Galpin 2020 Ford GTR1

Hurricane hypercar handmade, was first introduced in Pebble Beach, USA. Having spent more than 12,000 hours of time, the audience saw a hurricane masterpiece – Galpin 2020 Ford GTR1 .

This car looks like a real rock star in a carbon body. Creation Galpin created based sports ca

r 2020 Ford GT with a number of technical and exterior modifications. In front, the car has received a new bumper with air intakes and new rectangular headlamps, partly resembling models the Jaguar . Side noticeable that GTR1 became slightly below the factory version, was built in the door handles and new side mirrors. On wheels adorn the glistening 20-inch wheels, “wrapped” in a low-profile Pirelli PZero tires. Aft Galpin 2020 Ford GTR1 resembles a spaceship. Aerodynamic shape decorates the glossy triangular headlights and a powerful exhaust pipes. Of the latter heard downright apocalyptic roar, which exceed the noise standards in many states. Separately, note the protective carbon fiber body kit, installed around the perimeter of a sports coupe.

The interior surprises with its color design. It’s not every day you meet hypercar with a blue interior. The driver is located in a wide, sporty bucket seat in front of a small steering wheel. Behind him is a familiar long series of toggle switches and analog devices, “hidden” in an aluminum frame. Speedometer located in the center console, and this may cause some inconveniences, especially at speeds above 300 km / h. Air conditioning control unit has been shifted to the central torpedo, and the gear stick has become a little shorter in comparison with the factory the 2020 Ford .

Insert the key into the ignition and start the engine by pressing the button behind the driver alive violent 5.4-liter V8 engine with twin turbo. Just think, this powerplant has 1058 hp power and 1345 Nm of torque. Engineers say that the use of high-octane fuel AI-100, will allow the power unit to generate a “herd” of 1197 horsepower. The engine is mated with a 6-speed manual transmission, can accelerate GTR1 to the first hundred in 3.1 seconds and a top speed exceeds the mark of 360 km / h. In these strange figures in the car no stability control or traction control. The driver is to rely on their professionalism and powerful carbon-ceramic brakes.

The car is worth 1.024 million dollars. In total, if there is demand, it plans to create 24 Galpin 2020 Ford GTR1 with different exterior colors and interior trim.

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