List which addressed new crossovers

Today we decided to make a small list, which is in demand among motorists looking for myself a new crossover. This list will include the new crossovers, . We will gather links from our website to review the crossover, which will be relevant in .

To begin with, there is a “crossover” – a terrain vehicle compared with conventional cars. In most cases, even going crossovers based on car only have advantages over them, in the form of increased volume and increased body clearance (clearance). In general, a crossover SUV that is urban on it you will not feel himself master of the off-road on which a country road, but to call on the curb on the streets or drive through a large puddle, you may well be able. Well, you will feel more confident, because its dimensions are more than conventional cars.

In the world greatly increasing demand for crossovers , even against the backdrop of the decline seen in demand for passenger cars. The growth amounted to 7% compared to 2007. A lot of attention to the new crossover in , began to show the fair sex. In all the cities looking at moving stream immediately comes the view that even the female behind the wheel more than the male.

Today we announce the list below, which contains a new crossover in :

  • 2020 Volkswagen Touareg 2
  • 2020 Volkswagen Tiguan
  • Subaru Forester
  • Suzuki Grand Vitara
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee
  • Honda Vietnam

2020 Volkswagen Touareg 2

First on our list of German crossover 2020 Volkswagen Touareg 2 , with him and then we’ll start the discussion. For many motorists, it is a quality German midsize crossover, which is produced since 2002. From the date of start of production 14 years have passed, it is in my view very well because the new model is just a bunch of flaws, but at the expiration of the time in any case they were all eliminated and the quality of cars displayed on an excellent level.

If you want really high quality Touareg, you need to look only German assembly, as they gather in the Russian Kaluga car factory and Slovakia. The price of this car is around from 1 190 TR up to 3300 tr (Prices are slightly rounded because they have property vary.)

2020 Volkswagen Tiguan is the second popular compact crossover made in Germany, he was a little less than the Tuareg. This car made since 2007, and is built on the 2020 Volkswagen Golf platform. Here is the SUV just made on the basis of the car. This car is very well suited for the ladies, it is more compact and nimble. Recommendations will remain the same, it is better buy a German assembly instead Kaluga. The price of the new Tiguan starts at 899 thousand. To 1.4 mln. Rub.

The Forester the Subaru – is another compact SUV Japanese assembly gathered in 1997 on the basis of the car. The basis is taken Forester Subaru Impreza.

Here we are with you look at the new crossover in , but at least somebody knows who is the pioneer of this type of car? 🙂 Probably many already have guessed, this is the Subaru Forester presented in 1997 at the Detroit Auto Show. Then the Japanese germ named “Best of the Both” translating “the best one and the other.”

Subaru Forester has a huge popularity in the Russian Far East, where they go, even on a purely Japanese all assemblies with the right wheel. The price of this miracle starts from 953 thousand. And comes right up to 1.8 mln. Rubles.

Suzuki Grand Vitara – Japanese compact SUV with its highlight. In the domestic Japanese market, this car is known as the Suzuki Escudo. As for the highlights, in many reviews in this crossover excellent off-road capability, some even controversial prove that he is the best in its class terrain. It is all-wheel drive Part-Time, which allows rigidly connected front-wheel drive when the driver wants. Price range of crossover from 895 thousand. To 1.3 mln. Rub.

Jeep Grand Cherokee – a mid-size SUV, manufactured by Chrysler (America) Jeep department. Communicating good ability, and the build quality is excellent, just over the all the charm and the price is very different … from 2.1 to 2.7 mln. Rubles.

Here we have reached the extreme of the car on our list discussed today. Honda CR-V compact crossover produced in Japan. Oh, it’s a lot of crossover from Japan is not really what they’re so fond of this class, such as the roads are good, and they have high ground clearance to nothing. Why CR-V was once asked the Japanese, they replied that the Honda CR-V – is a comfortable car for the rest (in English Comfortable Recreational Vehicle.). The basis of this crossover is Honda Civic. The price of the car starts at a comfortable 1.1 and rises to 1.6 mln. Rubles

Conclusions in selecting the best crossover

Looking at the entire list comes to mind is the idea that the Japanese are the most aware in crossovers. They and the instigators of this class of car, and they produced the bulk of these cars. Choosing least for myself, I would have to choose between Honda Vietnam and the Subaru the Forester . Excellent Japanese quality, reliable components, good driving performance. And for the girls I think fit the 2020 Volkswagen Tiguan and the Suzuki Grand Vitara .