Mitsubishi 2020 GC-PHEV – Or what would be the new Pajero

The company Mitsubishi 2020 is popular largely due to its excellent SUV under the name Pajero. This car actually has many positive qualities, reliability, sturdy specifications, attractive appearance.

Sorry, but the Japanese for a long time working on the new generation, over and over ag

ain offering us only restyled version of the model, which began collecting in 2006. In fact, for nine years, but there is a new generation. Given that the usual life cycle in modern models of 3-5 years, the next generation was to appear a few years ago.

Picture Mitsubishi 2020 GC Phev

However, at this point already has some information on how it will be a new generation of the popular Pajero. Based on the concept of the new product will be called Mitsubishi 2020 GC-PHEV, which was first presented to the public back in . However, since the concept was a major upgrade, I was more or less mundane appearance to our time. As a result, an updated prototype was shown in the city of Chicago as part of the International Auto Show, which took place in February this year.

Even the external shape of the car is clear – we face a new generation of Pajero. Of course, many designers futuristic elements eventually will be removed, but the overall direction of the next generation of SUV looks quite obvious.

Try to understand what we expect from the next by a detailed study of Pajero prototype.

Photos concept design of the new Mitsubishi 2020 GC Phev

attractive front

The front part is decorated with a stylish, powerful trim grille, enclosed in chrome and complemented by the brand name plate in the center of the Japanese automaker. Narrowed LED headlights head optics combines with a fairly classic round headlights either daytime running lights, whether protivotumanok. This is complemented by a massive front bumper, wider air intakes and protected. By the way, there are special for the bottom lining, made of metal, which will serve as an additional protection.

Interesting body proportions

Sideways appearance seems more futuristic than the front. For example, no conventional door handles, wheel arches do not have a circular but rather a square shape. The high window sills, large windows, a powerful rear rack. All this looks very, very approximate to the serial SUV. Among the most advanced solutions, or solutions of the future, are the lack of exterior mirrors, instead of which are located on the edges of the camcorder broadcasting image on the screens inside the cabin.

The rear part of the future style

Rear end looks powerful and monumental by weighty bumper, a large tailgate, LED strip virtually the entire width of the luggage compartment. Basically, it looks a little unusual, but it is quite logical for the new generation Pajero. It was like, and we can expect as standard concept Mitsubishi 2020 GC-PHEV.

Of course, about the size, we can not say anything. And does it make sense if we’re talking about is only a concept version of the car of the future ?! It is better to look at the photo and video materials, in order to make your own opinion as to what could potentially be a brand-new Pajero.

Photo salon Mitsubishi 2020 GC Phev

It will be interesting to know whether the leave is a Mitsubishi 2020 version of the internal arrangement, or prefer a more traditional approach to interior design.

Shop in the future style

A good exit looks to offer customers several interior modifications, from the traditional five-seat, four to the same concept.


The fact that the prototype gives us another look at the interior design. Here the main “trick” is to the rear seats, which made it as two separate seats, between which the high central tunnel. For example, in the business variation of the new Pajero, you can choose an arrangement of seats, adding a tunnel between the rear seats all kinds of amenities, additional features and interesting possibilities. In the meantime, there is a large touchscreen display.

The huge trunk

The luggage compartment in this case is part of the passenger compartment, not separated from the passenger space. It also gives rise to reflection, as well as all sorts of moves to the producer. So, the car can turn out to be a seven-seater. What is true, the decision to abandon the boot in this case seems unlikely. But, in this concept, and to a somewhat different look at the machine, move away from the tradition and the classical solutions.

Qualitatively Vyshata seat

If we talk about the driver’s seat, then immediately applies a sports version of the helm, largely similar to the rim in a Formula 1 car with truncation from below. The dashboard is not the traditional, and is designed as a large digital display. Plus, it provides the ability to display information on the windshield. Such technologies, by the way, is already used in many production cars. Of course, in the case of Mitsubishi 2020 it is a more advanced system, displaying information on a windshield. For example, here you can display navigation map or the data from the sensor, determines the distance to the vehicle or object at the front. Will there be a similar technology on a production Pajero? It is not excluded.


Of course, on the configuration itself it is still too early to say, because in front of us just a prototype. But it is possible that a lot of modern systems used on the concept, the production version on perekochuyut. Among these important pieces are the following:

  • adaptive cruise control;
  • tracking system for dead zones;
  • for driver fatigue monitoring system;
  • Control system for the conservation movement tiering;
  • automatic speed reduction system;
  • system of recognition of erroneous pressing on the gas pedal instead of the brake;
  • system of automatic machine to a complete stop;
  • wireless Internet;
  • system “dialogue” with other cars;
  • system failures and malfunctions detection and so on.

All of these technologies seem quite relevant for our time, that is to say some sort of futuristic here is not necessary. It is possible that all of this will receive a serial SUV. But, most likely, only the most expensive models, either for a fee.

The price of the machine in the style of Mitsubishi 2020 GC Phev

Well then, as you know, the information absolutely zero. Again, we face at the moment just a concept, and the appearance of the production version is not expected soon.

Many of the doubt is whether Mitsubishi 2020 GC-PHEV will indeed be taken as the basis for a new generation of Pajero. Although it looks at the moment in this way. Why else would companies to warm the public interest, over and over again presenting the prototype at the international exhibitions. Moreover, the actual resemblance Pajero prototype and obvious.

By the way, according to sources close to the company Mitsubishi 2020, the new generation of its popular SUV Pajero already appear in . Consequently, the concept of the show in February in Chicago could be one of the last. At the upcoming exhibition is worth waiting for pre-production modifications.

Specifications Mitsubishi 2020 GC-PHEV

Talking about the technical characteristics as the actual fact already about the new Pajero, based on the fact that the developers have shown in the concept, Mitsubishi 2020 GC-PHEV, it is not necessary. Although it is possible that this power plant will include a range of powertrains available for the car.

The fact that autoexhibition concept was equipped with a hybrid power plant. It is expected, as we face the future car.

Comprising a set of six-cylinder petrol engine capacity of 3.0 liters and a mechanical compressor. Couple it is an electric motor whose power reserves 94 horsepower. Power of the main unit reaches 335 horsepower. As you know, in the amount it gives more than 400 horses of pure power.

According to the manufacturer, the tandem electric motor and a gasoline power unit show consumption of 6.7 liters per 100 kilometers in the combined cycle. This movement is possible only by an electric power train. A full battery charge is enough to overcome the 40 kilometers distance.

The vehicle can be used as a mobile power generator, ie it can be powered from a private house, a small building in the case of any accident, breakdown, natural disasters and so on.

Working engine will be paired with the eight-speed automatic transmission. Another interesting fact is that the concept involved a complete new generation of drive system, which is already widely used on another car of the Japanese manufacturer – Lancer Evolution.

Videos Mitsubishi 2020 GC-PHEV


There is little doubt that Mitsubishi 2020 GC-PHEV – this is the main basis for a new generation of models with famous name Pajero.

Outwardly, the prototype is too strongly reminiscent of the popular SUV, and the system, which equipped the concept is very close to the modern equipment used in the production cars. Yes, it may looks more futuristic, and it is such as standard will remain. But everything else is consistent with our time. Therefore, expect to see the next generation of the SUV is in the next year. It was then, according to authoritative sources, and finally will be released in a brand-new the Pajero, which are waiting for more than one year.

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