Cherie Ariza M7 photo price and equipment, video

In recent years, more and more often we hear news from different automakers, which indicates that they are releasing new models, the main “chip” which is the presence of seven seats inside the cabin, taking into account the driver’s seat.

A similar trend is understandable, since many families consist of more than 4-5 people, and buying two cars at once is not profitable. Also, not everyone will agree to change a handy wagon or crossover minivan. Because the motor companies have decided to take this step, and began to alternately produce crossovers designed for seven people. Also, there were the first seven-seat station wagons.

Photo 2020 Chery Arrizo m7

Interestingly, the Chinese manufacturers by their famous Japanese, European, American colleagues did not want to lag behind. A clear proof of that is the emergence of the Shanghai international auto show car called the 2020 Chery Arrizo M7. This machine is a seven-seater wagon.

By the way, confirming the greater love for body type wagon or crossover is the fact that Cherie did not finalize its minivan CrossEaster, and created its seven-seat wagon platform. It looks much more attractive, plus allows you to choose between 5 and 7 seats in the cabin when ordering cars.

By the way, some time ago KrossIster still sold on the Russian market, but little success has not received. Apparently, now the Chinese company decided to go on the other hand, offering longer boring minivan, and the more daring, fun wagon.

Frankly, judging by the photos and video materials, the machine looks really good. At least, when compared to the minivan. Let Arrizo M7 is a modernized version KrossIster find general quite difficult between them. And it’s very good.

We offer you an overview of the Chinese news. Say at once, not all the information Cherie managed to uncover, so it will work with what we have.

Exterior 2020 Chery Arrizo M7

Externally the car looks very dignified. Replaced by a label on some more popular and well known, and all talking at once, which made the company a good wagon. And since we are talking about Cherie, and the attitude to the wagon is quite skeptical. However, again, there is no denying the appeal of the car.

Photo 2020 Chery Arrizo m7 Front

The front part was quite narrow, but wide grille trim, ribbed bonnet, impressive in its size optics. The front bumper is not without hints of sportiness, and a large air intake below underscores the aggressiveness of the image. Section bumper edges serve to accommodate vertical strips of LEDs that act as fog lamps.

Photo 2020 Chery Arrizo m7 Side

On the side it is worth noting cute door sill covers, large comfortable doors, providing a comfortable fit for any number, from first to third, and a flat roof with roof rails cargo that highlight this family-run cars. Small but bloated wheel arches together in itself quite stylish rims nice design. Their size is unknown, but most likely we are talking about 15-16 inches. Also pleasantly surprised exterior mirrors. Not only that, they are made very beautiful, so also complemented with LED strips that duplicate signals turn signals.

Photo 2020 Chery Arrizo m7 back

The back of the wagon exhibits all the charm. We are talking about a large tailgate, solid glazing, nice optics and good thought-out bumper.

Indeed, the machine was well executed externally. It is unknown, however, how successful will be its quality.

As for dimensions, the versatile for the 2020 Chery Arrizo M7 relevant following figures:

  • length – 4730 mm;
  • width – 1823 mm;
  • height – 1590 mm;
  • wheelbase – 2800 mm.

Interior Cherie Ariza M7

The seats in the passenger cabin Cherie Ariza M7 are arranged according to the scheme 2 + 3 + 2, that is, two front for driver and passenger, a sofa for three seats in the second row and a third row of narrow sofa for up to two adult passengers. If you sit in the children’s shop, they then together even more than adults.

Photo salon Cherie Arrizo M7

While we can not say for sure how much good will in fact salon. From the photographs, which provide manufacturers, everything looks harmonious and promising. But the fact that we face Cherie, makes it impossible to be sure of the validity of the data presented.

Photos of the first row Cherie Arrizo M7

Photos of the second row Cherie Arrizo M7

If we talk about the first number, then the driver is waiting for quite unusual architecture of the dashboard. Yes, the steering is quite normal and standard equipped with extra buttons that allows you to call him a multifunctional. But if you look behind the wheel, the dashboard, you will not find. And all because it is located almost on the top of the central console under a special canopy, so that sunlight does not interfere. Architecture is made of medium, light a few unpleasant to read. But right under the instrument panel are two vertical vent ventilation, decorated with chrome inserts as well as a small screen multimedia system. Moving down, and stumble on a number of buttons. Ergonomics quite good, but still has room to grow.

Photo driver’s seat Cherie Arrizo M7

Disappointing as the driver and the front passenger seat. Lateral support is almost completely absent, there is only a subtle hint of its presence. But the worst – it’s armrest. It is like in a passenger bus.

Photos of the interior Cherie Arrizo M7

It will be interesting to see how comfortable would be to sit in front on the second row, and especially at the rear. Judging by the photos, the third row is conditional, that is created just for kids, can not be called. And it will be in reality – is unknown.

Among the obvious advantages should include the size of the luggage compartment. Even if the employment of all three rows of seats, the trunk is ready to accommodate 588 liters of luggage. This is not the limit, because the second and third row folded, forms an almost flat surface, and the volume increases to 2240 liters serious.


Options Arrizo M7

Apparently, far from his predecessor, represented KrossIster new seven-seater wagon to leave the Chinese in terms of equipment is not going to. This means that the equipment they will be about the same. At least, such conclusion can be drawn based on those data, provided that the company’s representatives Cherie, and image-based.

Because the equipment list might look like this:

  • multimedia complex;
  • touchscreen multimedia system;
  • six audio speakers;
  • air conditioning;
  • full power accessories;
  • electric windows on all side windows;
  • multi-function steering wheel;
  • front airbags;
  • Power steering, ABS, EBD;
  • central locking;
  • signaling;
  • on-board computer, etc..

Price 2020 Chery Arrizo M7

And about the price of anything is also not reported. Probably due to the fact that sales of the versatile planned closer to the end of this year. Hence, uncertainty about the equipment.

Either way, the car will initially be available only in China. Given the unfortunate experience of deliveries minivan KrossIster in Russia, the likelihood of 2020 Chery Arrizo M7 is very, very small. And hardly do Russian consumers currently interested in a similar car.

As for the cost, you should also expect a price tag on the predecessor level, that is the minivan. This means that the Chinese will have to pay for the seven-seater wagon about 600-650 thousand rubles, if translated into our currency. As you can imagine, we are talking about the budget cars. And they are now in our market is more than enough.

Specifications Cherry Ariza M7

For Chinese customers provide a certain variety in terms of equipping the engine compartment. Fully specifications were not disclosed. Although it is unlikely we will see there is something new and interesting, which is not in any modern car.

But about the engine manufacturer said. They all have two to choose from. Both petrol.

The first has a working volume of 1.8 liters, and its power is 136 horsepower with a torque of 172 Nm. The second engine volume – 2,0 liters. However, performance does not differ significantly, as its power increased to 139 horsepower and torque increased to 182 Nm compared with younger powertrain.

The motor is running together with two transmissions, and to choose from. Any of the presented engines can be equipped with six-speed manual transmission or a CVT.



Currently, opinions about 2020 Chery Arrizo M7 year is composed ambiguous. On the one hand, the car has received good looks, more or less a good interior decoration, even quite successful technical characteristics when compared to other Chinese.

Yet this car is nothing more than a modernized minivan KrossIster, familiarity with which the left not the best impression among Russian consumers. Hence the care of the minivan market. He tries whether due to the seven-seater wagon Cherie correct their mistakes or modernization was done not with the aim to regain lost ground – is known only to the leadership of Cherie. Of course, Russia and CIS countries are very important markets for the Chinese automaker.

But if Cherie will continue to deliver these instances, nothing good will come of it. With its vast resources, superior to many of the Chinese company, 2020 Chery is not able to reach the level of production really good machines. Competitors from China, second in Cherie opportunities, manage to produce cars that are happy to take on even our compatriots.

So with 2020 Chery Arrizo M7 everything is too vague. Kind and good machine, but special emotions she does not call. And it is a fact.