Last 2020 Bugatti Veyron will be shown at the exhibition in Geneva

During a long interview to the publication Auto, Motor and Sport, Head of Bentley and 2020 Bugatti , Wolfgang Dyurhaymer said that the 450-th 2020 Bugatti Veyron will be presented at the Geneva Motor Show exhibition next month. This model marks the end of a 10-year history of the V

eyron, which gave the world 300 cars coupes and 150 convertibles versions.

Dyurhaymer not specified, but it is likely that this number 450 Veyron is Grand Sport Vitesse, super-fast convertible, with a 16-cylinder engine capacity of 1183 hp

Asked when the same will be released this remarkable the Veyron, head of the company said that “in order to create a masterpiece, it takes time.” But, but, Dyurhaymer said that “it will be even better”, ie it is likely that the speed of the car will be even higher than expected. According to the latest rumors, it should be easier for the Veyron, with a hybrid engine power of 1500 hp and a maximum speed of 460 km / h. If these indicators do “even better”, then there will be no tires in the world, who will be able to withstand such a load.

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