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The manufacturer presented a new, second generation model called the 2020 MINI Clubman year. Thus, the company is expanding its range of compact cars of the new generation.

Photos of the new 2020 Mini Clubman the year

While the display is limited, designed to attract potential buyers and to prepare them for the start of sales. The official premiere is scheduled for autumn this year. It was in October will be held International Motor Show in Frankfurt.

To create the second generation 2020 Mini Klabmen used modified platform from the company BMW. It has already been released such models as BMW’s 2nd Series Active Tourer, BMW Grand Tourer, the second generation of the BMW X1, the new 2020 Mini and 2020 Mini Cooper 5-door.

Zavorzhivayuschy appearance of the new 2020 Mini Klabmen

We note immediately that this is a full five-door wagon, which has at the sides two doors and a real back sofa. As a result, within accommodate five people, including the driver.

To achieve the best roominess and provide free landing, engineers have increased the size of the second generation model. As a result, increase the length was 295 mm, width – 117 mm, height – 9 millimeters, and the wheelbase increased by altogether 123 millimeters. Now in figures is as follows:

  • length – 4253 mm;
  • width – 1800 mm;
  • height – 1441 mm;
  • wheelbase – 2670 mm.

Judging from the photo and video materials, the exterior has undergone major changes compared to its predecessor. Not surprising, because cars based on the Shooting Brake concept, which involves the creation of a comfortable, but at the same time, the sports wagon.

Photo front of Klabmen 2020 Mini

The front end design similar to the “front end” of the new hatchback 2020 Mini. The same interesting trim grille, oval lights, LED filling, wide “jaws” air intake.

2020 Mini Clubman photo Side

Side of the car is more modern, bright and incredibly stylish. Most importantly, however, it is in the doorway. They are not just there, and provide a comfortable fit and landing due to their design and dimensions.

2020 Mini Clubman back

The rear part has a new optics, a large tailgate, as well as the original bumper with a hint of sportiness.

2020 Mini Clubman Cool Salon

2020 Mini Clubman photo salon

The interior of the pleasantly pleased markedly increased quality finishes. In addition, buyers MINI Clubman surprise improved ergonomics, good layout of buttons and controls.

Front seats 2020 Mini Klabmen

2020 Mini Klabmen photo back sofa

Front seats have become more comfortable, we got a pronounced lateral support. Sitting back at least convenient. In the initial configuration cloth interior, but with the growth of the cost of the car can be combined in leather and fabric, or high-grade leather upholstery.



Options Klabmen

Have you changed with the arrival of a new generation of equipment for versatile MINI Clubman years? Naturally. British car boasts an extensive list of basic and additional equipment, among which we mention:

  • advanced audio system with color screen 2.7 inch;
  • modern multimedia system;
  • color touch screen multimedia 6.5 or 8.8 inches;
  • phone;
  • navigation system;
  • Rear View Camera;
  • mechanical or electrically operated seat adjustment;
  • electric sunroof;
  • panoramic roof of the high-strength glass;
  • heated front seats;
  • heated windshield;
  • electric handbrake;
  • LED background lighting inside the cabin;
  • LED head optics;
  • rear LED optics;
  • dual-zone climate control;
  • electric door mirrors;
  • electric tailgate;
  • Head-Up Display;
  • parking assistance system;
  • cruise control with automatic braking system;
  • Stop system in an urban environment;
  • Dynamic Stability;
  • at least six airbags and much more.

The price of the new 2020 Mini Clubman

Officially, representatives of the British car brand announced that sales of the second generation MINI Clubman wagon will begin almost immediately after the international motor show in Frankfurt. Namely, October 31, .

In this case for the base version will have to pay a minimum of 24 thousand euros, and the version with a more powerful engine from the start will cost 27 thousand euros.

Car necessarily get to Russia. And it will happen as early as .

Specifications Clubman 

Now let’s talk about the “heart” of the new car. That is about the technical characteristics that have changed compared to its predecessor.

power plant

From the start the manufacturer will offer three engines – one diesel and two petrol. Each of them is equipped with a basic twin-turbocharged TwinPower Turbo, a system of energy recovery during braking and start-stop system.

  1. The only diesel power unit with a working volume of 2.0 liters and four-cylinder produces 150 horsepower and its torque is 330 Nm. Working with six engine can vosmidiapazonnym mechanics or machine. Acceleration from zero to a hundred with 8.6 or 8.5 seconds, respectively. Maximum speed – 212 kilometers per hour, and average fuel consumption – 4.3 liters.
  2. The first of the petrol engine has a capacity of 2.5 liters and three working cylinder. Its capacity is 136 horsepower, torque – 230 Nm. Complete with six mechanics or machine with the same number of gears. Acceleration from standstill to 100 kilometers per hour in 9.1 seconds, top speed at the same time – 205 kilometers per hour. In the combined cycle consumes 5.3 liters of gasoline.
  3. Senior petrol engine is available four-cylinder, while its volume of 2.0 liters. It generates power 192 horse power and torque of 300 Nm. Gearbox can also be selected – a six-speed manual transmission or automatic transmission vozmidiapazonnaya. Accordingly, the acceleration will be 7.2 or 7.1 seconds from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour. Maximum speed – 228 km / h, fuel consumption is slightly different, depending on the selected transmission – manual transmission on the 6.3 or 5.9 liters per 100 kilometers when selecting automatic transmission.


Video Test Drive 2020 Mini Klabmen


In fact, the output of the car as the MINI Clubman offers the second generation of the era of a new subclass. Experts called it the wagons-karts. This is due to the fact that the car is characterized by excellent handling, maneuverability, very dynamic characteristics. However, the interior provides excellent comfort, a decent level of capacity and has a convenient and practical luggage compartment.

It is too early to talk about some amazing new perspectives. However, there are no prerequisites to ensure that sales were a failure. Quite the contrary. Moreover, pricing is expected to be an attractive level.

Frankly, consumers have recently fell in love with the original, exciting wagons that are not associated exclusively with the family car. On the MINI Clubman can be equally convenient to take the kids to school, or a fight some charged sedan in terms of the track. Dynamic characteristics permit, without compromising fuel economy.

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