Mercedes GLE Coupe – 2020 – kupeobrazny crossover

The company Mercedes did not wait for the official premiere of its new crossover, and declassified the information about it in advance. Recall car Mercedes GLE Coupe – was to appear for the first time on the big stage in the next year as part of a motor show Detroit.

 2020 Photos Mercedes GLE Coupe –

In fact, we have kupeobrazny crossover, which could be seen on the closed presentation of the network at the beginning of December this year. It’s almost a month earlier than planned official show. What is the reason for such impatience producer – is not yet clear. However, right now at our disposal, there is more than enough information to tell in the colors of what will be the Mercedes Coupe Gle – year.

Produce will be a novelty in the Mercedes plant facilities located in Alabama, United States. It was there that collect at the moment-to-date version of ML model. In principle, such a move is explained very simply. The new crossover and Mercedes ML have the same platform.

The appearance of the new GLE

We can not say that the appearance was very successful. For a double impression it leaves the new crossover. If you compare with the BMW X6 – , which competitor and want to make a Mercedes, but the Bavarian is in a better position, having an attractive design and interesting stylistic decisions.

Mercedes Photos Gle Coupe – 2020

Call Gle Coupe ugly too hard. But to some it is heavy in appearance, has no frills, has a bland performance. It is strange to see such a performance in a company such as Mercedes.

But if all that bad? More likely no than yes. It’s a shame only that GLE Coupe did not get those design decisions that were made on a conceptual version of the Coupe SUV. Here the car was really superb. Whether the company is so afraid of radical solutions, whether marketers have found the concept of appearance is not enough consumers demand. Anyway, the result was the production version of GLE, which is still in doubt about their prospects in the market. And blame it exterior.

The new GLE Coupe front 2020

The front part was attractive optics and accurate line of headlights. Huge trim grille decorated powerful nameplates company Mercedes. Hood also powerful, with ribs and original vyshtampovki.

Side view 2020

The side view shows that this is a powerful crossover respective dimensions. The high sills, modest in size side windows, gently lowered to the stern of the roof line, large wheel arches, which perfectly fit wheels 22 inches.

Fotograiya crossover back 2020

To the rear of at least complaints. Here designers are still reminded that this is a Mercedes, and he was bound to be spectacular. As a result, we got a small trunk lid, a very original and unique marker lamps with LEDs, as well as a huge rear bumper, complemented by exquisite exhaust pipes.

Internal urbanstvo Gle Mercedes Coupe

Due to its size, and a fine line of the roof, the space in the crown and in the legs is sufficient as a driver with a front passenger and three rear passengers to place crossover. Yes, we have a full-fledged five-seater without any conditionalities.

2020 Mercedes GLE Coupe – photo salon

Large door openings provide easy getting in and out of the cabin, front and rear. Almost perfectly flat floor not prevent comfortably accommodate the back row to whomever happened to be in the middle.

Attractive front panel

Exact figures on the scope of the standard does not have the luggage manufacturer. But noted that the number of stacked folding back luggage space increases to 1650 liters. By the way, this is a record for the class kupeobraznyh crossovers.

High-quality interior

Regarding the quality of finishing materials and interior execution is unlikely to say much. It’s all at the highest level. Not surprising, because we are dealing with the company Mercedes. She otherwise it can not.


There is little doubt that the Mercedes for its coupe crossover will offer a very rich equipment. Already we know what components will be included in the basic and optional equipment:

  • inlays in carbon fiber, aluminum and wood;
  • adaptive cruise control with braking function and resumption of movement in automatic mode;
  • three-zone climate control;
  • electric front seats with memory settings;
  • heated front seats;
  • massage and ventilation in the front seats;
  • complex security systems Pre-Safe;
  • help system in the traffic with traffic sign recognition function;
  • Brake Assist with a sharp exit of pedestrians on the road;
  • streamlined ESP system;
  • electronic parking assistant;
  • parking sensors;
  • Rear View Camera;
  • panoramic camera;
  • Intelligent headlamp system;
  • Online Comand multimedia system;
  • touch screen 8 inches;
  • acoustic system;
  • entertainment center for rear passengers and more.

Options really a lot, because the traditional devices, we did not make this list. Possibly, depending on the sales market, they will be offered their own variants of equipment with some differences from each other.

The price of the new GLA Coupe –

Will the Russian market is one of those where to send your Mercedes Mercedes GLE Coupe – year, it is not yet entirely clear. This information will be presented by closer to spring next year.

Attractive zadyaya optics

On the conveyor crossover will launch in the spring of , because in the sale of novelty is already expected by the summer of next year. As for the cost of this controversial kupeobraznogo crossover, the starting price is expected to reach 70 thousand euro.


As we have noted, the platform for the Mercedes GLE Coupe borrowed from the ML. The basis for the new items will be offered spring suspension, but as an option is available, and air. wheel-drive system is available as standard on all versions. Only AMG version will have a slightly different distribution of torque – 40 percent to the front wheels and 60 – to the rear.

As for powertrains, the customers can choose from two petrol engines and one diesel power unit.

  1. Diesel engine capacity of 3.0 liters will serve as the base of the power unit. It produces 258 horsepower and a torque of 620 Nm.
  2. The first of the gasoline has a similar diesel volume of 3.0 liters. In this case, the unit is equipped with a twin-turbo, which allows to give out 333 horsepower and 480 Nm of torque.
  3. The top engine, which will be equipped with AMG version provides volume all the same 3.0 liters. However, the six-cylinder biturbo engine already provides 367 horsepower with a torque of 520 Nm.

But that’s not all. Shortly after the start of sales, kupeobrazny crossover will offer a different AMG versions. This time would be under the hood power unit volume of 5.5 liter biturbo. This beast will issue 525 horsepower and its torque reaches 700 Nm.

Expressive lines

However, it is too small to compete with the powerful version of the BMW X6. At the Bavarian power is 575 horsepower. They enable the crossover to accelerate to a hundred kilometers per hour in just 4.2 seconds. The dynamic characteristics of this Mercedes when are not specified yet. Obviously, compared with the BMW they will be modest. But we wait for official information.


View from above

The company Mercedes has gone on quite a big risk, releasing his Mercedes GLE Coupe in that performance. This relates primarily to the exterior. It is not clear how to react to such decisions public. Let’s hope that marketers do not miscalculated, preferring this design, rather than leaving definitely successful solutions from conceptual kupeobraznogo crossover.

In any case, we are waiting for information on the list of markets for new products and look forward to it to see Russia. Then make an objective assessment of the crossover will be much easier.