Fisker-Galpin Rocket

Luxury rocket for the elite. Perhaps one of the most brutal hand-built Mustang in history model. Introducing the Fisker-Galpin Rocket .

Today, in the world there is a wide range of powerful “inflated” muscle cars with the logo Mustang, including Roush, Saleen and Shelby GT 350. However,

Henrik Fisker (Henrik Fisker) considered that this is not enough, and with tuning studio Galpin Autosport presented his vision exclusive oil car under the name Fisker Galpin Rocket .

For the first time, the model was presented at the Motor Show auction of luxury cars in Pebble Beach, in California. According to Henrik, the design of the oil car combines the features of the BMW Z8, Aston Martin DB9 and the V8 the Vantage . In front, the coupe shows a narrow headlights with predatory eyes and huge, “infernal” grille hexagonal shape. In its upper edges additional foglights were set, and in the middle is a thin chrome strip with the logo of the mustang. On each side of the sport bumper “cut” holes sculpted air intakes for brake cooling. Pretty powerful looks a hood with two “jet” air intake bays. Rocket Charming profile shows 21-inch wheels ADV.1, «shod” in the race Pirelli P Zero tires. Behind, you can see the disks six-piston brake calipers from Brembo. Another thing that you should pay attention – twin openings at the rear wheel arches. Low-set “broad-shouldered” aft also has a certain charm. Dimmable LED lights, interconnected carbon inserts. On the edge of the boot spoiler stamped a small oval. And the most important thing here is the property of the quartet exhaust pipes embedded in the bumper with carbon diffuser bunk.

Italian “spirit” present “Missiles” in interior design. The whole interior is decorated with red and black skin color, including the Recaro sports seats. On the center console, supplemented with carbon inserts, mounted touchscreen multimedia and navigation systems My2020 Ford Touch. All other elements have retained their original appearance.

Under the hood, “hidden” 725 hp the power that gives the 5.0-liter V8. Details of the power plant and turbine, which surely is “hidden” in the engine compartment, the creators did not disclose. It works only with the power unit 6-speed manual. Driving a car is fairly easy, as well as easy to get excited, having passed the first kilometer. Engineers worked on the steering and fully retuned suspension for everyday driving.

Silver shark plowing open spaces, will cost wishing least 109 thousand dollars.

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