Brilians N220 and N230 – budget hatchback and sedan from China

Name 2020 Brilliance for Russian motorists are not new. However, not achieved the success of the Chinese car company is not going to stop. We already know that once the two new models will go to the Russian market (and not only, of course) in the next year. They will be the 2020 Brilliance H220 and H230, made in the back of a hatchback and a sedan, respectively.

2020 Brilliance H230 photo

We note immediately that this is a low cost cars. Fortunately for us and unfortunately for the Chinese auto industry, the level of credibility is too low to try yourself in the luxury segment. Although some models are available, all the same while the main focus is on the budget class. Demand in the same Russia to the Chinese government employees due to frankly good quality cars in recent years, rich equipment, stylish design and affordability in comparison with the same European, Japanese, Korean cars.

Do 2020 Brilliance Will N220 with N230 2020 Brilliance qualify for higher positions and the successful sale? A partial answer to this question will help complete the review. We will carefully consider the appearance of new products, look at their salons, examine the technical parameters, as well as see what is ready to offer as a manufacturer of equipment for its sedan and hatchback.


Of course, the total car platform, and both cars belong to the European B-class. External differences between them are not so many, but they are still there. For example, a sedan created a more reserved, serious. Hatchback also received sports hints in his image. In the photo and video materials you can personally verify this.

Call them insanely attractive is impossible. Yet sedan and hatchback are consistent with modern requirements for the design, are good structures appearance. In principle, be described as a stylish new items, some original and modern models could and should be.

Photo sedan 2020 Brilliance H230 front

The front end hides a major external differences. Both solutions are interesting and successful. In the sedan trim grille made of rectangular and narrow, adding elegant chrome insert the manufacturer’s logo in the center. Bumper powerful and large, with a small slit at the bottom of the air intake and the classic round fog lamps.

Photo front of Brilians N220

grille hatchback have tried to construct a somewhat larger, added to her pad in the form of T, and placed on the bumper air intake with large cut-out elements, responsible for aerodynamics. Fog lights are arranged almost like a sedan.

Photos side Brilians N220

Side view once again confirms the correctness of the work of designers. I do not want someone to sympathize to a greater extent, but hatchback profile is better.

2020 Brilliance H230 photo Side

The lines of the roof, vyshtampovki, large doors, well-chosen exterior mirrors with powerful legs – this is what makes the sedan and hatchback car is quite welcome.

Photo sedan rear 2020 Brilliance H230

The rear of the sedan is quite classic, has a convenient luggage compartment cover, located by default on the optics. In normal sedan class.

The back of the 2020 Brilliance H220 photo

But with all the hatchback a little differently. In many ways food is similar to BMW’s first series, and therefore it is clear that in this component hatchback sedan ahead of fellow.

It is noteworthy that at sufficiently different looks, dimensions differ from 2020 Brilliance H220 and H230 minimum:

  • length – 4149 mm (4390 mm from the sedan)
  • width – 1703 mm
  • height – 1480 mm
  • wheelbase – 2570 mm
  • ground clearance (clearance) – 165 mm
  • curb weight – from 1207 to 1214 kilograms
  • Fuel tank capacity – 42 liters.


For the development of the interior adjusted to the class and the potential cost of cars, which will tell a little bit later, it is necessary to deliver a confident four-plus. Everything is done carefully, with a certain restraint and brevity.

Photo salon 2020 Brilliance H230 and H220

The driver at the disposal comfortable steering wheel with the correct grip, enough informative instrument panel with deep wells, the successful backlit and easy readable data. The onboard computer also fits well into the overall picture has modern solutions.

The center console accommodates at all the necessary agencies and climate control buttons, audio system. Unfortunately, there is no opportunity to put on a great multimedia console display. Although the situation may change.

Photo Seat in Brilians N220 N230

In addition to disadvantages are flat seats front and rear. From this location it is not that the most successful. However, this does not take other interior virtues.

Pleasantly pleased and the amount of luggage. Provided that all five seats, including the driver, will take, hatchback luggage compartment can hold 250 liters. If the back row is free, fall back, forming an almost flat surface, and it turns out to 1190 liters of space. Standard size sedan boot – 470 liters.


As it should be for the current cost of Chinese cars, 2020 Brilliance 2020 Brilliance N220 and N230 in the base equipment will have a fairly rich equipment. It will include:

  • security systems EBD and ABS
  • front airbags
  • electric door mirrors
  • electric windows on all doors
  • central locking and remote control
  • adjustable steering column adjustment
  • on-board computer
  • air conditioning
  • audio to 4 speakers.

If this seems a little to the buyer, then it will be possible to order a more expensive packaging, where there is:

  • alloy wheels
  • side airbags
  • fog lights
  • parktronic
  • sunroof and electric
  • 6 audio speakers.


About the price the Chinese manufacturer has not officially reported anything. We only know that the first batch 2020 Brilliance H220 and H230 will come to the Russian market next spring.

As for the cost, then it is possible to focus on preliminary information. According to her, the starting price of the sedan and hatchback will be about 500 thousand rubles. It is not bad, considering the competitors and their cost.


In principle, the technical characteristics of a sedan and hatchback 2020 Brilliance H220 and H230 do not differ from the parameters of other models in this class. Thus, the strengthening of the steering operation is responsible electric power, independent front suspension, rear – semi-dependent torsion beam. Ahead placed disc brakes and rear-wheel drum set.

Photos of 2020 Brilliance H220

Choice in terms of engines the buyers will not. Since the beginning of the sales will be available only one engine. This petrol power unit having a working volume of 1.5 liters with 105 horsepower and a torque of 143 Nm. Not the fact that the engine range in half over time.

Complete with engine five-speed manual or six-speed automatic transmission. The maximum speed, regardless of the box used, will be 180 kilometers per hour. Consumption will be slightly different. So, in the conditions of use of mechanics per hundred kilometers traveled by road to combined cycle will go on 6.3 liters. The machine in this plan a little “voracious”, because eats 6.6 liters per 100 kilometers.


2020 Brilliance H220 and H230 – years – it’s quite attractive and interesting representative of the B-class segment of the budget. His 500 thousand rubles he openly stands. Another question – whether the hatchback and sedan will be as successful in the background formed opinions about cars. Until we get the first reviews of the owners, to make an objective evaluation of new products fail.

Wait there are very few, because let’s see what the story 2020 Brilliance continue on the Russian market and not only.