Adding to the lineup of sports coupe – crossover Bavarian company. “The younger brother» BMW X6 models, powerful and independent handsome, christened as the BMW X4.

After 6 years after the successful start of sales of the prestigious BMW X6 models, the company’s engineers “doomed to success” new, more compact but no less prestigious, X4 model.

Exterior design is made so well that from it is difficult to look away. The front end features large air intakes, a high mounted fog lamps, as well as a huge “a kidney” grille, quad headlamps gloomy, with a slightly haughty look. hood shape was borrowed from the X3 model. Increasing the lateral line on the side remind fastback body. And on wheels mounted on 19 – inch wheels, “wrapped” in a wide low-profile tires M Double Spoke. The back side looks slightly “wrinkled” and has a small rear window. At the bottom of the rear bumper X4 located modest two exhaust pipes, and in the middle set of pseudo diffuser painted in body color.

Speaking of the interior – it’s almost a full X3, lost a few centimeters of space. The most positive “legacy” has become an ergonomic dashboard, equipped with IDrive system that provides access to a wealth of technologies the convenience, safety and entertainment. About sporting inclinations models say aluminum inserts and high sports leather seats that provide the driver a high landing and a great overview, creating a slight discomfort in the shoulder blades. So before you throw some money down the drain, check how much you there comfortably. Another gripe caused an uproar “shout” engine created side mirrors while driving. As an option, the company offers a small hatch, which in addition to the fresh air will bring more light to rear passengers.

A “hidden” hood, the most powerful version of the sports coupe X4 300 – horsepower gasoline engine with 3 – liter. Well coordinated work of the engine, all-wheel drive and 8 – speed automatic transmission, ensures a stable and impeccable behavior on the road, to disperse hundreds of 5.4 seconds and a top speed of 247 km / h.

BMW X4 – an aggressive, emotional and quite dynamic model, which is less useful than the X3, a more severe and the spaces in it less. One thing is for sure, indifferent to the car is not enough.