Meet the 2020 Ford Edge Russia

Edge – American crossover, which from will be produced in Russia Tatarstan company Sollers (Elabuga). Before you – Photo & Video reviews of 2020 Ford Age in , its price, equipment, specifications, etc. It is planned that in Russia the price of the crossover will be no less than 1.5 million rubles.

2020 Ford Edge crossover in the Russian market was presented back in 2010 at the Chicago Auto Show. This is – a modernized version of the model, which is available since 2006.

Edge can rightly be attributed to the mid-size crossover, which the US enjoys, if not great, it is in high demand (about 120 thousand cars sold annually). In fact, it – the market leader in North American sales (US and Canada) in the class of mid-size crossover SUV as in previous years, and in this case, .

The first thing that catches your eye, looking at the 2020 Ford Edge, this is a great bumper, which is complemented by a stylish aerodynamic skirt. Attract attention and air slots, which are arranged vertically. In models with more expensive models, instead they arranged columns of LEDs, which is nothing else than the daytime running lights.

False radiator grille made of a typical American style and is decorated with massive chrome crossbars, its organically supplement compact headlamps. Hood, too – large and flat, and it may seem that this is a kind of plateau – so smoothly ironed element with vyshtampovki and original ribs. “Plateau”, thanks to highly cluttered rear uprights, smoothly flows into the flat surface of the roof.

It is – if you look at 2020 Ford Edge front. But it is necessary to look at the crossover side, and immediately see the original and no less stylish car feed, which only emphasizes its solidity. Note that many elements of the cars have large forms, which does not spoil its appearance. Among them – and tailgate, which is also large. The door has a slanted glass, which completes the stylish spoiler. The rear bumper, too powerful, in it – two divorced in the pipe exhaust system. But contrary ceiling taillights are compact.

If you take the overall design, it should be noted that for the Russian consumer 2020 Ford Edge looks quite interesting and attractive. Assertive and powerful at the same time complement the exterior crossover big wheels, chrome immediately attract attention and highlight the style of the car.

This – as regards appearance. But if you look at the salon, you will at least be pleasantly surprised. Interior Auto and satisfy the tastes of the driver and his passengers – trim made of high quality materials, carefully designed ergonomics, interior filled with modern equipment and gives the impression even some luxury. Within a lot of space, despite the fact that the cabin is designed to five people and baggage whose volume – 912 l. This – the volume of the luggage compartment behind the rear seat. But if you put them together, then the volume increases to 1951 liters.

2020 Ford’s experts were able to achieve this capacity due to the fact that 2020 Ford Age was built on the 2020 Ford model of CD3 platform. But it is different wheelbase, greater than 2.8 m In addition, the body is configured correctly enough, overhangs at the front and rear -. Minimum, and the engine compartment is quite compact. As a result, 2020 Ford Edge was spacious and roomy interior. It is noteworthy that the rear passengers have even more space than the driver and front seat passenger. Even if your height exceeds 190 cm, the cabin crossover you will still feel cozy and comfortable.

Now let’s try to change seats (albeit virtually) in the driver’s seat and feel as a driver. So, let us take as a basis for a complete set Limited, which includes leather seats. Driver’s seat – a wide and large, but the feeling that it lacks the lateral support rollers. But the chair is motorized and adjustments that can be made in the ten directions. The steering wheel – multi-function, it phone control buttons, cruise control, multimedia system, etc. “Bagel” is finished with leather, is adjustable in height and depth.

The crossover also features a user-friendly interface My2020 Ford Touch, which has a dashboard with two color screens and touch screen on the central console. Last device features excellent graphics. Also inside you will find an audio system and 12 Sony speakers, a rear-view camera, climate control, navigation, active cruise control, and systems to monitor the blind zones, warning of a possible collision and so on.

In , the North American market 2020 Ford Age equipped with three petrol engines and two types of drives: front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive. The first – four-wheel drive, the second – four-wheel drive, has the intelligent control. Suspension – Fully independent, brakes – disc. The electric power steering characteristics change depending on the speed with which the crossover moves, has a complete set of electronic assistants.

In the US, the price of 2020 Ford Edge starts at 28 thousand dollars in initial equipment SE and may “hang on” to 41.5 thousand dollars for a crossover in picking Sport – the most powerful and “packed”.

According to some reports, the Russian car dealers are going to sell 2020 Ford Age of 1.699 million rubles. On the Russian market, “American” Russian assembly should appear as early as next year, .

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