 Honda Pilot. Let’s start with safety systems:

  • Multi-Angle Rear View Camera;
  • Collision Mitigation Braking System;
  • Lane Departure Warning;
  • Forward Collision Warning;
  • Lane Keeping Assist System;
  • Rear Cross Traffic Monitor;
  • Adaptive Cruise Control;
  • Road Departure Mitigation;
  • four-channel ABS with Brake Assist;
  • Hill Start Assist;
  • Vehicle Stability Assist with Traction Control;
  • front and side airbags;
  • side curtain airbags.

Agree, this list looks impressive. Plus we give a list of equipment that will go into basic and additional equipment:

  1. LED lighting in the door cards;
  2. color display trip computer;
  3. digital speedometer;
  4. multi-function steering wheel;
  5. Gearbox control keys;
  6. engine start button;
  7. multimedia system with touch screen 8 inches;
  8. navigation system;
  9. phone;
  10. sound system;
  11. System integration with smartphones;
  12. panoramic camera;
  13. three-zone climate control with separate control unit in the third row;
  14. heating, electric and ventilated front seats;
  15. heated steering wheel;
  16. heated second-row seats;
  17. an entertainment complex with a display of 9 inches in the ceiling;
  18. sockets;
  19. connectors for gaming consoles, headphones;
  20. five USB ports;
  21. panoramic roof, and so on.

Price 2020 Honda Pilot in Russia

But about the prices the company has not said anything. Apparently, the final manufacturer from Japan itself was not defined. Very soon we will start mass production. It is noteworthy that the novelty will be collected in the United States – in the factory 2020 Honda Motors, located in the state of Alabama in Lincoln. There were collected and second-generation Pilot.

Prior to the start of sales is still quite a lot, since only the United States the first seven-seater crossover party must reach to authorized dealers this summer. As for Russia, we have to sell the car necessarily officially. Just have to wait as much as before winter.

Specifications Pilot

It’s hard to say whether or not upset the fact that 2020 Honda does not offer an alternative powerplant for its new generation of crossover. Yet the engine looks very impressive.

2020 Honda Pilot engine

Under the hood, 2020 Honda Pilot third generation will be located shestitsilinrodvy unit that runs on gasoline, with a volume of 3.5 liters. Its capacity will be 290 horsepower.

This engine is equipped with an automatic shutdown of three cylinders when the vehicle is operated at low loads. Plus Basic 2020 Honda provides a system start-stop.

If we talk about transmission, here the client will have the choice between two guns – a six-speed gearbox and the latest from the predecessor devyatidiapazonnoy box.

The car, once again, the buyer’s choice, may have full or only front-wheel drive.

It is important to add that the manufacturer of Japan will offer an interesting system with which the driver can adjust the steering operation, suspension, transmission, all-wheel drive, and even the power unit in one of three modes – Comfort, Normal and Sport.

Video Test Drive 2020 Honda Pilot


According to information provided by 2020 Honda, their new generation 2020 Honda Pilot , the claim to a very impressive success on the international stage.

At the moment, there is only one, and perhaps the most important question – how much will cost the purchase of such a vehicle. If more and the price will be adequate to (understand at once, such a machine can not be cheap), while 2020 Honda will make a major breakthrough. We look forward to updating information, as well as the start of a crossover sales.