Mercedes C450 AMG 2020: a photo, price and packaging, video

When you hear the AMG abbreviation, once you understand that you are waiting for something big. This tuning studio knows, perhaps one who is even slightly interested in cars. The brainchild of the company’s Mercedes turned tandem German automaker and finishing specialists machines that results in a stunning car with unique abilities and not only.

Photos Mercedes C450 AMG 2020

Many fans of the brand began to be indignant when a shildikami AMG started to go front-wheel drive models, crossovers, SUVs by the Germans. Some take a more classical principles of debugging and find that perfect product from Mercedes and AMG – a loaded sedan.

Well, since I wanted to, then get a new car Mercedes C450 AMG Sport -2017 year, which is presented at the beginning of this year. Now, when virtually all the information about the new product is available, we can carry out a full review. We learn what innovations have provided the vehicle specialists from the AMG, how much has changed the appearance of the machine, which turned out to be new in the engine compartment and so on.

Exterior Mercedes C450 AMG 2020

We can not accept the fact that the company’s production of cars Mercedes is already well on their own. The purpose of AMG – to create a sports modification. Therefore, the exterior is given a certain sportiness, aggression, rapacity, if you want.

No wonder that now the Mercedes C450 AMG Sport creates a slightly different impression than the source. Novelty frankly can call more formidable, assertive.

Photos Mercedes C450 AMG front 2020

The front part is decorated with a large false radiator grille with a large Mercedes nameplate in the center and a chrome crossbar. The front bumper is clearly hints at the sporty characteristics of the car, plus it is decorated with chrome lower edge. Radiator grille in the middle, two huge air at the edges of the bumper obviously playing not only a decorative role, but also has a positive effect on the cooling systems of cars. The small ribs on the hood of successfully completing a perfect image of the vehicle front.

Photos Mercedes C450 AMG side 2020

On the side we see vyshtampovki door, strong body outside mirrors, complemented by LED turn signal repeaters, imposing wheel arches with designer wheels from AMG, which an ordinary Mercedes can not be purchased. The domed roof is gradually transformed into a heavy feed.

Photos Mercedes C450 AMG rear 2020

The rear end looks downright gorgeous. Lean bumper with diffuser and two twin tailpipes of the exhaust system are located in different parts of the back. A small spoiler on the trunk lid and recalls here that we are dealing with the car, has an impressive sports facilities. And, of course, the rear optics. It’s like the petals of a tree, clinging to the stern of the car. Fine shaped LED rich filling made Mercedes C450 AMG Sport beautiful even behind.

To summarize, we can say – Mercedes C450 AMG Sport looks amazing, which side do not look at him. Will this car to taste to fans charged sedans? Still would. whether he will approach it in terms of cost? Let’s try to learn more about it. But first, look at the interior.

Interior Mercedes C450 AMG 2020

As you can see from the photo and video materials, the machine looks interesting and original. But it seems that the C450 some small, compact. This impression is immediately dissipated, it costs you only look in the salon.

Photo salon Mercedes C450 AMG 2020

more than enough space inside. While there, do not want anything to take away, for such a machine can be a great alternative for families of people who have a great desire to get the car charged, but the circumstances forced to opt for the comfortable, spacious sedan.

These qualities combined German novelty in itself in the best possible way. But one thing – to create a spacious interior, and another – correctly use every available centimeter. Since this is a Mercedes AMG and the company, hardly worth doubt that everything will be brought to perfection.

Perhaps too many positive exclamations against the car. But against the facts will not trample.

Photo front seats Mercedes C450 AMG 2020

First driver sits on a comfortable chair with a pronounced lateral support, lumbar support and even a custom pillow under the knee. Stay front seats, his eyes fall on the sporty three-spoke multifunction steering wheel with a distinctive sporty undercut below. Behind him we see a stylish enclosed in chrome edging, well instrumentation – tachometer and speedometer. Between them is a large color display of the onboard computer. Get all the necessary data from it without any problems.

The center console is decorated with large vents of the ventilation system, multiple unit control systems, and towering over all this great information and entertainment display. Of course, on the touch screen.

The central tunnel, is advantageous and convenient separating the driver and front passenger, busy not only handle the transmission, but also several other buttons, responsible in many ways for the vehicle operating modes. Do not forget about the manufacturer of special box for storing small things, located directly under the armrest.

Back row allows without too much trouble to stay just three passengers. The almost complete absence of the tunnel behind makes it possible even in the middle of the board with sufficient comfort. And the presence of three head restraints allows one to understand on how many people rated the rear sofa.

Add to a high level of comfort and competent organization of space excellent quality finishes, the use of excellent decorative elements, inserts, and allowing to define membership in the AMG components.

Here we get a chic interior with enhanced functionality and convenience.

Options Mercedes C450 AMG 2020

A complete list of the basic and optional equipment is made public was not as sale plans to launch somewhere closer to the summer. Either way, the assembly will be a very rich.

A sample can be represented by the following list of equipment list:

  • multimedia complex;
  • touchscreen multimedia display;
  • dual-zone climate control;
  • adaptive cruise control;
  • color display of the onboard computer;
  • navigation system;
  • advanced audio system;
  • phone;
  • leather upholstery;
  • electric front seats;
  • a wide range of adjustment of the front seats;
  • multi-function steering wheel;
  • electric rear-view mirrors;
  • LED turn signal repeaters in the mirrors of the outer appearance;
  • LED head optics;
  • LED daytime running lights;
  • LED rear optics;
  • heating, ventilation and massage front seats;
  • rear view camera;
  • sky cameras;
  • Blind Spot Monitoring System;
  • system of tracking the physical condition of the driver;
  • a set of other security systems and assists;
  • a full set of airbags and so on.

Of course, the list is not complete, plus some voiced option may not be available. While officially announced equipment will not have to be based on assumptions of experts.

Price Mercedes C450 AMG 2020

In terms of price the car Mercedes C450 AMG Sport can claim a potentially best-selling product sold with a label AMG.

While at the moment the most popular car of the joint production of the Mercedes and AMG – this AMG C63. At the moment, they sold about 40 thousand copies.

By Mercedes C450 AMG Sport manufacturer will be able to go to the masses, and not produced in limited series. In addition, the similar car will interest many, because its value starts with a mark of 50 thousand dollars.

For comparison, the C63 is at least 10 thousand dollars more, and charged version C63 S will cost at all for 20-25 thousand dollars higher.

Yes, the starting price tag of $ 50 thousand – is the actual price for the US market. How much does this car will cost us, it is still unknown. However, it is clear that this sedan we will see in the expanses of Russia, where he will be officially delivered. This point has already discussed.

Specifications Mercedes C450 AMG

And what specifications will be charged based sedan Mercedes C450 AMG Sport sample 2020 year?

It did not mount a large eight-cylinder engine from AMG, and installed six-cylinder power unit volume of 3.0 liters. Due to the twin-turbo system, it produces an impressive 363 horsepower with a torque of 520 Nm.

All the power is transmitted by means of semidiapazonnoy gearbox G-Tronic to all four wheels. What is interesting is transmitted to the rear wheels only 33 percent capacity, while the remaining 67 – the front axle.

Acceleration from standstill to a mark of 100 kilometers per hour occupies a modest 4.9 seconds. It’s not as fast as in the case of the C63 AMG, where acceleration takes 3.9 seconds, but should take into account the difference in horsepower. And for the price category cars obviously are in different segments. So it’s worth it to sacrifice one second to disperse.

In addition, despite the car’s sporty, it set up so that you can feel all the charm of the speed dial, and this difference is leveled in seconds. The smooth functioning of the automatic transmission will make you feel at the wheel of the sports car.

In many ways superior thrill of driving a finding explained by a wide range of electronic settings. With their help it is possible to adapt the machine to any driving style. Thus, the electron is adjusted suspension, the stiffness of its work, the operation of the gearbox, and even engine responsiveness.

There are three basic modes – Eco, Comfort, Sport and Sport Plus. But the beauty lies in the fact that each of these modes, you can set up personalized, changing little ones, or other parameters.

Of course, the first two modes are designed for economical and comfortable driving in the city or even the routes when you do not need to press the accelerator pedal to the floor. Sports rehearse allow to extract from the full potential of the engine, and a serious competitor on the track, if you wish it to go.

Video test drive Mercedes C450 AMG Sport 2020


Mercedes C450 AMG Sport – this is probably the long-awaited new companies by Mercedes and AMG. It combines all the charm of machines sold with a label the AMG, but pleasantly surprised by adequate price tags.

Perhaps the most popular model now has a serious competitor in the face C63 AMG. Nobody will be surprised if very soon C450 AMG sales figures surpass the mark of 40 thousand cars sold, and will endeavor, overcoming one after another ten thousand.

If this car launch into the masses, consumers will be very, very glad to this fact.