Mitsubishi 2020 Mirage – a successful substitution Colt

Mitsubishi 2020 brand for many years successfully operating in the market. The company produces a wide enough range of their vehicles, offering buyers a model to suit every taste, color, class or even a purse. Not so long ago, to the regret of many, it was discontinued production of the model under the name Colt. It was quite successful compact hatchback, which, however, there was no sense to upgrade and bring to perfection. From Mitsubishi 2020 Colt squeeze all that is possible.

However, this segment is not left vacant after the departure of Colt, as he was replaced by a new car – Mirage. New Mitsubishi 2020 Mirage has represented a rather interesting, thoughtful design hatchback. It’s all the same compact city car, get a modern appearance and a good equipment. So Mitsubishi 2020 Mirage safely be considered successful continuation of the Colt story.


In developing the body design, the engineers took into account not only the desire to create an attractive appearance, but also take into account the aerodynamic component. As a result, they were able to achieve and that, and another.

Mitsubishi 2020 Mirage (Colt) photo front

The front end looks fun and cheerful. Lights are located literally on the most edges, and added original image great for both the dimensions of the car bumper, which is not less successfully embedded fog lamps.

Mitsubishi 2020 Colt (Mirage) photo Side

If you look at the car from the side, it immediately catches the eye is large enough opening doors, which allows even large passenger convenient umostitsya both front and rear seats.

Mitsubishi 2020 Mirage (Colt) photo back

Rear view shows us an interesting approach of designers. So, here is the place to be impressive in size rear bumper, but the tiny window on the tailgate, on which even added a spoiler. Lanterns made small, fits perfectly into the overall design, which ultimately helped create a complete image of the brand new Mitsubishi 2020 Mirage year.

We recommend that you examine the car photos, look at it from all angles and appreciate the efforts of the designers. They tried to create an attractive small little car. Well, they got it. And so you had the idea of ​​compactness news, offer to study the size hatchback:

  • length – 3710 mm
  • width – 1665 millimeters
  • height – 1490 mm
  • wheelbase – 2450 mm.

Outside, as well as overall performance, several toy. However, this does not take away the advantages of the car and makes it a good option for young people and in particular for women and girls.


Walk around the cabin and can be without a visit to a showroom, since video review Mitsubishi 2020 Mirage years provided fully inspect the exterior and interior of the hatchback.

Photo salon Mitsubishi 2020 Mirage

Interestingly, despite the small size of the exterior, inside the car offers a lot of space. For the driver and front passenger seats are provided, equipped with lateral support and a fairly comfortable fit. Rudder convenient, easily fits in your hand, has a three-spoke structure. For the dashboard and no complaints – everything is done on the conscience, the data is easy to read. Even the basic equipment of the center console has audio control units with CD MP3 and AUX USB interface, as well as air conditioning.

Mitsubishi 2020 Colt photo salon

Now go to the back row. Here we see quite a large sofa flat shape, having three head restraints. That’s good, because often in cars sofa is divided into two sections, with the result that in the middle there is some climb the hill, complicating the life of the passenger, who sits in the middle. While here, unfortunately, comfortably sit three fail. Unless children. For two level that is necessary comfort. Landing on the back row of the vertical, which allows to avoid such inconveniences as the upiranie knees in the front seat, or contact the head to the ceiling. There’s even a tall man is quite spacious.

The large size of the luggage could not be counted as a volume of only 235 liters. But if you fold the rear row of seats, then the volume, of course, grow, and to the good performance of 600 liters.


New Mitsubishi 2020 Mirage , in the usual style of the manufacturer offers a fairly rich equipment already in the database. Thus, ordered a Mirage in the “stock”, you can receive the following components:

  • four airbags
  • Keyless Access Salon
  • button to start the engine
  • air conditioning
  • sound system
  • start-stop powerplant
  • KERS system (kinetic braking energy recovery)
  • ABS safety system, EBD and ASC (stabilization system).

For a surcharge of its already sufficiently equipped with Mirage the year you get a color touch-screen display to control the multimedia, navigation system, full climate control and a rearview camera.

You are now convinced that the Mitsubishi 2020 Mirage for more than a solid equipment, allowing us to obtain all the necessary components are already in the basic version. It is not all much needed touch screen in the car, even on the climate control, few will refuse. Anyway, the car justifies the money and, in contrast to the Germans, the Japanese automaker is not greedy and offers a variety of options at no additional cost.


Q value of the car has always been and will remain relevant. Of course, buyers want to get the most at the lowest cost. Unfortunately, this is impossible. However, call Mitsubishi 2020 Mirage expensive, unnecessarily expensive a car is hardly worth it.

To begin with, we note that the car belongs to the category of low-priced cars, but because the price of 8000 pounds is unlikely to surprise someone. Officially Mitsubishi 2020 Mirage in Russia began to be supplied only at the beginning of the year. There is a possibility that it will soon start selling in Russia the latest version, which only recently introduced as part of New York International Auto Show. Although the car is aimed at the US market, preclude its occurrence in other countries can not. While the cost of the new Mirage, made in the style of the global Mitsubishi 2020 Lancer X, not reported.

Pictures Mitsubishi 2020 Mirage

As yet the current version of Mirage year, for maximum configuration in the UK asked 11 thousand pounds. It is expected that the new Mirage Russian buyer will cost 1 million rubles, although the official price will be announced at the end of the year.


About the specifications of the new compact hatchback, which replaced a rather popular at the time Colt, should also speak in detail. Let’s start with the fact that the car is offered with two powertrains to choose from. Thus both petrol and they have three cylinders.

  1. The first liter motor, produces 71 horsepower and comes with a five-speed manual. On disperse hundreds spends 13.6 seconds, and its maximum speed on the passport is 170 kilometers per hour. Consumes a car with the motor is very small – about 3.7 liters in the combined cycle.
  2. The second motor has a volume of 1.2 liters and the capacity of 80 horsepower. It can be taken as a pair with the mechanics, and with variator. Version with manual transmission accelerates to a hundred in 11.7 seconds and top speed – 180 kilometers per hour. On average, one hundred kilometers driven car spends four liters of petrol.


Of course, now it is more relevant to talk about a new generation of Mitsubishi 2020 Mirage – year, which we are likely to appear next year. However, to-date about the Mirage is hardly possible to say something bad. The many positive reviews of the owners only confirm the proper movement of the manufacturer towards the development and production of interesting, inexpensive but excellent quality of their vehicles.

The machine fully justifies its cost, and even gives you a little more than expected from a budget price segment hatchback. This car is perfect for the younger generation, a novice driver, a young mother with children who need to carry to school and kindergarten. The presence of the variator simplifies the management of the fairer half of humanity.

Mirage looks interesting, original, even a little funny. At the same time it has good technical characteristics, boasts excellent equipment already in the basic version. It is expected that the new generation of Mirage, who will receive an overall style with a Mitsubishi 2020 Lancer X, will be even more rich equipment, adding cruise control, improved multimedia, leather trim and much more. It is obvious that the new generation would cost more than the current, but in the public sector segment model will remain.