2020 Mercedes C63 AMG (sedan and wagon) – just two of the updated bodywork in Paris

Paris has always been associated with fashion, with style. Therefore it is not surprising that automakers are its most beautiful and exquisite cars are just within the Paris Motor Show.

The real ornament, though not the only, international Auto Show in the French capital this year were two new cars made in Germany. More precisely, it is a car, but in two body variants. As you know, we’re talking about the Mercedes-AMG C63 – sedan and wagon. And almost all of them learned about a week before the exhibition started in Paris.

Today we will try and introduce you to this car, to disclose details of his appearance, changes in the cabin and in the engine compartment. That is, we tell you all the things that himself had learned.

This car deserves increased attention. Not only because it is the Mercedes. Although this argument might well be enough. We have him turned their attention also because we expect the emergence of charged versions of sedan and wagon Mercedes C63 AMG in Russia. When exactly this will happen – we will tell later. Now, look at the exterior, and then look at the interior.


Since we are not talking about global restyling or new generation, wait colossal changes hardly worth it. On the basis of the standard, if you can call it, version C-class Mercedes-charged versions were created. Of course, directly involved in this process has taken the studio AMG.

 2020 Mercedes C63 AMG photo

Appearance remained virtually the same as in the simple version of the model. Still, we note some innovations. So, on the front part there was more relief grille and bumper relief. The rest of us to stylish narrowed aggressive optics with LED layout, various aerodynamic elements, neat fog lights and literally a huge label manufacturer.

 2020 Mercedes C63 AMG photo

Side before us stylish vyshtampovki on the side door of the combined color exterior mirrors fitted repeater turn signals, trim door handles. AMG version is different in the profile except that the presence of inscriptions telling about established under the hood of the engine – V8 biturbo, on the wings. Of course, in the old wheel arches will now be branded wheels made of cast steel from AMG.

 2020 Photos Mercedes C63 AMG Rear

Behind we see as four pipe outlet exhaust system, an increased bumper diffuser, as well as compact, but very neat and interesting spoiler.

 2020 Mercedes C63 Estate AMG photo

Despite the changes made to the exterior, cars in two body variants retained prizhnie external dimensions. That is why we will not dwell on this question. It is better to look at the photo and video materials, and enjoy what beauty created skillful hands of specialists from Mercedes and AMG. And this creation owes its name – Mercedes-AMG C63.


Inside the cars look great. In fact, experts do not have to make many changes because of acute need for this was not.

Photo salon Mercedes C63 AMG 2020 

Because innovations can be identified by the following list:

  • We replaced the standard seats on the sport seats with pronounced lateral support
  • We put the driver a new sports steering wheel
  • center console and door panels richly decorated with carbon fiber elements
  • elements of the instrument panel also received a new design.

In principle, all this.

 2020 Mercedes C63 AMG photo salon

We add only that the amount of luggage became equal to 481 liters compared to 475 liters that were available in previous versions of W204 body.


In fact, AMG sedan and wagon versions differ from the usual version of the car exterior design, some interior elements, which we will already tell, as well as power units.

Photos of the new Mercedes C63 AMG 2020 

In terms of a complete set of all remain like this, as it was not charged in the variations. This means that cars will be present in such options:

  1. adaptive cruise control
  2. climate control
  3. sky cameras
  4. automatic parking system
  5. system to hold the vehicle in the right lane
  6. warning system of possible frontal collision (operates at speeds up to 200 kilometers per hour)
  7. advanced multimdiyny complex
  8. multimedia displays on the 7 and 8.4 inches, and more.

Always important to note that the Mercedes C63 AMG will be available in a special version called Edition 1. And it will be sooner than other charged versions. If special version with a modified exterior and interior can be ordered from February next year, then, shall we say, normal version will have to wait at least until April. It is in the middle of spring to begin active delivery of updated models to the world markets.


About the price can be said briefly – they do not know anything. Prior to the start of sales is still quite a lot of time, in connection with which Mercedes has decided to wait a bit and announce the price later. Unfortunately, we can not say exactly when it will happen. We have patience.


From the outset of this review, you realize that the ground in the Mercedes-AMG C63 cars is hiding in the engine compartment and in their technical characteristics.

 2020 Mercedes C63 AMG pictures

Engines that are installed under the hood of the sedan and station wagon Mercedes C63 AMG, really inspire fear and raise the level of adrenaline is still at a time when the factory engine and hear its sound.

Photos Motor in Mercedes C63 Estate AMG

Actually, this is not surprising, because under the hood lurks biturbo eight-cylinder gasoline engine with a displacement of 4.0 liters. Depending on version, it may issue a standard 476 horsepower and 650 Nm of torque, or the top 510 horses in addition to the 700 Nm of torque. Versions with 510-horsepower engine will have in its name the letter S, then they will have to call Mercedes-AMG C63S.

 2020 Mercedes C63 Estate AMG pictures

Interestingly, if the top-end version of the engine is available as a sedan and station wagon for, the less powerful (agree, it sounds strange – a less powerful motor to 476 hp) will install only on the sedan body. Touring is only a bi-turbo monster under the hood.

Now for the dynamic characteristics:

  1. Mercedes C63 AMG sedan version C63S and in station wagon are identical to the dynamics of the acceleration from zero to hundred – 4.1 seconds. Their maximum speed is limited electronically collar. We think, not difficult to guess at what kind of mark. That’s right, 250 kilometers per hour.
  2. The top version with 510-horsepower sedan accelerates a tenth faster – in 4 seconds flat. Thus surprises with no maximum speed. In this case, it is also limited by electronics on the same all 250 kilometers per hour.

Photos of the new Mercedes C63 AMG 2020 

All versions of the rear-wheel drive cars, and one mission – semidiapazonnaya Box Speed-Shift. And it offers three options work – Sport, Sport + and the effectiveness of the control regime, aiming to maximize cost-effective movement. Charged version offers also a fourth embodiment of the gearbox settings – a race, which is called – Race. It is hardly necessary to explain for what cases require this mode.


To say that Mercedes paired with AMG surprised us – it is hardly possible. Simply, we are so accustomed that this tandem produces excellent projects, because of what another masterpiece perceived not as emotional as before. But this is not to say failures Mercedes. On the contrary, a stable high quality – a sign of huge success. Certainly, and reviews of the owners will contain only the most flattering comments about the charged versions of the sedan and station wagon.

Photos of the new sedan Mercedes C63 AMG -2020

Time will tell how successful would be the Mercedes-AMG C63 from a commercial point of view. Although something tells us that the company will find a buyer for each of the issued cars of this series. And it is not clear which body will be more in demand – a sedan or station wagon.