Mercedes E-Class 2020

Outside the car is not affected global change – the developers have focused attention on a more thorough detail front. First of all, restyled Mercedes E Class made from the entire line of sportier cars. We also note the emergence of new engines and many not so significant, but nonetheless interesting changes, primarily to increase security.

From the updates were touched exterior restyling Mercedes E-class in , note the location of the logo – the so-called “Civil” modified cars with basic equipment, got a place attachment icon in the middle of the hood, and the powerful at the “sports” cars, this emblem (more impressive size), placed on the grill.

 2020 Mercedes E Class photo

It should be noted that the design of chuck wagon and the sedan is somewhat different from the design of this part of the cabriolet and coupe – the latter have a slightly different form of headlights and grille.

 2020 Mercedes E Class Coupe 

 2020 Mercedes E Class Estate 

 2020 Mercedes E Class Cabriolet photo

Described more novelty, we see that the most eye-catching elements are: faceted sports bumpers, aerodynamic spoiler received simulation; radiator screen. Feeling the familiar “chetyrehglazogo” German designers do decide to keep. Above the head optics designers are not particularly excelled: cars decided to keep the familiar “chetyrehglazogo” shape, but now the optics become more modern shape, accented with receiving compartments shaped headlights and running lights. Parameters of the new Mercedes E-Class has not changed significantly.

Do not become Germans and the usual delay for almost all cars of its brand presentation “of a charged version” of the famous AMG, which received the code E63. The main visual differences between the sports car from the base model has become more streamlined bumper, as well as new trim for the thresholds.

 2020 Mercedes E Class photo

Despite the very significant changes that touches the interior cabin (in contrast to the relatively light exterior changes), the interior still makes it clear on cars belonging to the elite business class.

 2020 Mercedes E-Class photo salon

First of all, are noticeable changes that are taking the front panel – the location of the controls are now somewhat different, but in a completely new dashboard was a place only for three “wells”; not without changes and in the center console.

2020 Mercedes-Benz E Class photo salon

In this case all changes made to the German pedantry: interior looks very modern and is ergonomic in practice. Note that the interior of the convertible and coupe, as well as the exterior, differs from the sedan and station wagon design salons – thanks to the different steering wheels, as well as slight differences of the front panel.


Much more important are changes that have affected the technical characteristics, such as line of gasoline engines of the updated 2020 Mercedes-Benz E-class has one power unit more (333 hp). Although the basic engine variants – the same BlueEFFICIENCY, improved thanks to a slight improvement (where do without it), as well as the emergence of a new electric filling. As a result, the new 2020 Mercedes-Benz E-Class now has a 6-Tew petrol engines, which significantly increases the choices available.

 2020 The V8 engine

Despite the fact that the diesel engines range 2020 Mercedes-Benz E-class is not as extensive as gasoline, called her lack of, is simply impossible. Now, in addition to known by previous series 170, 204, 231 hp units added the latest motors 136 and 265 hp Also announced the emergence of another diesel engine but the exact data about it yet. Note that all of the previous diesel engines are even more economical – 4.9 -. 5.3 liter, driving while restyled model E-class up to speeds of 230 – 240 km / h.

The smallest petrol engine, mounted on a car of this series is familiar from the predecessor of 1.8 liters., 184 hp power unit with a 4-cylinder. Despite the fact that the motor is considered the least potent in the line, it is capable of 270 Nm max. of torque at 1,800 -.. 4600 rev / min, providing acceleration to 100km / h in just 8,5sek, at a maximum speed of 232 km / h. Cars equipped with automatic transmission, not least due to which, its consumption is affordable 6.5 – 7.4 liters.

2020 Pictures Mercedes E class

Next him ascending power motor for cars in this class – E250, also has a 1.8-liter, however, due to speeding up its capacity increased to 204 hp, which reaches a car at 5500 rev / min. cool. torque reaches 310 Nm – at 2000 -. 4300 rev / min, the first acceleration to 100 km / h in 7,7sek E250, the speed limit -. 240 km / h. The most important advantage of this engine (compared to younger brother) has become almost not increase fuel consumption – about 7.1 liters. in komborezhime.

 2020 Photos E class 

It should be 6-cylinder engine of 3.5 liters Behind him, 292 hp, 365 Nm -. an additional difference from a 4-cylinder engines is the arrangement of cylinders. So, if the representatives of the younger they are arranged in-line, all the “Six” got a V-shaped arrangement of cylinders, to provide significantly more power and volume. The youngest of the representatives of the 6 cylinder family cars will drive up to a top speed of 250 km / h – and this is taking into account the limitation electronics – if there is no motor is capable of much more. Dynamic overclocking car with this engine is 7.1 seconds. – To the first hundred, E300, with an average consumption of the same 7 l. in komborezhime.

2020 Mercedes-Benz E Class photo

Fourth on account of gasoline engines is set on the E350 engine modification, different from “brother” model dorestaylingovoy presence of permanent all-wheel drive, thanks to which, in the presence of the same volume of 3.5 l., The motor is able to develop 306 hp at 6500 rev / min. Maximum torque with 370 Nm, which reaches the engine at 3500 r / min. Restrictions electronics are also present in this model – to develop more than 250 km / h will not work, and the first acceleration to 100km / h takes just 6.6 seconds. We were pleased and economy cars – with mixed-mode consumption is slightly larger than its predecessor – 7.5 liters.

Another representative of the family with a gasoline V-shaped engines became turbocharged engine 3.0 l., Capable of developing 333 hp , At maximum cool. torque 480 Nm. These characteristics make it possible to disperse the Mercedes E-Class (E400 received coded) to the first 100 km / h in just 5.9 seconds. The power unit (as well as the entire line), also different efficiency, and spent 7.5 liters. in komborezhime.

The most powerful gasoline engine of production (not counting the AMG versions, of which – below), was the eight-Titanium. Its volume of which far exceeds the performance of all power units above – 4.7 liters. The other characteristics are equally impressive: 408 hp at 5000 – 5700 rev / min; the maximum rate of torque – 600 Nm at 1600 4750 rev / min. Speeding 2020 Mercedes-Benz E500 to the first “hundred” takes only 5.2 seconds, with an average flow rate for 9,4l. It should also be noted that all gasoline engines installed on restalingovuyu version of E – class, compliant with Euro-6.

 2020 E class pictures

“Charged» 2020 Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG designers have equipped substantially modified eight-cylinder engine of the previous version, the volume of 5.5 liters. Now this power unit produces 557 hp and 720 Nm. However, this is not all – of the most powerful cars AMG E-class will get 585 hp eight having krut.momentom 800 Nm – According to the high-powered machine will be equipped with S-Model.

Both series motors operate with 2 available Transmission: 6-stupas. Manual transmission, as well as the upgraded 7G-TRONIC PLUS – 7 range of “automatic”, which now has the changed settings, as well as a new mode “M”. During this automatic mode allows for some time to switch to work in manual transmission – such a transition the driver is able to be carried out using a selector stalk, then the lightning return to automatic mode.

 2020 E-Classe W212 photo

Given the relatively easy “restyling”, it becomes obvious that the chassis (as suspension) base E-Class platform, remained virtually unchanged – in front of all models have the usual spiral spring, multi-link independent suspension, levers which have received orientation in different directions, and and telescopic shock absorbers equipped with damping system. The back of the multi-link uses a spring suspension, in addition equipped with shock absorbers and springs. In addition, E-class station wagons got back bellows.

Quite similar is the suspension of bodies convertible and coupe model E-Class W212 sedans suspension – first of all, they are united by the presence of the steering mechanism Direct-Steer, supplemented equipped with hydraulic, as well as having a variable tooth pitch. All-wheel disc brakes have received. This basic configuration got ventilated front disc brakes, more elite models used ventilation and rear discs. Also for the basic version provides optional air suspension setting – expensive modifications, as well as in both AMG Tuned models, it is set by default.

It is no secret that one of the most important trumps E-class 2020 Mercedes-Benz has always been considered an excellent electronic component – were no exception and presented restyled masterpieces of the German automotive industry. To begin with a huge variety of systems, the purpose of which is to facilitate the life of the driver – except become almost commonplace electronic assistants, supervising exchange rate stability, or the correct operation of the braking system, and the position on the road, the E-Class is equipped with the intelligent Intelligent Drive system connected the 2nd front camera, more panoramas, as well as several different types of radars. The system is designed to assess the situation around the car, as well as to predict the development of the situation, analyze the space at distances up to 500 m. The resulting information helps to instantly respond to all the potential hazards that can result in an accident. In addition to this, the most expensive version of the Mercedes E-class (including the most prestigious tuned version of AMG) equipped with voice control system using Apple Siri technology, as well as car parking.

Price and equipment

Official sales representatives E-class we started relatively recently – mainly dealers put cars with less powerful engines (and correspondingly lower cost). Later salons replenished most powerful cars -. But quite a small amount of the initial version Today, the price of a sedan 2020 Mercedes-Benz E-Class starts with a mark of 1 850 000 rubles, the wagon was estimated at 2.02 million rubles. Price cabriolet and coupe are much higher – depending on the configuration chosen by the buyer 2020 Mercedes-Benz E-Class, as well as the desired options and systems, they can vary significantly.