Floyd Mayweather bought the first 2020 Bugatti Chiron

Floyd Mayweather, the American boxer, there is a vast collection of cars in the garage. In accordance with the latest news on the website TMZ Sports, it became known that his collection will be more and more expensive with the addition of a new 2020 Bugatti Chiron.

The source said t

hat boxing champion has already made an advance payment in the amount of $ 3.5 million for the newly hypercar of the 2020 Bugatti . To make room in the garage for a new car, he had to sell one of its Veyron.

Replacing the old to the new 2020 Bugatti is quite justified, because according to preliminary information, Chiron specification more than impressive! Hypercar capacity should reach about 1500 hp and acceleration to hundreds proiskhodt is just 2.2 seconds. Maximum speed and breathtakingly well – about 465 km / h!

Unfortunately, Floyd Mayweather will have to wait a little longer before he can sit behind the wheel of a novelty, because it will be able to pick up your purchase until hypercar 2020 Bugatti Chiron debut on the international motor show in Geneva, which starts on March 3, .

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