Mitsubishi 2020 Outlander

Samurai terrain on of Mitsubishi 2020 , offering its owners three major advantages: comfort, high build quality and safety. We present an updated version of Mitsubishi 2020 Outlander.

An updated version of the crossover debuted back in at the auto show in Los Angeles. The technical component includes more than 100 updates.

Exterior changes to “eradicate” some boring design elements Mitsubishi 2020 Outlander . The car got a new front part with chrome edges, called “Dynamic Shield” and restyling optics with LED backlight. On each side of the bumper integrated fog lamps are elegantly, his lower “lip” boasted a special protective overlay – a legacy from the prestigious Pajero model. Updated look side bottom of the door, which features rising metal strips in the plastic frame. Rear view mirrors are now equipped with electric drive and mounted on wheels alloy 16-inch wheels with curved backs. Japanese Foods allocated large rear lights, which are interconnected chrome U-shaped “bridge”. On the trunk lid with a small aerodynamic spoiler and the lower part of the plastic bumper is equipped with a metal “border”, foglights and reversing lights. 2016 model sizes available up to 4694 mm long, 1810 mm wide and 1679 mm in height. The weight is distributed in the ratio of 56 to 44.

Cabin modest number of small received updates, including better quality materials and a new navigation system. Much of the interior is finished with the plastic quality is quite good, the seats are covered with black leather, which is available in more expensive models, as well as touch-screen multimedia system. The driver is located in a pretty good seat with “battened down” to the top of the lower part of the electric adjustment and 8. The interior of the three-spoke steering wheel is trimmed decorative insert “piano black”, which also completely “absorbed” all the central console. For rear passengers are invited leather “sofa” with high seating, which is designed for three people. The seats have been upgraded according to all the complaints and reproaches owners of previous versions of the crossover.

Buyers can choose between a 2.4-liter and 3.0-liter engines for your Outlander. The first has a 166 hp power and torque of 220 Nm. It works in tandem with a continuously variable transmission CVT, and the robotic system “intelligent” all-wheel drive. Dispersal to first hundred takes place in 8.7 seconds and fuel consumption in the urban cycle is 9.8 liters per hundred. The 3.0-liter V6 with 224 “horses” is only available with 6-speed automatic and all-wheel drive. If we compare this engine, the 2.4-liter engine is more responsive than its big-six “brother”.

Also in the list of advantages is including enhanced body rigidity, a revised suspension and electric power steering. Speaking of the steering should be noted understeer and the presence of a dead zone in the middle, which will need all the time to taxi.

The list of useful function includes adaptive cruise control, a security system at the intersection of the intersection, sunroof, power tailgate, satellite radio and audio package Rockford.

The base model Mitsubishi 2020.