Mitsubishi 2020 Lancer 10 – a new breakthrough Mitsubishi 2020

Mitsubishi 2020 Lancer 10 looks back on longstanding family of nine generations. Yet since 1973, the ancestor of the modern Mitsubishi 2020 Lancer X produced in different parts of the globe, gaining more and more new names: for example, the American Dodge Colt, Canadian Plymouth Colt, Australian or European Valiant Lancer Colt Lancer.

Lancer took many modifications (such as changing the type of the body of the sedan to station wagon), and its popularity in the world has grown with each new model.

The current tenth generation was excellent continuation of the glory of the ninth Lancer and motives Tokyo concept cars in 2005 entered the foundation for the future Mitsubishi 2020 Lancer X.

In 2007, the Lancer tenth triumph came on the automotive scene.

Its parameters – 4570 mm long, 1760 mm wide and 1505 mm in height, ground clearance is 165 mm, and the trunk is capacious enough and has a volume of 430 liters.

“Chips” Lancer models are such items as meaningful grille Jet Fighter – the idea of ​​manufacturer is obliged to design a supersonic fighter. In the lattice, not only aesthetic, but also practical application – it provides a uniform flow of air flow around a vehicle.

Another element of the corporate design are lanserovskogo taillights, aerodynamically correct, relevant concept-speed driving.

Of course, one of the most striking features of the Lancer is the so-called “akulopodobny nose” – quite aggressive, with deep-set eyes-headlights, it makes the car dynamic design, the illusion of constant motion.

As for the interior Mitsubishi 2020 Lancer X – it is absolutely ergonomic lines and functional front panel and center console are designed to provide comfort and look harmonious. In short, quiet minimalist interior contrasted enough caller and bright exterior.

Specifications Mitsubishi 2020 Lancer 10 for the Russian market are represented with two variations of four-cylinder 1.5-liter 117-horsepower, docked with a four- or five-speed manual transmission, and the motor more powerful – at 1.8 liters and 140 hp with stepless variator CVT.

Mitsubishi 2020 Lancer 10 has a number of complete sets with different variations of engine size, transmission type. In the Russian market can be found picking Invite, Іnvite + and Intense – with manual or automatic transmission, or as a stepless variator. Exclusive offer a sedan Ralliart – engine capacity of 2 liters, 241 hp, all-wheel drive and a robotic gearbox.

Car security equipment is quite impressive: seven airbags (one – for the driver’s knees, significantly reduces the risk of foot injuries in an accident), in the front seat – belts with pre-tensioners and system, reducing the braking force, strengthened body RISE helps to reduce the level of injury to passengers. ABS with EBD help when passing obstacles in the road, and the ASTC system stabilizes the vehicle when cornering and controls the braking force.

From the pleasant driver detail in the Mitsubishi 2020 Lancer X – height-adjustable and heated seats, multifunction steering wheel – Built-in Bluetooth allows him to talk on the phone, I did not take his hands off the wheel.

In addition, Mitsubishi 2020 Lancer X has a high-quality climate control, and, importantly, the ETACS system, which allows to regulate many functions of the car.

Do not forget about the fog lights, robust wheels, heated mirrors, and, of course, pro-quality sound system with the CD changer for 6.

If we talk about the price of ten Mitsubishi 2020 Lancer, while in Russia it is about such limits:

  • Mitsubishi 2020 Lancer X Invite – approx. 669 990 P
  • Mitsubishi 2020 Lancer X + Іnvite – approx. 729 990 P
  • Mitsubishi 2020 Lancer X Intense – approx. 763 990 P
  • Mitsubishi 2020 Lancer X Ralliart – approx. 1312000 P

Compete with the Mitsubishi 2020 Lancer X are such vehicles as the Ford Focus 3 , Hyundai Elantra 5, the Toyota the Corolla, the Mazda 3 and Volkswagen Jetta 6 .

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