New 2020 Great Wall Hover H5 – storm SUV

Legend 2020 Great Wall Hover H5 this year – a brilliant representative of frame-wheel-drive off-road wagon with competitive price. For motorists who have not heard about the new product, we note – a Chinese machine, which has already earned the respect of Russian motorists. Many of them say that it’s a real mobile home, touring in all senses: on the autobahn – a crossover on the road – all-terrain vehicle in the city – an executive car.

The changes affected not only the engine and interior, but the name was changed to Hover Haval H5, although in many countries, is sold under the same name. What is the reason, perhaps, still with deficiencies, which have been in Hover H5, they often touched assembly and engine power. In version , these drawbacks are eliminated according to the release.

2020 Great Wall Hover produced since 2010, comes in petrol and diesel engine with five- and six-speed manual gearbox or five-speed automatic. In general, new cars are equipped with three engine models:

  • Mitsubishi 4G69S4N dynamic gas distribution MIVEC 2.4-liter;
  • turbodiesel GW2.5TCI self-developed 2.5-liter;
  • GW4D20 turbodiesel with 150 hp 2 l (310 Nm 1800-2800 rev / min).

Overall dimensions 4649 x 1810 x 1735, the wheelbase of 2700 mm, gauge 1515/1520 mm (front / rear). The luggage compartment is 810 liters with the rear seats folded is increased to 2,000 liters, which is allows to transport large loads. On the Russian market there are cars on the Chinese assembly plant near Moscow Gzhel.

Features Hover H5

Every year Hover is becoming more popular in Russia. According to dealers of new Grey ox Hover H5 simply scatters among buyers, although a couple of years ago, has not yet had to stand in line. Last year, no fewer than 24 000 cars of this brand were sold in Russia, when compared to other brands, the Russian Patriot and Hanter have sold 36 000. The Chinese break stereotypes and actively gaining market share.

Hover H5 New photos

This year, Hover H5 lost those elements of the exterior, which allowed him to compare with other brands. Already I have a feeling that this Mazda CX-7, but completely recognizable crossover with an impressive radiator grille and bumper convex energetic. It changes not only the grill, but also the engine behind it. Referred to the 2.0-liter turbodiesel has already 190 hp at 250 Nm of torque. Equipped with a 6-speed manual transmission.

In addition, Hover / Haval H5 in the line of cars 2020 Great Wall renewed pickup Wingel 6, made the prototype Isuzu, there was a full-size crossover Hover H8, replacing the Hover H7 in the past like the Volkswagen Touareg, version H6 crossover, before reaching the conveyor, became “luxury” model H6 Sport. This year also showed a concept electric vehicle manufacturer GWKULLA. How are this year’s trends, you can see in the photo below.


New 2020 Great Wall Hover H5 (Haval H5) in – this is the second generation all-wheel drive versatile SUV 2020 Great Wall. As mentioned, a major redesign of the car design. Been modified radiator grille, which has become a recognizable and anyone incomparable. Exterior become more Asian, but this car clearly benefited. Recall that the donor of this model was originally Isuzu Axiom 2001-2004, now the connection of machines difficult to guessable. In the production casing used is thick enough metal to provide additional strength and solid appearance, the manufacturer at the factory has introduced laser welding body.

Updated Hover H5 photo

In the new version after the grille has been redesigned optics. Expressed image of “oblique” front and rear in the style of Mazda CX-7 gives the car a restrained aggression. And there vyshtampovka bumpers, which positions it as an all-wheel drive wagon road SUV. The car can rightly be attributed to the executive class. An additional “luxury” -aktsent give massive wings and seventeen-inch alloy wheels.

The back of the Hover H5

The car is available in the following exterior colors: Titanium White, Sky Silver, Noble Grey, Pearl Black, Olive Green, Universe Blue, Fashionable Orange, Rose Red.


Interior Grey Wall Hover H5 has been redesigned so that the car is clearly belonged to the executive class, but was practical and convenient. Fairly well thought out ergonomics of the interior and seats. The cabin itself is spacious feel four people seating arranged so as to provide a theatrical review. Trim – high-quality leather, including leather steering wheel and door decorated card. Applying the so-called shingles design, when the control panel is smoothly transferred to the line wing. The contrasting colors of interior trim is well complemented by a falling instrument panel to provide the driver maximum visibility of devices without unnecessary movements.

Hover H5 new photo salon

The seats have three options for folding, to provide greater convenience of passengers and their needs. Driver’s seat adjustable in 6 directions. There is heated. The whole machine is focused on practical riding and transportation of large loads as needed.

Photo of the front seats 2020 Great Wall Hover H5 new

The new design of the crossover interior decoration has become more solid, light was not so blatant (adjustable) and provides good visibility of devices in the dark. In the passenger cabin of the accompanying lighting system installed “follow-me-home”.

Photo rear of the SUV

Convenient control cabin acoustics and media systems, rather convenient layout devices. Sport seat is not convenient to everything, but it all looks pretty decent.

Components and Specifications

Gray Wall Hover H5 had initially expanded configuration than attracted the attention of motorists. The main novelty is the updated version of the ABS + EBD, which evenly distributes the braking effort as a result of the machine has a stable braking, even on difficult roads and confident behavior in bends. There are also disc brakes, providing emergency braking and dynamic braking control system BAS. Technical characteristics of the new car mean enhanced security – this is the main feature of the car Gray Ox second generation.

Photo Coil Hover H5

Updated Gray Wall Hover H5 received an additional safety cushion, now they are seven. Thus, in the event of a collision, passengers get a soft frame on all sides, which minimizes trauma. Of these, two AirBags airbags. Seat belts with a modern three-point attachment, there are children’s attachment.

  1. Vehicle Equipment:
  2. climate control;
  3. Cruise control;
  4. parking sensors with rear view camera;
  5. immodilayzer engine;
  6. side mirrors, rear window and mirrors with heating and electric drive;
  7. installed power steering and energy-absorbing steering column, which implies the absence of stress while driving, as well as
  8. regulation of the elevator;
  9. acoustic control button and a media system is also installed on the steering wheel;
  10. electric windows have antizaschemleniya function;
  11. four-wheel drive TOD (4WD) connects the touch of a button on the panel.

Five- and six-speed transmission provides a smooth ride, fuel economy, favorable acoustics, even at high speeds. The vehicle as a whole is very pleasant to drive, it complements the technical advantages of the optimal sales price.


In conclusion, we present some testimonials of happy customers in comparison to the review of the first generation of Gray Wall Hover, as well as video of the model. Almost all noted a more powerful engine than the previous version, resulting in the transfer have become more “short,” and obedient. Some motorists anoint on the build quality, the manufacturer for internal data also took into account the wishes.

Photos trunk 2020 Great Wall Hover h5

As for the facilities, they combine perfectly with the low price, which consequently, eliminates minor flaws. Motorists previously noted the need to replace all the fluids after purchase to better, otherwise there will be problems with corrosion. The cabin will be a little uncomfortable for passengers with high growth – a few smallish seating.

Experienced drivers say tough inter-axle lock, rear axle made of cast metal and is very robust torsion bar suspension. The car perfectly reveals itself as an SUV does not respond to the shortcomings of our roads, perfectly behaved in winter driving. In this case, some vehicles Stock suspension provides roll when cornering, this deficiency requires replacement shock absorbers or springs TLC.

Still, the experience of others – always a stranger, it is better to sign up for a test drive and try all by yourself, SUV 2020 Great Wall Hover H5 deserves certainly special attention. Price from $ 16,311.