KIA KH3 : photo, price and packaging, video

Korean automaker 2020 Kia has already completed all the preparatory work, and ready to start mass production of its new compact crossover. It is already known that the production version is a reflection of the same name protoitpa 2020 Kia KX3 with pristavochkoy concept. It was first shown within the Auto Show in Guangzhou City, which took place late last year.

Photos 2020 Kia KX3

Nice to see that 2020 Kia hardly moved from the prototype ideas, resulting in a new product has been very, very attractive. We note also that the compact crossover has the same platform with other Korean cars – ix25 from Hyundai companies.

Let’s examine in detail a brand new 2020 Kia KX3 year, consider the SUV from all sides, define it the strongest hand, look at the engine compartment, as well as find out how much it will cost about buying such a Korean car.

Exterior KIA KX3

According to the official photo and video materials can immediately tell that looks at the SUV turned out quite interesting. At least, the manufacturer’s originality can not be reproached. Designers know their stuff, you can not argue.

In principle, to achieve the original, modern, stylish and assertive exterior design was a priority of the Korean company, since it will compete in the same segment, where there are such monsters as the Opel Mokka, Ford EkoSport, Nissan Juke, as well as a number of other vehicles, presented in the class of compact crossovers.

Photos 2020 Kia KX3 Front

Thus, the front part initially draws attention to the optics. Three lights give a certain level of refinement the body. Slightly narrower, rather compact lamps emit a very high quality light, and are responsible for the head optics. The second level is given to the daytime running lamps, made on the basis of light-emitting diodes. The latter provides for a number of fog lamps. Beautifully decorated grille, huge powerful bumper successfully complete image. Some journalists in the study of the exterior of 2020 Kia KH3 found some similarities with the German car Porsche Cayenne. In fact, in many respects they are right, since the common features of the machines scanned. But this clearly was not done on purpose.

Photos 2020 Kia KX3 Side

Side of the car looks powerful, assertive, but at the same time easily and gracefully. Successful proportions, swollen wheel arches, high sills, flat roof, quite good the wheel arches with their complementary solid wheels make the crossover profile is very, very interesting.

Photos 2020 Kia KX3 back

The rear part by its originality is not inferior to limber and profile. Here, too, has its own peculiarities, chips. For example, a large tailgate with compact glass creates a good impression, but also has the practicality. Above it is located spoiler gives the image of sports shape. Also note the large side lights with LEDs, and completed without good body.

The entire perimeter of a security black plastic, clearly outstanding crossover accessory trends from Korea. Unpainted black outline helps protect the body from damage, scratches and other troubles, lying in wait in the car owner en route.

Another will say a few words about the dimensions. They have 2020 Kia KX3 were as follows:

  • length – 4270 mm;
  • width – 1780 mm;
  • height – 1622-1627 mm;
  • wheelbase – 2590 mm;
  • clearance – from 180 to 185 mm (depending on the wheels and motor).

Interior KIA KH3

Unfortunately, 2020 Kia has not provided official images of the cabin, because the interior will be discussed closer to spring.

Nevertheless, it is expected quite a pleasant surprise from the Korean company in terms of quality of finish, ergonomics and comfort level of the passenger compartment.

Photo salon KIA KH3

In principle, a good interior – not a novelty for this manufacturer. 2020 Kia has long learned to create interesting, comfortable and designed interiors for their vehicles. Because praise in KH3 side when exiting news in the light will no longer be a surprise.

Photo multimedia KIA KH3

Anyway, we have patience, and wait, and when declassify salon. While only add that the luggage compartment in its standard position is able to accommodate about 420 liters. If desired, the backrest can be lowered, resulting in a boot capacity reaches 1100 liters.

Components KIA KH3

Despite the lack of official information on Interior, data about the equipment is more than enough. Based on the list, a complete set promises to be rich in the base version. After all, it will include:

  • air conditioning;
  • 4 speaker audio system;
  • electric windows on all doors;
  • central locking and remote control;
  • front air bags;
  • a list of security systems, which will include HAC, BA, TCS, ESS, ESP, EBD, ABS.

As for the more expensive versions and special options, in which the buyer can in addition to the basic equipment to get:

  • adaptive optics head light;
  • daytime running lights with LEDs;
  • rear dimensions of the LED;
  • electric, heated door mirrors;
  • panoramic sunroof and electric drive;
  • keyless entry system in the cabin;
  • motor start button;
  • Cruise control;
  • climate control;
  • multi-function steering wheel;
  • electric driver’s seat;
  • leather upholstery;
  • multimedia system;
  • touchscreen 7 inches;
  • navigation;
  • Rear View Camera;
  • rear parking sensors;
  • side airbags, curtain airbags and so on.

Price KIA KX3

As noted by representatives of the Korean car company, their new compact crossover will appear first on the China market. Since March of this year, customers from China will be the first to buy a 2020 Kia KH3.

As for Europe, Russia, the SUV here promise to deliver during the year. The exact date is not yet known.

There is also no official information about the price. Based on the available information, the purchase of the crossover will cost residents of China is about 17,700 dollars for the base version. The most intense equipment will cost 10 thousand dollars more, and will be about 27.5 thousand dollars.

Specifications KIA KX3

Well, we looked quite bright appearance, have studied the complete set, now it’s time to talk about the technical characteristics, which often play a crucial role for the buyer when choosing a car.

It is noteworthy that with a car Hyundai 2020 Kia ay25 KH3 binds not only a common platform and are not the same plans for the start of sales. 2020 Kia also received and technical equipment from its Korean counterpart.

As a result, SUV will be offered with two engines to choose from.

  1. The role of the junior carries a 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 125 horsepower and 150 Nm of torque. Work this unit can be mated to a six-speed mechanics or machine dedicated six.
  2. The second engine was a 2.0 liter volume and capacity of 160 hp with a torque of 192 Nm. This engine can equip only dedicated six automatic gearbox.

In the future, two-liter version will be removed and will be less voluminous in its place, but a more powerful turbocharged engine of 1.6 liters, which will reach capacity of 200 horsepower and a torque of 265 Nm. Also, this powertrain will be offered with a new seven-speed robotized gearbox DCT.

Also add that the less powerful version is only front-wheel drive, while the crossover to 160 horsepower can be purchased with a full drive.

Video Test Drive KIA KH3


The emergence of 2020 Kia KX3 Car of the year for many people is a very anticipated event. 2020 Kia has long established itself as a reliable, high-quality manufacturer of machines that are richly equipped, and thus sold at very attractive prices against the competition.

While hard to say how successful the new project. Complicating the situation is the fact that the new product belongs to the class of compact crossovers, which today gathered placer very successful SUVs. Is 2020 Kia will be able to deal with them – the issue date. However, time will put everything in its place.