Mitsubishi 2020 L200 – more practical.Even more impressive

If we take into account all presented in the domestic market, foreign pickups, SUVs, it is the Mitsubishi 2020 L200 – will be among them very accessible and capable of overcoming the most difficult road tests on the roads. We hope you will allow us to speak that way.

Since the beginning of this year, Russian motorists have had the opportunity to meet with a renewed pick-up from the Japanese automaker. Newbie Mitsubishi 2020 L200 was even more interesting, even brighter. It is markedly increased in solidity, but also do not forget about your main purpose, resulting in increased levels of pickup practicality is quite impressive.

The car is available from 2005. During this time he managed to earn a very good reputation, to collect a lot of positive reviews, as well as to become a leader in many markets. L200 for a long time held a leading position in Russia. However, the emergence of a new player, and also from Japan, was an unpleasant surprise for the L200, which marked the displacement pickup from the throne. Many guessed that dangerous competitor performs Toyota Hilux .

Because the update, which was subjected to the pickup, was timely. Oh its good you can learn in our review. We will try to examine the car literally from all sides, so that you can assess how much better was the Mitsubishi 2020 L200 after the update, and whether the modernization benefited.


Of course, the car is needed for external adjustments. Henceforth L200 has an image characteristic for all the latest models of the manufacturer. Some know that Mitsubishi 2020 uses corporate identity, called the Fuji Mountain. Simply put, this is Mount Fuji. Very upset by the fact that in the face of the basic equipment of a pickup retained from the old version.

New Mitsubishi 2020 L200 photo

If we take an updated version of the front part, it just copies the image of the model Pajero Sport last generation. This means that the muzzle of a pickup is small but stylish lights, trim neat grille, new bumper, out of which shows a steel engine protection. In general, the front has become more elegant, more courageous, more brutal. In this regard, of course, restyled Mitsubishi 2020 L200 has become much better than its predecessor.

Mitsubishi 2020 L200 photo

Kind of assembly gives us a great look at the rear overhang, literally still huge radius of the wheel arches, which swelled by plastic overlays, as well as practical and large side doors.

Renewed Mitsubishi 2020 L200 photo

Behind note teardrop-shaped parking lights, high-sided loading platform, as well as small enough bumper like a crowned teeth. It looks interesting and unusual.

In general, for the appearance of designers can put a solid four, judging by the five-point system. They did a solid job and allowed customers to get a solid, impressive, a welcome pick-up.

Regarding the dimensions, they have changed in comparison with dorestaylingovoy version. Plus pick-up is available with different equipment, which provides for the installation of various bumpers. As a result, the size can be divided into standard and additional received Invite to trim and Invite + respectively:

  • length – 5185 mm (5260 mm)
  • width – 1750 mm (1800 mm)
  • height – 1775 mm (1780 mm)
  • wheelbase – 3000 mm
  • ground clearance (clearance) – 200 mm (205 mm).

Of special mention is the size of the loading platform. Regardless of the configuration, they are identical:

  • length – 1505 mm
  • width – 1470 millimeters
  • width between arches – 1085 mm
  • depth – 460 millimeters.

Photos of the cargo hold

Buyers will be able to book one of the six options for color performance of the car body. So, pick-up Mitsubishi 2020 L200 can be painted in black perolamutr, dark blue metallic, brown metallic, dark silver metallic, silver metallic, or in the basic white color.

Appearance can be significantly changed and supplemented by various pads, deflectors, settings on the body, spacers, pegs and other details. Unfortunately, they cost a lot.


Inside, everything is telling us that this is a budget, work truck, which does not need any tinsel. Its task is very simple – to ensure comfortable movement, transport people and quite a large number of diverse cargo.

Mitsubishi 2020 L200 photo salon

It is this policy, to and impact on the salon. Because before the driver plain, concise instrument panel, a small, but quite comfortable steering wheel, which can be adjusted in height only. The front panel is clearly not new, exactly like the center console.

Photo front seats Mitsubishi 2020 L200

The front seats have a good level of comfort and lateral support. On the back row to sit comfortably and spaciously. Only here do not count on a high quality finish.

Photos of the interior L200 –

It is low cost, as evidenced by a not particularly high-quality fabric, and pretty hard plastic. There are no frills. Simple, practical workhorse, having a good appearance.

Packaging and price

We decided to combine these two points, so that both you and we have been easier to accept and apply the information accordingly.

Thus, the base model is called the Invite and costs from 950 thousand rubles. Facilities at this modest:

  • five-speed manual gearbox
  • two front airbags
  • Mechanical control for the rear-view mirrors
  • steel wheels 16 inches
  • height-adjustable steering column
  • heating the rear window
  • Car audio speakers 4
  • multi-mode 4WD driveline
  • system of compulsory rear differential lock
  • two-speed transfer case.

Options Invite + provides an opportunity for the price of 1.1 million rubles additionally receive:

  • EBD and ABS
  • central locking
  • heating for the front seats
  • electric windows in the side doors
  • air conditioning.

The following equipment is called Intense is available in two versions – with five-step mechanics for the price of 1.17 million rubles, and with an automatic four-box at the price of 1.25 million rubles. In addition to these equipment of the car will get:

  • an advanced all-wheel drive system
  • side steps
  • electric and heated door mirrors
  • front fog lights
  • alloy wheels of 16 inches
  • leather steering wheel and gearshift knob
  • on-board computer
  • information display
  • 6 speaker audio system on
  • climate control.

Top-grade referred Instyle and allows you to:

  • five-speed automatic
  • dynamic system of exchange rate stability
  • traction control
  • Brake Assist
  • side airbags and curtain airbags
  • alloy wheels of 17 inches
  • multifunction steering wheel
  • leather
  • the drive for the driver’s seat
  • Cruise control
  • advanced audio system.

The price for this complete set will start with a mark of 1.38 million rubles.

Mitsubishi 2020 L200 pictures

However, even this is not the limit price for the pickup. If desired, the buyer can take for your Mitsubishi 2020 L200 solid set of options, tuning accessories. Due to all this, the pickup value can amount to more than 1.9 million rubles.


For Mitsubishi 2020 L200 pick-up truck offers two powertrain options, each of which is quite interesting. Of course, the more interest is the new diesel engine. But let’s start from the beginning.

  1. First, the rights of less interesting motor acts as a 2.5-liter gasoline engine with four cylinders. Its capacity is 136 horsepower, and torque – 314 Nm. Depending on the five-step mechanics or four machine dynamics of dispersal of 14.6 and 17.8 seconds from zero to a hundred, respectively. Top speed is 167 and 165 kilometers per hour. Consumes a motor in an average of 8.6 liters per hundred kilometers.
  2. The second engine is a serious concern. This diesel engine capacity of 2.5 liters and output of 178 horsepower with a torque of 350 Nm. He completed only five-speed automatic, which enables the car to accelerate to a hundred kilometers per hour in 12.1 seconds. The maximum speed with the order of 175 kilometers per hour, and diesel consumption in the combined cycle – about 8.8 liters per hundred kilometers traveled path.


Car Mitsubishi 2020 L200 has become clearly more interesting appearance. Unfortunately, about the interior do not. But it is necessary to understand that this is a working machine, which is created not with an eye to the chic and delights. This working-class machine, but because inside there is no place unnecessary tinsel. But still it was possible to modernize a little bit of interior design, it is a fact.

Pictures of the new Mitsubishi 2020 L200

As the reviews of the owners dorestaylingovoy pickup, it is fully consistent with its purpose and perfectly fulfills its tasks. Out the Toyota Hilux was a spur to action Mitsubishi 2020. As a result, we have redesigned Mitsubishi 2020 L200, which has become better than its predecessor in all components. Hopefully, further modernization is necessary not to wait so long, and they bring with them including a more modern interior.