2020 Qoros 3 City SUV – urban crossover straight from China

2020 Qoros company officially introduced the world public at the International Motor Show in Guangzhou joint Sino-Israeli project, which was called 2020 Qoros 3 City SUV -. This company is quite young, but makes successful steps on the way to gain market share.

By November of this year, the company’s lineup included only two models. However, now joins the list is another crossover. Although it is fair to call it psevdokrossoverom. Either way, customers can now choose between a crossover sedan and hatchback.

It is interesting that the manufacturer declares his intention to his car to conquer the European market. In fact, while all three machines are present only in China, and beyond it was not delivered.

2020 Qoros 3 City SUV photo

But the new plans were made to talk about wanting to start selling in Europe and Russia next year. Alas, the real steps taken for this purpose was not, and none of the models did not show to the public in European showrooms. Yet in the past year took place is the only presentation 2020 Qoros in Europe. It was the Geneva Motor Show, where the Sino-Israeli company brought the production version of its sedan and wagon and crossover concepts.

And now came the moment when the company actually decided to deliver their cars to Europe and Russia. Let us hope that some applications it will not be limited, and in the following years, we are finally able to contemplate these models at authorized dealers.


Relationship I want to start with the exterior. At the same time, we note that hiding is also very robust design for a cute way of the body. After all 2020 Qoros became the first Chinese car to successfully NCAP tests and received the first in the history of the Chinese car industry five-star safety.

Now specifically about the exterior. Let’s be honest for ourselves, because Koros 3 CAB City is only a hatchback, which received increased ground clearance, as well as the standard in such cases the protective pad made of black plastic. Plus, this is a car with front wheel drive. Call it a craftsman to overcome off-road is difficult, and even impossible.

However, official photos and videos demonstrate all the advantages of this car. He’s cute, strong, bold, even slightly sporty and elegant.

2020 Qoros City 3 photo front

The front part pleases modern and stylish optics, which is packed with Bi-Xenon and LED. Also note the small trim grille with chrome trim, competently and correctly aerodynamically formed front bumper, as well as classic, but very well fit to the exterior novelty round foglights, enclosed in a ring of chrome.

Koros City 3 photo Side

Side view opens eyes on the huge wheel arches, surrounded by protective plastic. Also, the manufacturer has managed to create a very comfortable and large doors, athletic stern, high sills, gorgeous exterior mirrors, supplemented by repeater turn signals.

Koros 3 City SUV photo back

Just turned the outstanding food. Not all manufacturers are thinking especially of the back of the design, focusing more on practicality. However, there could not just make a comfortable tailgate, but also to create a masterpiece. Astern five plus points to the manufacturer. They are very well put together large bumper, the glass over the luggage compartment with a spoiler, as well as lighting equipment dimensions with 3D effect. This is a must see.

This may not be a true crossover, but still Kuoros 3 City SUV turned out terrific. Only for this he already wants to see in his garage or under the windows of houses and apartments. Having studied further and further technical component, you will understand why so want it to appear on the Russian market.

But more on that later. First, consider the dimensions in figures psevdokrossovera. They have turned out such:

  • length – 4452 mm;
  • width – 1854 mm;
  • height – 1504 mm;
  • wheelbase – 2694 mm;
  • ground clearance (clearance) – 227 millimeters.

But the choice of color is quite classic. Brilliant solutions are not yet provided. But believe me, even offered black, red, gray, silver and white versions car looks great.


Unlike many Chinese automakers that have already learned how to make a beautiful exterior, but have problems with the interior decoration, 2020 Qoros company has made a great leap forward.

Photo interior of the new 2020 Qoros 3 City SUV

As a result, we have a modern interior, high quality materials, a successful arrangement, a good performance. All tailored very soundly that inspires respect to the manufacturer.

Comfortable steering wheel, comfortable driver’s seat and front passenger with pronounced lateral support, modern instrument panel with a color trip computer, high level architecture of the front panel and center console. Do not get tired to enjoy, as far as the best looking car.

Koros 3 City SUV rear cabin photo

Saloon, despite psevdokrossovernost, turned roomy. The driver and four passengers of his place will be more than enough.

Even the luggage compartment managed to make a spacious and convenient for loading and unloading luggage.

Photos of the luggage compartment in 2020 Qoros 3 City SUV

This contributes to tailgate, a width of 983 mm and luggage compartment volume in the 403 liters in the normal position. If desired, the rear seatbacks are lowered, it forms a nearly flat loading area volume of 1105 liters.


About packaging can say only focusing on the proposals of the Chinese market. For China, there are three equipment, and fixed. This Style, Style Plus, and Excite.

provides such equipment:

  • LED running lights
  • LED tail Dimensions
  • alloy wheels of 17 inches
  • exterior mirrors with repeaters, Electric heated
  • spoilers
  • engine start button
  • on-board computer with the color display of 3.5 inches
  • windows on all side windows
  • central locking
  • proprietary multimedia system with display 8 inches
  • leather
  • Rear View Camera
  • dual-zone climate control
  • front and side airbags
  • front curtain airbags
  • anti-theft system
  • security and assistance EBD, ABS, ESP, BA, TCS, SHS, TPMS.

Agree, already standard equipment offers a lot. But this is only the beginning. More expensive Plus will provide:

  • automatic folding side mirrors
  • sunroof and electric
  • Heated driver’s seat
  • electric front seats and adjustable in 4 directions and 6 for the driver and passenger, respectively.

The maximum equipment Excite same buyer will receive:

  1. alloy wheels with original drawing by 18-inch
  2. adaptive bi-xenon headlights
  3. light sensor and rain sensor
  4. Keyless access to the salon system
  5. memory settings, position the driver’s seat
  6. rear curtain airbags
  7. Background LED interior lighting.


Since the exact data about the start of sales in Europe or in Russia, not to be guided to the current value of the car on the manufacturer’s home country.

In China the first batch 2020 Qoros 3 City SUV will be around the beginning of spring, maybe even earlier. According to preliminary data, the cost of this crossover will be from 24 to 29 thousand dollars. Does it mean that the 24,000 for the base version, and 29 – for the top-end, or the initial cost can be from 24 to 29 thousand, it is not clear.

Pictures 2020 Qoros 3 City SUV

Anyway, if the car in China will be available, in Europe in the first half of next year and we should be glad about the summer of .


As we have said, the car is front wheel drive. It is not excluded that there will be, and all-wheel drive version, but for now it’s just the experts guessing. In the meantime, we discuss the available official information.

Photo powertrain Koros 3 City SUV

Thus, in the engine compartment, on the choice of the buyer, will host one of the two power units. Both work with the six-speed mechanics or robotised gearbox DCT, which is a company supplier Getrag.

With specific regard to engines, they are as follows:

  1. Aspirated petrol engine of 1.6 liters with return 126 horsepower and torque to 155 Nm.
  2. The second engine will attract more attention, as the volume it has the same 1.6-liter, but is equipped with a turbine and produces 156 horsepower with 210 Nm of torque.

Known and dynamic characteristics of a more powerful machine. In tandem with the mechanics of the robot and the acceleration takes 10.1 and 10.8 seconds from zero to a hundred, respectively. Maximum same regardless of the type of transmission, the crossover accelerates to 208 kilometers per hour. Consumption is also a pleasant surprise, since the combined cycle engine requires 6.8 liters of petrol and 6.9 with the mechanics and the robot respectively.


Here is such a crossover, which is actually a hatchback increased ground clearance, is prepared to conquer the international arena. According to the survey, in 2020 Qoros 3 City SUV has all the chances of success.

After all, the car was able to perfectly combine stunning looks, competent and friendly interior, impeccable packaging even in the basic version, as well as a very, very solid specifications, courtesy of the size and weight of the car.

So we look forward to the appearance of this handsome man in Russia. Let us hope that the Sino-Israeli tandem will not give up their ideas, and soon the first batches of new items will go to our local authorized dealers.