New 2020 Honda HRW – or maybe just 2020 Honda Vezel?

In the autumn of last year, the company from Japan presented its new project. It was a subcompact crossover, which received the name Vezel . In fact, he staggered lower than the CR-V crossover . And in the framework of the recently launched International Motor Show in Paris, 2020 Honda hosted the world premiere of its subcompact.

In fact, long before the presentation of many specialists and the media speculated that the US and Europe the novelty will sell under the old, recognizable by many names – HR-V. Actually, it happened. It is worth mentioning that the Japanese cars with the same name were produced for a long time – since 1999, and ended production in 2006 alone.

Both vehicles, ie Vezel and the new HR-V, originate externally from a single prototype. If someone looked at the Detroit Motor Show last year, he will understand that the exterior taken from the concept vehicle Urban SUV, which was demonstrated to the public at the beginning of last year as part of a motor show in Detroit.

Well, let’s look at this European innovation in more detail, we learn about how it differs from its twin, as well as look at the interior, to study the technical characteristics and much more. It is likely that the car will be available at the domestic Russian market. From this interest in the car increases almost twice.


Of course, the design of the car is almost identical. Though that would be expected if 2020 Honda simply took one car, changed his name to individual markets, and thereby creating two identical cars.

Yet they were not identical completely. A certain difference is present, and it can not but rejoice. Still, creating twins and thus give them different names – not the best solution.

2020 Honda HR V 2016 photo

The front part was the most distinctive elements, and stands at the head of a very difficult, but interesting and original grille. This car boasts a stylish optics, packed with LEDs, attractive foglights, also created from the LED, which is located at the edges like a smiling bumper with plastic cover in black. Above the false radiator grille is a big black box, which, in turn, is chrome-plated horizontal bar with a label of the Japanese automobile company in the center.

2020 Honda HRW 2016 photo Side

The side part was a relief surface, are very well combined with the shape of the door, a sloping roof and beautiful exterior rear-view mirrors, which are supplemented by repeater turn signals. Large wheel arches, get plastic protection which was continued and in the rapids. By the way, some may be from the photo and video materials of the first seem subcompact crossover has only two doors – on the driver and front passenger. But no, the rear doors are also present, but they handle not settled on a standard place, and hid in the stands. It looks good, but you will agree, somewhere we’ve already met. Oh yes, one of the main competitors of the new 2020 Honda – the Nissan the Juke .

The 2020 Honda HR 2016 photo back

Stern turned out to be surprisingly stylish and practical. Of course, in the back there is not very large bumper with plastic cover and the diffuser and brake lights mounted in it. Optics of impressive size, but it does not prevent it successfully combined with a convenient, geometrically regular baggage door, which the glass is topped by a spoiler and at the top, like a shark fin antenna is located.

As a result, we can safely say that in front of us looks very attractive car. In principle, there is even a certain similarity with the model CR-V. And this is more good news than bad. Still, 2020 Honda HR-V 2016 retains its identity and uniqueness even against his brother.

Unfortunately, data on the size is not too much. We only know that the body length of 4295 millimeters. Nor about the width or height of about 2020 Honda representatives in Paris we have decided not to speak.

But it was reported that as a platform for 2020 Honda HR-V subcompact crossover 2016 involved a cart on the model 2020 Honda Fit . In Europe, it is sold under a different name – the third generation of the Jazz. But at the same time the engineers had a chance to properly work on platfoma to increase Dzhazovskuyu wheelbase 2530 mm to necessary for 2020 Honda HR-V 2610 millimeters.


About the interior is even less known than about the exterior. In fact, the car will get the same salon that is present now Vezel model. That means at the disposal of the driver will be multifunctional and stylish three-spoke steering wheel anatomically correct, informative and color instrument panel, on-board computer. The center console located display multimedia system, as well as the climate control unit and other equipment.

Photo salon 2020 Honda HR V 2016

Front seats get quite an impressive lateral support, fit and comfortable for long journeys design. Most likely, will be present and the electric chair for setting position, but rather as an option.

Rear passengers in the 2020 Honda HR-V, by the way, will be able to get some more space than in the salons of the Japanese compact crossover rivals. This was achieved not only by increasing the wheelbase, but also because of the idea of ​​placing the fuel tank directly under the rear sofa. The security situation is better than the standard layout.

2020 Honda HR-V has passed a series of serious tests in order to be able to have the fuel tank so. Tough European crash test car was very confident, so do not worry that beneath your tank with fuel. Thereby increasing the space, 2020 Honda immediately began to use it in your marketing campaign, demonstrating its superiority over the main opponents.

2020 Honda HRW 2016 photo trunk

It can be said that the salon pleasantly pleased and surprised. Not only spacious for a compact crossover, but also a good amount of luggage. Again, thanks to all the different placement of the tank. But exact figures representatives of the Japanese automaker, unfortunately not named. They only said that the seats in the cabin and the trunk was larger, as well as increased possibilities of interior transformation and expansion of the luggage compartment by the rear rows of seats.

It is worth noting that 2020 Honda will have to deal with such cars as the Nissan Juke, Opel Mokka , the Peugeot 2008 , as well as Ford EkoSport .

Configuration and price

Question equipment and prices for the new urban crossover will not be considered. More precisely, there is nothing to consider. The 2020 Honda did not mention anything about what equipment will be available to European and American customers, or what options they will have in the database, and for that you have to pay extra.

Since sales will begin only after six months, that is, somewhere in the beginning or middle of autumn, to make such statements openly early. That is why 2020 Honda is understandable. Well, we can only wait until the company decides to voice data and have to share them with you.


First of all, we emphasize all the same crossover specifications of the car. Yes, there is not provided a super powerful powertrains, but still they are perfectly combined with the size and approximate weight of the car.

Photos of the new 2020 Honda HR V 2016 the year

Moreover, regardless of the chosen motor, the customer can obtain full or front wheel drive, depending on their preferences. So 2020 Honda HR-V – is not like a crossover, but the real the SUV, which many automakers should take an example.

Now for the motors.

  • In Europe. For the European market the two power units is provided, but with three power options:
    • gasoline engine has 1.5-liter displacement and belongs to the family of i-VTEC. Its capacity is 132 horsepower;
    • diesel engine is offered with 1.6-liter and enters the Earth Dreams family. But it can give out 120 and 160 horsepower.
  • IN USA. For the North American market will be offered to these engines, as well as another hybrid propulsion system.
    • It includes 132-horsepower gasoline engine and an electric motor capable of delivering power to 30 horsepower.

European diesel engines are equipped with six-speed mechanics, and for the gasoline engine provides not only a manual transmission, but also a stepless variator. As for the hybrid to the US, it will be offered in tandem with a seven-speed robotized gearbox.


Despite the fact that 2020 Honda has offered the US and Europe, in fact, the twin Vezel model, it does not upset. The car looks wonderfully well and accurately collected, has a potentially comfortable interior. Surely the owners of the reviews will be at a high positive level. Although it is worth all the wait for the start of sales.

New 2020 Honda HRW year photo

Separately, I want to praise the power units. Of course, the most attractive among them is as powerful diesel engine. And indeed it is. For a compact car 160 horsepower, and even turbo – that’s exactly what they want, many European, American and even Russian buyers. It will be interesting to know what the dynamic characteristics have two less powerful engine. Agree, even 120 horses for such cars – is quite respectable figure. Let’s see, how popular would be 2020 Honda HR-V, when I go to the US and European markets. Wait is not that long. We hope soon to be announced that the crossover will be offered in the Russian market.