2020 Mercedes-Maybach S-Class – Great sedan from Germany

Many already know that the company Mercedes has taken quite an important decision to revive the famous brand Maybach. However, now it will not be an independent company, as previously. Maybach will be a sub-brand of the German automaker.

release of the most luxurious cars planned under the name of Mercedes-Maybach. And there was the first sign, created on the basis of a great sedan S-Class – W222 . Accordingly, the sub-brand new product will be called the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class in , . The first official presentation has already taken place in November this year in the two auto shows. And they were about the same time – in Guangzhou and Los Angeles.

Mercedes S Class Maybach photo 2020

Of course, the novelty immediately aroused great interest among the public, as well as a number of issues. The main of them – the cost, start date of sales, and, of course, the technical component.

We will examine in our review of all the updates and innovations that have brought to the standard Mercedes C-Class, as well as find out how much better it failed to do, and what new components exceeds the original.


Generally compare cars beauty is not the most rewarding thing. Even more so when in front of you real works of art. W222 model looks great, but also in combination with new solutions appearance only won.

 2020 Mercedes Maybach S Class photo

As a result, the front part in the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class is decorated with a new, enlarged in size grille, slightly corrected optics, as well as joint production of new nameplates.

 2020 Mercedes Maybach S Class photo

Side view opens eyes to new rims with the original design, and slightly blowing us in the nineties. It was too similar to those drives, those that were at the old big Mercedes. In addition, several engineers have reduced the size of the rear doors, making them shorter than 66 millimeters. But it is only when compared with the original Mercedes on a long base.

Photos Maybach Mercedes S Class 2020 

Changes behind we do not observe. Apparently, they are not there. Perhaps, it may be noted all the same Mercedes-Maybach nameplates and more comfortable boot lid, excellent performance optics, ideal forms and proportions.

Speaking of proportions. Despite the decrease in the door body length increased by 200 mm, and in 5454 it reached the level of a millimeter. And also increased the wheelbase, which now has a record 3365 millimeters. All of this has gone to increase the space for the rear passengers’ feet. If even longovoy version Mercedes reserve in the legs was 166 millimeters, then Mercedes-Maybach – 325 millimeters.


In terms of the interior, as expected, all gorgeous. And this is the minimum of what we can say about the salon Mercedes-Maybach S-Class. Describe the words it is very difficult, but we still try.

2020 Photo salon Mercedes S Class Maybach

Let’s start with the fact that the front part of the left, essentially unchanged when compared with the original Mercedes. At the disposal of the driver has everything you can dream of. Modern and easy to read instrument panel, a minimal set of buttons on the center console, large screen on-board computer, stylish and fashionable multimedia system, sharpened by the classics of the climate system vents, comfortable armrest, a huge tunnel that separates the driver and front passenger. And this is only a small fraction of what can be told.

 2020 Mercedes Maybach S Class photo salon

Of course, the seats are made at the highest level. High-quality leather, competent design, a wide arsenal of electric adjustments, settings, memory and so on. All this allows us to stay with the maximum comfort.

 2020 Photo salon Mercedes S Class Maybach Rear

But this is nothing compared with what is happening behind. There is not a traditional large sofa for three passengers. No. The Mercedes-Maybach S-Class has two large, comfortable, separated by seats for passengers. The magnificence of the execution back row of rolls.

 2020 Pictures interior Mercedes Maybach S Cass – year

Both seats have electric adjustments, as well as built-in massagers. But this is only the beginning. Go ahead. The slope of the backrest is changed to 45 degrees, and can be pulled out in front of a folding table.

Photos of tables in the cabin Mercedes Maybach S-Cass

Passengers have their own screen multimedia system, climate control system, air ionization system, a system that sprays the cabin expensive perfume. If the client of this will seem a little, as an option you can order a mini-bar, where the kit will include handcrafted glasses made of pure silver.

 2020 Mercedes Maybach S Cass – photo panaramnoy roof

By designing a competent, suspension design, complete package of sound and noise insulation manufacturer boldly calls his creation the quietest sedan ever created in the world.


In principle, a complete set does not make sense to talk about. As the equipment will be offered to all there is to offer modern luxury sedan luxury class. What can we say, this is one of the best and most desirable sedans in the world, and its development has been not one, and the company Mercedes, who certainly knows a lot about expensive cars.

It is not excessive praise, but a real statement of fact. Creation called Mercedes-Maybach S-Class will be a long time to look for a competitor. Will find it? Time will tell.

And it would be absurd to ask – and what will be included in the box? All. Plus some more. In addition, a number of exclusive options we have already named.


Yes, the price – this is one of the main issues of choosing a car. Of course, buying such cars as the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class, a person does not think whether he has enough money then to refill it. The car is designed for a particular category of buyers.

But even they should know that the minimum cost of the project, created by Mercedes, will amount to 6.6 million rubles. Incidentally, this is approximately 1.35 million more than the original Mercedes W222. But there is in the arsenal of the manufacturer and expensive version of an expensive car, the purchase of which will cost 10 million rubles. This is 1.5 million more than the S600L version in the original performance.

 2020 Mercedes Maybach S-Cass – year pictures

Many were glad this price tag, as initially experts thought that Maybach version would be more expensive than the original twice. In fact, the difference was not so great, as you can see.

Wait for the Mercedes-Maybach is not long since the sale will begin in February next year.


When finalizing the car were taken into account not only technical, but also aerodynamic parameters, indicators of sound insulation. As a result, after the revisions of several elements, it was possible to significantly improve the acoustics inside the car, to reduce the noise coming from outside, to ensure a comfortable and quiet ride, even at high speeds and the most flat roads.

In terms of aerodynamics and everything is great. The drag coefficient of this sedan in huge size was only 0.26 Cx. It is noteworthy that this is the same as and hybrid sports car from BMW – the i8 .

Photo of the power unit in the Mercedes S Class Maybach

Now let’s talk about one of the most interesting components of the new items – the engine. In fact, there will be two. First, one motor will be, and then expand the range of power units to two.

  • Initially, customers will be able to order a sedan with a powerful engine 12 cylinder capacity of 6.0 liters. It is complemented by a twin-turbo and produces 530 horsepower with a torque of 830 Nm. It works in tandem with semidiapazonnym machine.
  • The second engine has a capacity of 4.7 liters, eight cylinders and working biturbo system. As a result, power is 445 horsepower, and torque – 700 Nm. For it provides and the new gearbox – nine-storeyed automatic transmission.

Both versions got rear-wheel drive, in which the mark of one hundred kilometers per hour accelerated 5 seconds. Maximum speed is electronically limited to 250 kilometers per hour. In the summer of next year the company will release a four-wheel drive version.

Incidentally, Mercedes-Maybach engaged in “stretching” the Pullman sedan, which can accommodate two passengers more than in the standard version. When it appears on the market – not reported.


Mercedes-Maybach S-Class – a new milestone in the history, the revival of the once legendary brand. Mercedes has made a serious and important step which, perhaps, will allow the company to reach a new level. Although it is now Mercedes – a model car that everyone wants to have.