Chrysler 2017-2018 200c a new luxury sedan

The second-generation  Chrysler 2017-2018 – year, declared itself worthy in January at the Detroit Auto Show. American sedan 2nd generation is a striking style of Representatives, which has a modern and striking body design, elegant interior with a variety of modern facilities and innovative, for American technical stuffing. In the US, sales of Chrysler’s new 200 are scheduled for the autumn of , the price of cars directly depends on its version. The most affordable model, the LX 200 is considered to be Chrysler, which will cost motorists to 21,700 dollars (US), but the Chrysler 200 Limited can be purchased for 23,255 dollars. If you want to become the owner of the Chrysler 200S, be prepared to shell out $ 24,495, if the plan to acquire the Chrysler 200C, cars will cost you $ 25995. Prices do not include shipping cost cars, which is 995 dollars.

Talking about the brand new American sedan sales prospects for  Chrysler 2017-2018 in Russia is still too early. Perhaps the new cars will appear on the Russian market, but it will happen no earlier than spring . After Chrysler was entirely under the control of the Italian manufacturer of the Fiat, there are dramatic changes in the lineup of the American production. Auto new Chrysler 2017-2018 its exterior design shows in what direction will move the designers and engineers in the past conservative producer. Auto has a fantastically stylish appearance compared to the first generation model, which has an index of the Chrysler 200, which in turn showed the failed sale.

Chrysler 200 Photos

Newbie Chrysler 200 began to look much better, as well as increased in size compared with its predecessor. Thus, the overall parameters of the following new items: length 4885 mm, width 1871 mm, height 1491 mm. Despite the fact that the manufacturer has increased the external parameters sedan, its wheelbase slightly decreased and now stands at 2742 mm. However, the most significantly improved aerodynamics of the body, the rate is now at 0.27.

As the basis for the American brand new modular platform Chrysler-Fiat Compact US Wide been taken, such as the platform has an Italian Alfa Romeo Giulietta, as well as American boys Dodge Dart and the new Jeep Cherokee. Is this not evidence of the trend of unification and globalization. It would seem that can be thoroughly general in the Italian hatchback, sedan and crossover US – total undercarriage. Let us return to the description of the new design of the Chrysler 200 sedan has issued brand new.

Chrysler 200 Photos

The updated look of the American release exquisitely stylish headlights, LED daytime underlined corner lights, compact falshradiatoronaya grille. Saturated complete Chrysler 200S and 200C models provide for a full LED head light, except beam lamps. Newbie sedan has a hood with exciting waves and splashes vyshtampovki it perfectly complements the reckless, brutal and somewhat sporty look headlights. But on rear-view mirrors, if they are taken from the Italian car – a small, stylish, elegant thin rails.

Photos Chrysler 200 sedan –

If you look at the side of the sedan, it has a domed roof, which escapes with a strong inclination to the rear pillars and a small aft miniature trunk lid. The tailgate spoiler is topped. It is difficult to estimate at its true worth is not a smooth transition lines, harmonious bloatedness wings, powerful edge Bottom door and perfect radii of arches for the wheels, which can be placed on rubber discs 17-19-inch sizes. Particularly impressive looks brand new Chrysler 200, when it tires 235/40 R19, dressed in the stylish alloy wheels nineteen 5 bifurcated needles.

Chrysler 200 rear Photo

Behind the sedan striking neat and stylish lamps of dimensional light, LED stuffed with 10% filling, which is standard installed in the square, as well as the trunk lid, which is a creative design solution and have harmoniously flowing sides and seriously bloated shoulders wings. The composition is completes the massive body of the bumper, which is complemented by a diffuser. For Chrysler’s top-end configuration is characterized by a chrome exhaust tips trapezoids. We can safely say “thank you and respect” by Italian designers and constructors. Someone, and they certainly know how to make really attractive sports cars appearance. That is so stylish and powerful athlete has turned a brand new Chrysler 200 2nd generation. For eleven different paint finishes enamel colors offered. From this long list, you can choose your favorite color in your favorite shade. has the following Among the proposed colors: red velvet, moonlight white, black, bright blue, and others.

To produce power skeleton Body steel used very different strength: a solid, high-strength and ultraprochnuyu. The material was a hot stamping (60%). Body parts are welded with a laser. The inner design of the latest generation Chrysler 200 is capable of destroying all existing stereotypes about used cars for upholstery modest materials. The new Chrysler models you see only high-quality materials, the imperial features, impeccable assembly and adjustment of interior parts. It’s all in a complex created to give a first class service and comfort. The manufacturer has equipped the car enough space in both the first and second row. So looks great salon 2nd generation Chrysler model.

Photography – Chrysler 200 saloon

Comfortable chair, has a pronounced side support for the driver is welcoming in its soft embrace. The steering wheel is distinguished by its multifunctionality and can be adjusted in two planes, the instrument panel has a display in the 5-7 inches with the onboard computer display that provides the driver all necessary information.

Chrysler 200 photo cabin with the driver’s seat

On top of the center console is decorated with a color touch-screen multimedia system (diagonal 5 Th / 8.4 inch), but the unit for controlling the Climat-Control, the rotating washer joystick automated gearbox is located on the surface on the transition from console to the central tunnel. It may even seem that this is a shop not an American sedan. After all, everything here is so stylish, ergonomically designed and thoughtfully.

Chrysler 200 Photo of the second row

The second row is designed for a comfortable arrangement of three passengers, because there have plenty of leg room, by the way, and the dome is no pressure on the head. Just sitting in the shop, you need to bend down her head because of the special roof, demonstrating the sedan kupeobraznosti. The manufacturer provided a sound and noise isolation cabin, equipping cars with special acoustic side and frontal thickened windows reliable skimmer arches for the wheels and underbody.

Standard equipment 200 LX Chrysler initial model includes electric power steering, keyless access to the salon and push start the engine, air conditioning, sports front seats, which can be adjusted in 6 directions, backlighting for interior with LEDs, 8 airbags, electronic parking brake with hold function, fairly simple audio CD MP3, which has connectors for USB and mobile devaysov, 4 speakers, electric side windows and mirrors outside heated, textile upholstery seats, stability control and control of the drive wheels, steel seventeen inch wheels with hubcaps . Moreover, the Chrysler 200 Limited equipment is still bi-functional lamp head light, acoustic side windows, color touch screen five inches multimedia system with six speakers, seventeenth alloy wheels, as well as Bluetooth.

Pictures Chrysler 200

Model Chrysler 200S is a contrast to the previous 2-complete sets of car: it is pronounced kit with contrasting black accents and interior design in the style of sport. The driver’s seat is equipped with electric drive and can be adjusted in eight different directions, in leather skin. Also available sport suspension and alloy wheels eighteenth. The road itself version of Chrysler 200C in addition to all of the above equipment features leather seating Nappa, heated front seats, power passenger seat, applied to the six directions, the instrument panel, which is a 7-inch screen, rearview camera, dual-zone Cilmat, the Control, polished alloy Disk (range 17-18), panoramic sunroof with electric drive.

As optional equipment for even the most intense version of Chrysler’s proposed entertainment system, equipped with a color screen of 8.4 inches, heated steering wheel, a humidity sensor in the interior, xenon and LED headlights, cruise control, AdvancedBrake Assist system braking function to an absolute stop cars , LaneDeparture Warning-Plus system, assistant perpendicular and parallel parking, huge wheels of the nineteenth radius.

Technical characteristics of the latest generation of Chrysler 200 are able to hit their innovations. It should begin with the revolutionary nine-speed automatic gearbox, which is standard installed in the cars. There’s no hint of mechanics. Gear ratio 1st gear is 4.71, and for the ninth has only 0.48. This number of steps makes it possible to significantly reduce fuel consumption, compared to the old generation of Chrysler from 7 to 13% depending on the installed motor. Due to electric power steering system, providing a great informative value and severity, the steering wheel carries only 2.67 turns from lock to lock and.

Chrysler 200 specifications

Optional addition of a sedan, equipped with a 4-cylinder standard engine ex, proposed mega-comfortable all-wheel drive. electronic control unit is able to deactivate the rear wheels when the front wheels go buksovke same in sport mode the transmission operation, to transfer up to 60 percent of torque back. The suspension is independent, MacPherson strut front and rear mnogoryichazhka. The manufacturer has provided two petrol engines for Chrysler’s new 200:

  • 4 ex-cylinder MultiAir 2 Tiger Shark 2.4 liters (capacity of 187 horses), which “eats” on the road about 6.7 liters;
  • 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 (300 horsepower accelerates).

According to the company ChryslerGroup, for the development of the 2nd generation of the Chrysler 200 was spent more than 1 billion. US dollars. Production of the newly created American sedan planning to carry out in the summer of at a factory in Michigan.