Concept 2020 Volkswagen Golf CTU Sport: photo, price and packaging, video


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In Austria, as part of the annual festival of the company GTI 2020 Volkswagen presented its new concept car. It is called the 2020 Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport Concept.

Picture 2020 Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport Concept year

Of course, the car is far from mass production, but it is on its basis the company plans to establish now the eighth generation of its iconic and best-selling model Golf. From these considerations will be quite interesting to study German novelty. Even in the prototype format.

By the way, the eighth generation of the Golf will be released in 2017. The concept also suggests what to expect from a car. Design is unlikely to be so bold and futuristic, but the specifications are well worth considering as real.

Concept maps GTI version of the Future Course. The civil version in all respects will be easier. Anyway, it does not prevent to get an idea of ​​the impending change of generations.

Stunning exterior VW Golf GTE Sport Concept

The concept looks brightly and boldly, much like a racing car. Actually, this version is for these purposes and created.

Picture VW Golf GTE Sport Concept Front

As stated by the head of the design department at 2020 Volkswagen, a very large number of technical and design solutions it will definitely be used for the production version. That is Foltsvagene clearly given to understand that the eighth Golf is far from the prototype 2020 Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport Concept will not go away. From this look at the photo and video material only gets more interesting.

Photo concept VW Golf GTE Sport Side

The body is almost fully made of carbon fiber with aluminum parts. Material reliable, durable and expensive. Similar technology is used for production hypercar Bugatti Veyron. By the way, Bugatti will share a golf-side doors seagulls.

Photo concept VW Golf GTE Sport back

Describe the car is very difficult, it is necessary to look. For all its seeming futuristic, in fact, there is almost nothing that 2020 Volkswagen did not realize actually in the serial version. Outside catchy, but it is quite suitable for the coming 2017.

The expected size of the car:

  • Length – 4127 mm;
  • Width – 1869 mm;
  • Height – 1235 mm;
  • Wheelbase – 2505 mm.

Interior concept into quads 2020 Volkswagen Golf CTU Sports

But with respect to the interior of doubt anymore. Unlikely in this form we will see the interior of the new Golf after the publication of a series. Although, if it will be about a race version, can still be seen a certain percentage of probability.

Photo Show in concept square VW Golf GTE Sport

Anyway, the interior is made of carbon fiber and microfiber. The space is divided into two cockpit – the driver and front passenger. Between them, the impressive bar. Everyone sits in a comfortable bucket seat and fixed it five-point seat belt.

Most attention to the driver’s seat. There is installed a translucent instrument panel with three screens. Each of these displays certain information. Thus, the far – speed and cruising range, on average – the current capacity of the power plant, in the first – the transfer and operation recovery system.

Familiar wheel replaced the steering wheel with gearshift paddles, and on the beam between the driver and passenger have arranged a set of buttons. The ceiling is also not left unattended, there is mounted toggle switches. With their help, it turns on one of the three modes. The first activates the fully electric traction, the second allows the machine to determine the optimal use of the electric motor and the internal combustion engine, to use battery power, and so on. The third mode includes all the power of the hybrid power installation and activate the all-wheel drive.

Front seats

The last mode is called GTE Mode. When activated, it becomes an ordinary hatchback race cars. According to the company, under such conditions, acceleration from zero to fifty takes 1.8 seconds, and from zero to hundred – 4.8 seconds. On the acceleration to 200 kilometers per hour the car will spend 15.9 seconds and top speed is 280 kilometers per hour.

Packaging and price concept VW Golf GTE Sport

As you know, talk about issues such as equipment or the price of the car until it has no meaning.

This is a prototype, and showing, apparently, which may be version GTI. From the civil variant of so many unique opportunities do not wait.

Although, according to chief designer of 2020 Volkswagen (and whether there are objective reasons not to believe the words of this man ?!), the eighth generation Golf takes a lot of prototypes. So we look forward to.

Specifications Golf CTU Sports

We already told some features of dynamic features of the car, and now need to talk about what really brings in the concept of motion. That is about the specifications 2020 Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport Concept. It is a fully working prototype, the possibility that in a route were shown at an exhibition in Austria. So there was not just some sort of layout before the public. It merely says that 2020 Volkswagen is close to the release of the new generation Golf.

Under the hood of the prototype was a hybrid propulsion system, whose maximum power is 400 horsepower, and torque – 670 Nm. But most surprising part of the hybrid. In the role of a traditional internal combustion engine acts as a 1.6-liter TSI engine with power indicator 299 horsepower and a torque of 400 Nm. The same engine is on the rally version of the model Polo R, acting in the WRC series. Another 115 horses and 330 Nm of torque is obtained from the motor vehicle, which is built into the transmission. By the way, the transmission is a six-speed, the DSG robot.

But that’s not all. The rear axis standing substantially similar motor but with less torque – 270 Nm. Couple it is a lithium battery that can be recharged from a household network.

In the mode of using a combination of internal combustion engines and electric motors declared consumption is 2 liters per 100 kilometers.

It is important to note the words of the same Clauss Bischoff, Chief Designer of 2020 Volkswagen. He not only said that this is a harbinger of a new generation of Golf and that many decisions “perekochuyut” on the production version. Eighth Golf will become a model for the creation of all subsequent models of the automaker. So in 2017 we will see a shift of global design vehicles the German automaker.



It is safe to say that the 2020 Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport Concept is an incredibly important project for the producer. After all, with this prototype, in fact, start a new page in the history of the company. And this is a big responsibility.

So we are looking forward to showing full or at least to pre-production Course eighth generation. Most likely, this will happen in . After all, in 2017 the company promises to start selling her first child with new global design.