Mitsubishi 2020 ASX – a compact crossover

Sales of Mitsubishi 2020 ASX in Russia started in the summer of 2010 and since that time a handsome crossover had like a huge army of domestic motorists. Do not fall in popularity and today the Japanese crossover – Mitsubishi 2020 SUVs in Russia in remains one of the most popular SU


The popularity of cars primarily due to a competent and thoughtful approach to the creation of an SUV manufacturer: experts did not invent a new concept, based on Mitsubishi 2020 SUVs in proved to be excellent, much more dimensional second-generation Mitsubishi 2020 Outlander XL. This car reduced (lowered and made more sloping) roof shortened aft (by as much as 250 mm) and 95 mm cut front overhang, while maintaining the overall performance of the wheelbase.

  • Dimensions Mitsubishi 2020 ASX was as follows: length – 4295 mm, height – 1625 mm, width – 1770 mm, at rates of clearance of 195 mm and 2625 mm wheelbase.
  • Reduced size (relative to the Mitsubishi 2020 Outlander XL), affected the total curb weight of cars – it was less than 200 kg less, accounting, depending on the configuration of the Japanese SUV 1300-1455 kg.

Taken care of the developers and the availability of sufficient good choice of rubber: standard available protectors 215/65 R16, 215/60 R17, dress up on alloy or steel wheels. Optionally provides the ability to complete tires 215/55 R18. The applied concept was so successful that after some time on the Mitsubishi 2020 ASX base were created “twins» Peugeot 4008 and Citroen C4.

New Mitsubishi 2020 SUVs in photo

To attract buyers, the crossover has received a wide range of color variants available white, pearl (several kinds), gray, black color, as well as a huge range of metallic shades.

Auto, like its predecessor, is remembered the original design of the front parts: volumetric false radiator grille looks wonderful producer emblem stands out stylishly modified bumper. The rest of the exterior design has remained virtually the same, the body has a well recognizable contours, larger door openings, a high window sill line, strong light engineering (back received LED layout), an elegant stern.

Mitsubishi 2020 ASX photo

Auto get plastic front fenders, as well as a wonderful factor. drag – 0,32 Cx. Body made from high-strength steel, the bottom a serious corrosion protection. Excellent performs its functions and lower plastic protection, opposing impacts of sand and stones, escaping from under the wheels of powerful crossover.

It should be noted that especially for the difficult domestic conditions, the manufacturer equipped the car delivered to us version, batteries with increased capacity, a special anti-freeze, no problem transporting temperature less than 40 degrees, as well as other settings, powertrain control unit (cold start). Do not forget about the manufacturer and heated front seats.

Landing in the car is very comfortable – both the rear and front seats, due to the large door openings. The build quality of the passenger compartment on top, finishing materials (other than fabric and plastic) matched perfectly. Add that optionally provides the ability to seat upholstery leather.

Convenient wheel leaves a pleasant tactile feel, it can be adjusted in 4 directions. Devices are located in deep wells – all scales readable and informative, and wells installed between the computer monitor.

The instrument panel ACX

The driver’s seat has received mechanical adjustment (electric is offered optional), providing high, comfortable fit. Among the shortcomings can be called overly dense packing that on long journeys can cause fatigue waist.

Photo salon Mitsubishi 2020 ACX

The panel with the center console received smooth, nice looking shape. Their layout is different, depending on the trim level. The console Mitsubishi 2020 SUVs are cassette player (radio CD, MP3, from 4 to 6 speakers) or an advanced Rockford Fostgate (subwoofer, 8-NIL speakers). You can also install multimedia complex (Bluetooth, navigation, CD, DVD, USB, rear camera), which is controlled using the touch screen. The cars are air-conditioned (or climate control), which passes the air duct to the rear passengers.

Thanks to a huge wheelbase second row can accommodate three passengers, however, will sit a little uncomfortable, especially high-passengers – because of the low ceiling lowered. The luggage compartment can hold 415 liters. load (standard position), while it will already be full spare tire.

Luggage compartment

When folded back row volume increases to 1219 liters., Get a hold space will be almost perfectly flat. Massive tailgate opens flat rectangular opening, a large wide, but a little low.

Mitsubishi 2020 ACX specifications

The proposed specifications are fully compliant with the most stringent requirements to the SUV, especially in the domestic environment. Note that we have cars available with 3 power units.

  • The first of these, the petrol 1.6 liters. (117 hp), is aggregated with 5-speed manual transmission. Up to 100 km / h the engine will drive SUV 11.4 sec., Allowing a maximum speed of 183 km / h. According to the manufacturer this engine consumes when driving in komborezhime about 5 liters and not more than 7.8 liters. in the city. Car owners argue that the actual consumption of 6.5-7.5 liters while driving on the highway, and about 10-11 liters in the city.
  • 1.8 liter. gasoline engine (140 hp), working with automatic transmission – the CVT variator, transmits the time to the front wheels, providing a boost to the first 100 km / h in 13.1 seconds, top speed – no more than 186 km / h. Claimed fuel consumption is 6.4 liters. outside the city, 9.8 liters. in the city. Practice shows that the real rate is much higher: 7.5-8.5 l. Mixed mode, and 11-14 liters. in urban environments.
  • The most powerful in the lineup is the 2.0 liter. engine (150 hp) coupled with automatic transmission – CVT the CVT, a transmission time of the Plug-wheel drive transmission 4WD. This transmission can operate in three modes: automatic all wheel drive (2WD), continuous distribution is steep. torque to both axles (4WD), but also in the Lock – triggering accelerated mode, the electromagnetic clutch. Such motor (with active all-wheel drive), will drive crossover to the first 100 km / h in 11.9 seconds, top speed -. 188 km / h. As is the case with a less powerful power units, rate voiced manufacturer does not coincide with the actual as when driving on the road (ie 6.8 liter against 8-9 liters) and in (10.5 L – 12-13. l.).

As we have noted, the crossover has received a fully independent suspension, additionally equipped with lateral stabilizers. Ahead settled traditional McPherson strut behind the multi-use architecture. Already in the basic version uses disc brakes and electric power steering, ABS, EBD, Brake Assist override system. The most expensive version in addition will receive ASTC (system of exchange rate stability), traction control and Hill StartAssist.

It is no secret that the first production model Mitsubishi 2020 SUVs suffered from several inadequate response on the crossover control when cornering. For example, even at low speeds the rear axle could substantially bring, and the suspension became less responsive to commands. The current version of the SUV is completely spared from these shortcomings, first of all, through the installation of an upgraded suspension, as well as the presence of more rigid rear shock absorbers.

In addition, we have improved performance of the electric power steering and stabilization systems. Through the use of various innovations cars it has become much safer, despite the fact that the suspension has become much more rigid – Salon shakes even during movement on the asphalt surface, and even medium-sized potholes appear very sensitive interior.

The changes affected the suspension had a positive effect on the handling – Mitsubishi 2020 ASX is obedient and stable even in difficult situations. However, reluctant to disperse the SUV to considerable speeds, no – Chassis turned excessively loud and energy-consuming.

Video Test Drive

It is possible to summarize that, even in spite of very high quality characteristics, for movement on rough terrain Mitsubishi 2020 SUVs in did not like. This car has shown excellent when driving on snow-covered roads (thanks to all-wheel drive transmission). Nevertheless, the Japanese crossover SUV is only according to the manufacturer – in fact, we have brought increased in size 5-door sedan.

Assembling cars intended for the implementation of domestic motorists in the near future should start at the Kaluga plant. At present, Mitsubishi 2020 SUVs: delivered to us with car factories, located in the United States and Japan.

Mitsubishi 2020 SUVs and price bundling

Price ACX in Russia can vary: for example, the budget version can be purchased for 699 thousand rubles. For that kind of money available equipment ASX Inform (powertrain – 1.6-liter, 117 hp, 5-speed manual.). The cost of the elite version is almost two times higher than 1 249 million rubles..

The increase in the cost contributed to the ability to install leather interior, electric for driver’s seat, navigation, climate control, xenon headlamps, panoramic roof.

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