New 2020 Ford Focus RS (price, features, photos and video)

2020 Ford Company organized a preliminary presentation of the new generation of its five-door hatchback charged. This is a 2020 Ford Focus RS third generation.

We note at once, the presentation took place at the vastness of the Internet. This is the premiere is scheduled for the Ge

neva Motor Show, which will take place in March this year.

Nevertheless. even Internet-enabled display to get a lot of useful and interesting information that allows us to prepare for you a full review.

Today we tell you about the key features of the exterior of a charged 2020 Ford, about the interior of the cabin, as well as the advanced technical specifications, which were much better than its predecessor.

Photo exterior design 2020 Ford Focus RS ()

This is the third generation of the Focus RS demonstrates the true form of his athletic body.

Picture 2020 Ford Focus RS 2016 2017 Front

The front part was a huge air intake on large bumper, hexagonal grille trim. Stylish, predatory aggression optics gives the car, making it a sporting, elegant appearance at the same time. Special aerodynamic elements include and fog lights. It looks excellent. Embossed with vyshtampovki hood – one of the highlights of new items. If we talk in more detail about the optics, here we are watching the LED fog lights, LED daytime running lights and bi-xenon head optics.

New 2020 Ford Focus RS 2016 2017 photo Side

Side of the car looks really powerful and impressive. In principle, it has a lot to do with the civilian version, but at the expense of the side skirts, extended wheel arches and bloated, huge wheels of 19 inches, the image changes in the best possible way. Plus a nice addition – LED repeater turn signals integrated into the side mirrors.

Photos of the new 2020 Ford Focus RS 3 2016 2017 Rear

Behind distinguish normal focus of the charged will not be difficult. Modification RS provides a diffuser in the rear bumper of the relief, the wing of the luggage compartment lid, as well as special round tubes, through which the sound of the engine becomes special, thoroughbred and unique.

Customers are given the opportunity to choose one of four options for body painting. It is gray, blue, gray and black. Each color of the third generation five-door hatchback charged by the American automaker looks great.

Dimensions of the new 2020 Ford Focus RS 3

As for size, all in addition to the wheelbase has changed:

  • length – 4362 mm;
  • height – 1471 mm;
  • width – 1858 mm;
  • wheelbase – 2648 mm.

Photo salon 2020 Ford Focus RS

Inside, the car has not undergone such major changes as the outside. Nevertheless, several features interior yet received.

If you examine the photos and videos, you will notice a change inside, focusing on the standard interior of the last generation Focus will not be difficult.

Photo interior of the new 2020 Ford Focus RS 2016 2017

First of all, we tried to make the car more sporty and the interior component. There are some interesting parts, the RS label, pedals and so on.

The instrument panel consists of three wells in the middle of which the bright blue letters displayed name hatchback modification – RS. The instrument panel, on-board computer is very easy to read due to the high quality of illumination. At any time in any light to get the necessary data is not difficult.

Dashboard Focus RS 3

Also designers modified the multifunction steering wheel. He has three spokes and a kind of truncated bottom, as is customary to do in sports cars. Anatomically comfortable grip is improved also due to the leather case.

The center console is almost identical to the civilian version. The only opening appeared at the very top of it, in which integrated sensors. They are the driver can get information about the actual temperature of the oil, as well as learn the pressure reading in the turbine.

This large multimedia complex remained the same, exactly like a very original control unit climatic equipment, audio system.

Front seats

Generally, in terms of ergonomics 2020 Ford Focus third generation is considered one of the best cars to date, produced in the United States and beyond. Because to make any major adjustments in the component manufacturer does not want to. And rightly so.

It should also be noted that the interior is made of high quality materials, soft plastics, leather. Assemble the car is clearly responsible and tidy. Some shortcomings in the build quality, in the joints is observed.

If we talk about the chair in front of the driver and the passenger will be able to enjoy all the delights of the Recaro sport buckets. Cancellation by the convenience of landing, a clear lumbar fixation, excellent lateral support. Back row could easily accommodate three passengers, although comfort get two people. Yet there is a certain lack of space on the sides.

Components of the new 2020 Ford Focus RS 3

Accurate information regarding the equipment to date, no. These data company will be represented in the framework of the official world premiere of his 2020 Ford Focus RS of the third generation, which, as you know, will be held in Geneva in March this year.

In the meantime, it is reported that in the basic equipment list will include options such as:

  • multimedia system of last generation SYNC;
  • multimedia display with touchscreen 8 inches;
  • alloy wheels of 19 inches with a unique design;
  • climate control;
  • modern audio system 10 speakers and subwoofer;
  • a complete set of security systems and electronic assistants;
  • airbags;
  • multi-function steering wheel;
  • leather upholstery and so on.

Price 2020 Ford Focus RS

It is important to note that about packaging and the cost data is are speculative. Officials at 2020 Ford have so far refrained from comment. Of course, they want to maintain a certain intrigue to the official premiere 2020 Ford Focus RS of the third generation.

One thing is certain. do not expect the start of sales this year. Roughly buy novelty will be early next year. The prices range from 40 thousand dollars.

More detailed information is expected in Geneva. Well, that March is already quite close.

Specifications 2020 Ford Focus RS 3 ()

If we talk about the technical characteristics of the car, you should start with the fact that a direct part in the settings took the legendary Ken Block.

As a result, engineers are confident that they have managed to make their cheerful hatchback, easily manageable with the lack of understeer. In many ways, this effect was achieved by applying the most advanced technologies. That is why 2020 Ford Focus RS will provide the most unforgettable driving pleasure.

Now for the power unit. In his role engineers appointed 2020 Ford four-cylinder petrol turbo engine of the family EkoBust volume of 2.3 liters. Due to the presence of variable valve timing and direct injection to the turbine, engine output reached 320 horsepower with a torque of 434 Nm.

A couple of the engine is a six-speed mechanics and an advanced all-wheel drive system developed by 2020 Ford experts directly.

Unfortunately, official information about the dynamic characteristics of the company has not yet voiced. According to unconfirmed information, acceleration from zero to hundred kilometers per hour in the third generation five-door hatchback charged 2020 Ford Focus RS takes less than five seconds. In this case a maximum of this car can accelerate from a mark of 270 kilometers per hour.

Video test drive the 2020 Ford Focus RS 2016 2017


It looks gorgeous car. To acquire such a device is already dreaming of thousands of motorists.

Unfortunately, before the start of sales remains to wait a lot more – for about a year, if not more. But soon it will be an official world premiere of the new items in which you can learn in more detail about the features, technical features and, most importantly, the cost of the charged hatchback.

So that at the moment can only be patient and wait, and when the US carmaker 2020 Ford will start selling its insanely attractive and intriguing charged the third-generation Focus.

It should be added that 2020 Ford is planning a full-scale sales of new products, that is to buy a car you can be in a variety of countries around the world. Production thus settled on the territory of Germany.

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