Mitsubishi 2020 Pajero

Debut Mitsubishi 2020 Pajero IV took place in 2006. in Paris, and then the next update cars took not quite soon – almost seven years. Update calculated until – then take place the presentation of Mitsubishi 2020 Pajero 5 (New Mitsubishi 2020 Pajero 5).

  • After renovation Mitsubishi 2020 Pajero became larger: its length – 4900mm, width – 1875mm, wheelbase – 2780 mm, height – 1870mm.
  • Note the ability to overcome the water barrier car to 700mm, and different geometric figures patency: 36,60 approach angle, ramp angle of 22.50, 250 – the departure angle.
  • In various versions of cars and different indicators of ground clearance: 225mm in the diesel version, 235mm – at the petrol versions – quite a good figure even for an SUV.

Body has retained elements of masculinity and brutality, the appearance of Mitsubishi 2020 Pajero – bright and modern, with the appearance of no hints of smooth “feminine” lines characteristic of modern crossovers. Exterior designed accordingly to the size of cars: expressive grille, large headlights, air intake, aerodynamic elements – all looks very harmonious. On either side of the SUV stand out large wheel arches, large doors ensure a comfortable along with excellent visibility.

Picture Mitsubishi 2020 Pajero

Stylish looks Mitsubishi 2020 Pajero and rear – with a compact spare wheel and the bumper.

New Mitsubishi 2020 Pajero photo

To match the size SUV and wheels: Depending on the installation provides alloy wheels radii 17-18; rubber 265 / 65R17, 265 / 60R18. Strengthen solidity and body colors: beige, gray, white, silver, graphite – are basic; for brown and black will have to pay an additional order of 17,000 rubles.

Mitsubishi 2020 Pajero photo

All right Mitsubishi 2020 Pajero in and in terms of practicality: the broad steps contribute to a comfortable fit, as well as protect the sills from mechanical damage cars; SUV, thanks to the integrated frame has high rigidity, so the car has excellent handling – as in the case of driving at high speeds and when driving on the road. For added security, the body in the doorway with a powerful moldings; have protection suspension and engine compartment.

Mitsubishi 2020 Pajero photo salon

The domestic version of the Mitsubishi 2020 Pajero designed to transport five people, along with the driver, while the rear seat passengers are accommodated free of any configuration. All materials are pleasant salons – tactilely and visually. It compares favorably with the front seat, received heating, as well as supporting the torso and thigh. Like the convenient steering wheel controls for cruise control and music. Its only drawback is the height adjustment only, which, however, is offset by the widest range of the driver’s seat adjustments. To get used to the position of instruments, buttons and levers, just a few minutes – the ergonomics of the cabin at the usual high level.

Pictures Mitsubishi 2020 Pajero

Let’s go back to the rear seats – plenty of space here, and in all directions – to touch the backs of the front seats is almost unreal, like touch in a sitting position, his head to the ceiling. Also at the disposal of passengers provided by a luxury sofa, a feature of which is the ability to change the angle of inclination of backs.

The trunk of the updated SUV can hold 663 liters, the presence on board of five passengers; if you fold the rear seats, the volume increases to a fantastic figure in 1789 liters. Note that when folded back in a number of cars you can sleep upright.

In Russia, it is now available in four versions Mitsubishi 2020 Pajero , respectively, and 4-D pricing options: a basic Invite, «charged» Instyle, Intense, and most luxurious – Iltimate. Absolutely all of the options provided by the auto climate control, competent for the temperature control in the front half of the car. Also it has air conditioning – for the rear passengers.

Present heated front seats, heated rear window, on-board computer, information display, ASTC, ABS. Power mirrors are also heated, lower cabin space lit, there are four electric window system Super SelectII 4WD, and many lesser, but no less pleasant elements. Luxury equipment can boast leather seats, xenon headlights, navigation system, rear camera, an improved audio system, rear screen.

Engine Pajero 4

Specifications. The updated car, without exaggeration, is a true SUV with a rear-wheel drive. Suspension independent car, rear – multi-link front – to cross the twin levers. In Instyle versions, Iltimate present mechanical blocking rear differential. Do not forget about the designers and installation of disc brakes and power steering. A little more modest picture is observed with respect to the power units: Automotive provides only two petrol and just one diesel engines.

  • Diesel four-cylinder unit (3,2l., 200 l / s) with a 5-speed automatic transmission, can accelerate weighing 2255-2380kg SUV up to 100km / h in just 11,1sek., Providing a top speed of 185km / h. In the combined cycle cars spends about 9l in the city -. 11,4l.
  • As for the petrol engines, the first of them, 3,0l. (178l.s.) with automatic 5 (5 ILAC), cars will drive up to 100 km / h within 12.6 sec., At “maximum speed” 175 km / h. Declared expenditure reached 12,2l with combo mode., In the city of consumption will increase to 15,8l.
  • Next, 3,8l. V6 (250hp) petrol engine with 6AKPP, accelerates the car for 10,8s. up to 100km / h. Maksim. speed – 200 km / h. This manufacturer’s expense – 13,5l. in combo mode, in an urban setting – about 17,7l.

The feedback received regarding the operation of car owners in our realities suggest that the real rate is somewhat different from the declared. For petrol unit volume of 3.0l., 175l.s. (By the way, is able to consume A-92), also spends more: on highway motor consumes 12-13l, urban – 17-18l.. Diesel consumes 11-12 liters. Solarium in combo mode, as well as 13-15l. in the city. The most powerful, 250hp engine also can not boast of a coincidence of the declared expenditure with the real: the country consumption is fixed at 14-15l level. Most financial losses will be felt in the city – consumption reaches 20-22l.

Mitsubishi 2020 Pajero photo

Despite the impressive appearance and all-wheel drive, 4-th generation of Japanese SUV has an extremely comfortable steering, is pleased by simplicity and informative. Note that heavy SUV has shown remarkable stability during cornering overcome. Thanks to all of the above cars really nice and easy to control, even in the case of movement on the road. When the wheels Mitsubishi 2020 Pajero glides smooth asphalt, the Japanese like begs the driver to add more speed, but control remains with the same light. Inside the cabin, even very high speed felt weak. However, as the coating deterioration, we strongly recommend not to develop an excessively high speed as potholes and ruts begin to respond rather sensitive strikes and suspension clatter. All this is easy to explain: although stiff suspension keeps the car perfectly, it is quite straining to cope with a variety of domestic road irregularities at higher speeds.

Photos Pajero side

In fairness, we note that when traveling on the road powertrain Advanced SuperSelect 4WD (SS4-II) really can work wonders. For example, cars moves like all-terrain vehicle, ignoring the roughness and complexity of off-road – this contributes to the system itself, which allows to choose between one of the 4 modes (when driving off-road is optimal SuperSelect 4WD). The remaining modes: 4LLc – four-wheel drive, with active downshifts; locking cross-axle, axle differentials; 4H – four-wheel drive, providing the opportunity to transfer various cool relations. the moment; 2H – only using the rear wheels; 4HLc – is a four-wheel drive, in which the center differential lock is engaged. SUV can travel almost anywhere Thanks to this diversity; the only thing that is vital to pay attention – is the fact they do not put the SUV on the belly – to get yourself in such a case will not work.

The price of Mitsubishi 2020 Pajero in the official representatives starts from 1,509 million rubles. – The cost of the basic version of Mitsubishi 2020 Pajero 4 Invite 3.0. To purchase more technically staffed Mitsubishi 2020 Pajero 4 Iltimate 3.8, you need to spend 2,189 million rubles. It should be noted, and a wide range of accessories offered by the manufacturer for the car: from towbars and deflectors, ending with a huge choice of saloon car.