2020 Qoros 3 Hatchback : photo, price and equipment, characteristics

Company 2020 Qoros is a relatively new name in the international arena. Not surprising, because sales of its vehicles outside of producing countries have begun recently. But once the car entered the European and Russian markets, which is especially important for us.

Despite the fact that we wrote about a city the SUV, built on the basis of 3 2020 Qoros the Hatch , Hatch itself we did not pay much attention. Because this mistake should be corrected urgently.


  1. Appearance
  2. body dimensions
  3. Salon
  4. Equipment
  5. Price
  6. Specifications
  7. Video
  8. History of the brand
  9. Conclusion

To begin with, it is a project Kooros experts from China and Israel. This is the absolute beginners in the automotive industry. But, as it turned out, the absence of a lot of experience does not cause the release of bad products. On the contrary, for its short existence producer came on a level of quality that has many famous companies, and did not dream. No wonder in 2020 Qoros cars entered in the top of the safest cars, which was confirmed by the results of a five-star crash-test the most demanding Euro NCAP. Because make conclusions themselves.


Firstborn among Koros was 3 sedan , and then to light a five-door hatchback model year sample.

Car 2020 Qoros 3 Hatch has an interesting appearance, safe and durable body, a good salon, as well as quite respectable specifications. That’s about it and discussed today in our review. The machine will be soon available to our compatriots, and therefore they have every right to know what is actually offers this Sino-Israeli carmaker.

Features of the new hatchback from China

Call appearance 2020 Qoros 3 Hatch can not be distinguished, but the car looks really good. Straight lines, vyshtampovki, ribs, LEDs – the photo shows that all of the hatchback have in copious amounts.

Photo front of 2020 Qoros 3 Hatch

The front part was a stylish, small trim grille with a large chrome strip on top. It is as if the head is connected to the optics, in which the LED strip of daytime running lights as if playing the role of eyelashes on a very, very cute little eyes of the machine. The photographs hatchback Koros 3 also notice that looks good and a bumper with air intakes and aerodynamic elements. At the edges is a special section for round fog lamps. All together creates a very impressive appearance.

Car side

Side 2020 Qoros 3 Hatch looks like a full-fledged European five-door hatchback. Large doors, glazing high level, chrome door handles, large radii slightly swollen wheel arches, door vyshtampovki, stylish wheels. Plus, it should be noted LED lights that complement rather elegant exterior mirrors, vote on their photo. Lamps need to duplicate the turn signals.

The massive rear bumper inserts

The back of the 3 2020 Qoros Hatch received large chrome strip on the entire width of the tailgate, bumper solid, very attractive optics. Plus there is a compact glazing luggage compartment, on top of which there was a place for the spoiler, complete with a stop signal.



As we face Koros 3 hatchback, is expected to reduce its length compared to the sedan was quite logical. So, in fact, it happened. As a result, current can be considered the following options:

Length 4438
Width 1839
Height 1445
Wheelbase 2690
Curb weight 1320
Clearance 120

And what is the interior in the Koros 3 hatchback?

The presentation

Judging from the photo and video materials, then the interior of the vehicle can be called successful. Yes, it is not full of a variety of colors and all kinds of decorative elements.

Obviously, the designers focused on comfort, convenience, improved ergonomics. And they did it.

Koros interior of the new 3 hatchback

Driver 2020 Qoros 3 Hatch has at its disposal the bottom clipped the steering wheel, even if not multifunctional. Behind it is located optitronnoy dashboard with backlight and a color trip computer display. And that, frankly, has not every car that level.

Speedometer additionally received a sensor to monitor the amount of fuel in the tank, and the tachometer has a pointer to where you can observe the engine temperature.


Spacious front panel 2020 Qoros 3 Hatch decorated with modern multimedia complex with a touch screen diagonal of 8 inches. Driver and front passenger shares the high transmission tunnel. It turned out, in fact much more convenient than to expect from photographs. There is where to put the hand, plus tunnel is equipped with a plurality of sections for storing a variety of little things necessary to the driver, passengers and so on.

Rear sofa

Behind us we have a full-fledged three-seater sofa, where each of the three passengers got its own separate headrest. The tunnel in the center is not very high, which will without any problems even sit in the middle, without experiencing discomfort typical of many vehicles. If the two rear passengers can lower the armrest and thus further enhance comfort during the trip. Space in the crown of the head, the shoulders, the knees are more than enough. Solid wheelbase allows it to achieve.


Options 2020 Qoros 3 Hatch

Enumerate the list of basic equipment especially does not make sense, since it includes a really standard set. Only the default name for the Chinese manufacturers, as most European and even Japanese companies too fond of all to provide for an extra charge, leaving the basic version is almost empty.

One way or another, but for a fee your 2020 Qoros 3 hatchback Hatch year, you will be able to supplement this equipment:

  • six airbags;
  • ESP safety systems, ABS, EBD;
  • alloy wheels 18 inches in diameter;
  • System wireless Internet access;
  • satellite navigation system.

It is possible that these “chips” as a solid sound system, multimedia system and climate control will be in the list of basic equipment already in Russia.

Price hatchback in Russia

The debut of the Israeli-Chinese hatchback was part of last year’s International Motor Show in Geneva. Already since the end of the company managed to organize a sale in Europe. Here, for the basic version of the hatchback 3 2020 Qoros asked 16 thousand euros. But first, the company must generate its product range, after which it will be possible to run the sale. Apparently, as soon as the manufacturer will be arranged on the European scene, will begin full-fledged expansion to the Russian Federation.

Parish 2020 Qoros in Russia is expected in the near future. It is possible that this will happen in . Of course, as long as the official dealers in Russia Kuoros not talk about price too soon. Anyway, it is necessary to focus on the European price tags.

handsome side

By the way, Europeans are quite positive about the new player. Not surprising, because 2020 Qoros 3 Hatch was very hard crash test, surpassing in terms of the reliability of many well-known manufacturers. Add to this an attractive design, an even more attractive price tag, and you get a modern hatchback model.

Specifications Koros

power plant

Koros 3 Hatchback is offered at the moment with two motors. Both have four cylinders and operate on gasoline.

  1. Start the engine with atmospheric 1.6-liter. Its capacity is 126 horsepower with a torque of 155 Nm.
  2. The top engine has received a similar volume of 1.6 liters, but is additionally equipped with a turbocharger. It allowed to extract 156 horsepower and torque increase to 210 Nm.

The second motor provides enough good dynamics of dispersal. From zero to 100 kilometers per hour the car is gaining in 9 seconds flat, while top speed 2020 Qoros 3 Hatch is 212 kilometers per hour.

volume Fuel L. force Kr. moment Cylinders Art. compression Flow rate (g / m / s)
1.6 petrol 126 155 4 eleven – / – / 6.1
1.6 petrol 156 210 4 9.5 – / – / 6.5

As transmission can be used six-speed manual or a dedicated six robotic gearbox with double clutch.

If access to the European market will take place in the near future, in line engines can add a new four-cylinder turbocharged engine capacity of 1.2 liters.


Video test drives on 2020 Qoros 3 Hatch could not be found yet, but the crash test can evaluate the sedan (Note 5 stars!), And of several video presentations CAR.

A little history about the brand

The history of the brand quite small, as originated in 2007. It then took the Israeli association of the investment fund is already pretty well-known car manufacturer Chery. Together, they have created a new brand that has managed to establish itself very well for such a short period of time.

High-quality rear optics

The company is headquartered in Shanghai, but now has offices in Europe. One in Munich, Germany, and the second – in the Austrian Graz.

Executives at 2020 Qoros, as you know, two. It Guo Qian, representing the company Chery and Volker Shtaynvasher, which not so long ago was one of the leaders of the automaker Volkswagen Group.


Young, but defiant. It is thus possible to describe a new brand called 2020 Qoros. The same, in fact, the company has produced and automobiles. Sedan, 2020 Qoros 3 Hatch, urban compact crossover. All these machines have a wide list of advantages and disadvantages of a minimum list. Honestly, as part of our review, we have not managed to determine what are the disadvantages present in the Israeli-car in China.

Perhaps, 2020 Qoros we will with a little bit the other hand, as soon go to the Russian market. We are waiting for this look. A further expects new models by young but very promising company.