2020 Brabus Rocket 900 Coupe

Brabus Rocket 900 Coupe two-door missile debuted at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. The basis was taken the base model of Mercedes-AMG S 2020 .

As is common to all models of the Brabus , on the grille emblem shines a huge brand. Predatory gaze front bumper and bright LED lights. Other exterior touches include 20 and 21-inch wheels, carbon fiber inserts and a new exhaust system.

In the engine compartment Brabus Rocket 900 large pistons were installed, new turbochargers, 80 mm gutters and modified intake manifolds. The new air intake system allows you to “capture” the cold air immediately from the radiator and front grille. The new intake manifold also has a new heat reflector made of gold, to make sure that the machine is able to provide maximum power even in extreme heat.

Fascinating 900 hp power and 1200 Nm of torque, which generates a 6.3-liter twin-turbo the V12, enables to disperse hundreds of 3.7 seconds and a top speed safely overcomes the barrier of 350 km / h. It should be noted that the torque was reduced specifically to keep the transmission of excessive load.

How much will the monster luxury Coupe Brabus Rocket 900 is not yet known.