2020 Mercedes AMG GT – meet new German sports car

The first presentation of the new sports car Mercedes AMG GT – was held in September of this year manufacturer’s home country – in Germany. However, the official world premiere took place at the international Paris Motor Show, which began its work with the fourth of October this year and continues into the present moment. There’s all the spectators and the media know how the Mercedes AMG became Ji Ti and that brought a new auto giant Mercedes in tandem with his tuning company AMG.

It should be noted that the output of the sports car – not just another creation of the German automaker. Not so long ago it was announced the creation of a new brand under the name of Mercedes-AMG. That car AMG Tee Gee became the first representative of a new production.

According to head of the AMG, of a new car is not a replacement for the model SLS AMG, which is not so long ago removed from production because GT has a more compact size and more affordable cost, which will talk a little later.

There are a number of reasons why a sports car causes us concern. One of them – is the fact that the car will appear on the Russian market. In any case, we suggest you to fully familiarize yourself with novelty, to study its design, interior layout. Of course, we will take a look under the hood and tell about the technical characteristics, and reported prices are approximate. Exemplary because the manufacturer is to determine the final price tag is not.


Look at the photo and video materials and tell me if this beautiful car? Of course. Consider each of the sides of the sports news.

 2020 Mercedes AMG GT photo front

The front end is equipped with a downright huge fascia grille and larger air intakes on the sides. The lower air intake was quite compact. It is very thought out aerodynamics, because the counter-flow of air must also be cooled braking system together with the motor. Lights made in an unusual form and is completely stuffed with LEDs.

2020 Mercedes AMG GT photo Side

The profile immediately noticed a very long hood, small side-hinged doors, imposing wheel arches, original and modern exterior mirrors with a clear eye on the wind component, as well as fine lines around the body.

Forages are decorated with huge bumper with a diffuser integrated into it, LED brake lights, marker lamps horizontal form, also made of LEDs. Compact tailgate spoiler placed on its surface. And not an ordinary and active. It changes its position depending on the speed of movement, and provides downforce.

2020 Mercedes AMG GT – photo back

In general appearance Mercedes AMG GT – this image of the classic sports car that Mercedes can do like no other. Over the exterior you can fall in love, although there are a number of reasons for falling in love with this monster on wheels.

Incidentally, it is worth mentioning about the size of a car. They have a Mercedes AMG GT as follows:

  • length – 4546 mm
  • width – 1939 millimeters
  • height – 1289 mm
  • wheelbase – 2600 mm
  • ground clearance – 125 mm.


It should be noted immediately that the interior of the novelty from Germany has only two seats. The interior was bright, memorable, sporty and with a clear understanding of what we face a premium car. The quality of finishing materials at the highest level, even as the list of equipment even in the basic version. Inside the car an abundance of leather and suede and carbon fiber with polished metal.

Photo interior Mercedes AMG GT

The driver’s seat makes it clear that you are in the cabin of a sports car. Place the pilot even more like some kind of a fighter jet cockpit. The steering wheel is trimmed from the bottom, its dimensions are compact, in the chair landing collected.

Speedometer and tachometer placed in a deep well, and between them set multi-color display of the onboard computer. The car appeared and interesting multimedia system, which may be supplemented by a display on the seven or eight inches. Also see the stylish, effective climate vents and ventilation systems, most of the superstructure above the central tunnel, where there are a wide variety of hardware control buttons.

 2020 Mercedes AMG GT interior photo

Unfortunately, there is at the salon and obvious shortcomings. For example, ergonomics at a low level. This is due to the way made the very superstructure over a wide central tunnel. Designers have found a good reason to place the armrest and joystick gear box there, although in fact the driver is not very convenient to use them. Plus, the right hand should be on or multimedia system, or constantly on the steering wheel. Take your pick.

Yes, it’s a sports car with a powerful engine and operate it with one hand hardly worth it. But at high speeds. At low and can be used with one hand, and the second placed at a comfortable armrest. Only now its usability questionable.

Well, the interior is really athletic, daring, apparently reflecting the appearance of the car. Only now I wonder why such a master to create a highly comfortable saloons as Mercedes failed to do the same thing in this car. Apparently, this question can be answered only professionals involved in interior design Mercedes AMG GT.

Photography boot 2020 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT

Little happy trunk, which allows you to put yourself in 350 liters of luggage. But there is some disappointment to the cost of the machine and its relationship to the premium class. We are talking about the lack of drive. Although it is a serious shortcoming is hardly.


Already in the basic version of the equipment would be very, very rich. Although for a fee that will get interesting, useful and even necessary to some.

So, in the standard version, you can count on the availability of such systems and functions in the Mercedes AMG GT:

  1. Power seats
  2. leather trim
  3. eight airbags
  4. dual-zone climate control
  5. warning system and prevent possible clashes
  6. adaptive brake
  7. Attention Assist
  8. RV pressure sensor.

If you do this will seem a little, cook another a certain sum. It may be for a fee in your sports car:

  1. Pre-Safe system
  2. Rear View Camera
  3. rear parking sensors
  4. Tracking intersection road marking system
  5. the blind zones tracking system
  6. assistance system when driving in dense traffic
  7. super modern multimedia complex Command Online.


Since the official announcement regarding the price of the car is not present, we will focus on preliminary data. On the basis of currently available information, less powerful version of the sports car will be worth 1.18 million euros. But the starting price for the version with pristavochkoy S, then there is a more serious power unit, will have to pay about 1.37 million euros. Moreover, at least.

2020 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Pictures

As for the Russian market, we should also focus on these amounts. In January or February of next year, Mercedes official dealers in Russia will begin taking orders for the new Mercedes AMG GT. When you receive the first batch of sports cars – just not reported.


A less powerful version of Mercedes AMG GT, which can hardly be called weak, involves placing a long hood eight-cylinder engine with two turbochargers. As a result of 4 liters of engine capacity was able to squeeze out 462 horsepower and 600 Nm of torque. Complete with engine a seven-speed robotized gearbox from AMG.

As a result, the box and the tandem engine allows to accelerate from standstill to the first hundred in 4 seconds flat. The maximum speed of the manufacturer is limited, but the mark was 304 kilometers per hour. According to the company, the average car will consume at least 9.3 liters of fuel per hundred kilometers.

Photos of the new engine 2020 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT – year

GT S version provides for not just another motor, but otherwise damper system AMG Dynamic Select, which allows you to select the steering modes, racks and ELECTRO differential on the rear wheels as well as brake discs with a diameter of 360 millimeters and 390 millimeters behind the front. Optionally you can order ceramic brakes with a diameter of 402 millimeters at the front and 360 millimeters at the rear.

Photo Mercedes Amg GT 2020 

As for the powertrain, the powerful version of the set is also bi-turbo motor on eight cylinders and 4.0 liter capacity. But its capacity is already 510 horsepower, and torque – 650 Nm. In conjunction with the seven-speed robotic gearbox, which is set on the second version, to hundreds of places with a car can accelerate in 3.8 seconds. Maximum speed is also limited by the electronics, but in this case at around 310 kilometers per hour. In the combined cycle, on-board computer will show an average of about 9.4 liters fuel consumption.


Before us is another creation of the Mercedes and AMG experts studio. Despite the low estimate of the cabin ergonomics journalists, read reviews of the owners will be much more interesting.

Nobody argues that the externally – a chic car with outstanding performance. There are some shortcomings in it, which are visible to the naked eye. But given the relatively reasonable cost, and the fact that it is the first draft of a new co-production Mercedes and AMG will make it skidochku future.

Time will tell how successful Mercedes AMG GT novelty on the world market. Apparently, it will be left without buyers. Another question is will the first signs of Mercedes-AMG to meet the expectations of producers themselves.