Generation Nissan 2020 Skyline GTR representing

At the auto show in New York, the new Nissan 2020 GT-R . It was presented to the presentation took the legendary Skyline GT-R generations past. It was original and unusual.

The first in the list was the model GTR 1969 Skyline 2000 also known for its more recent and mature modifications R32, R33, R34.

This whole “horde” was presented at a booth in New York and caused avaricious man’s tears of joy for many motorists. This is especially true of the rare 2nd generation car in 1973.

Here on the stand was presented in immaculate condition (1 out of 197 ever built). The Playstation generation, of course, will not be torn away from the R32, R33 and the R34, at the wheel which they otdriftovali than one hour. R32 remembered for the fact that here was first used four-wheel drive and has a double turbine engine with 6 cylinders.

This is followed by a magnificent R33 1995 release, but it is not as good as the version of the R34 M-Spec Nur. The car gets its name in honor of the track at the Nürburgring, where the engine version of the RB26 has been tested. It was a place for R35 GT-R Nismo .

And on top of the “mountain” is a disguised GTR.

Play with your imagination, and guess what, under the film?