Easy and fast driving a brand new sports sedan, breathtaking. Meet the brand new, hard-edged and slightly conservative sedan BMW M3 .

The new BMW M3 Sedan is a mechanical twin brother sports coupe the M4 , both externally and in the dynamics. The first and obvious difference is the ability to adapt to everyday M3 owners needs.

The front part is markedly different from the standard models and 3 Series. The front part is characterized by sharp and predatory features of the front bumper, LED headlights and a small grille. Note that the “muscular” hood are made of aluminum as well as the side doors. At the same time any additional laths and roof are made from lightweight carbon fiber, allowing to lower the center of gravity. Side visible original mirrors with sharp corners. On wheels mounted 19 – inch M – wheels, “wrapped” in a low-profile tires Michelin Pilot Super Sports. Behind the disc brake calipers visible gold. The back side of “boasting” four tailpipes framed by dynamic forms of the bumper.

The interior of the sedan received a huge number of “M” -aktsentov, including a new three-spoke steering wheel with paddle shifters, sport seats, carbon fiber inserts and pedals. Overall, BMW M3 interior looks and refined through the use of contrasting white leather. In contrast to the M4, the sedan received a full triple “sofa” back with the unit air flow control and socket for 12 volt. As an option, BMW offers a huge list, price list which can be a bit daunting price. Thus, among this list there is a premium audio system Haraman Kardon for $ 1000, park assist $ 500, lighting package for $ 1,900, a snow-white leather package for $ 3600 and a package of carbon-ceramic brakes for $ 8150.

Pressing the start button, under the hood revives the S55 6-cylinder, and with it, and 425 hp power. Interacting with the 7-speed automatic transmission with double clutch, rear-drive BMW M3, “biting into the earth” is dispersed to hundred for 4.1 seconds. Maximum speed is initially limited to 250 km / h. As a sports option limit can “push” to a mark of 280 km / h.

Before the trip, the driver faces a “buffet” options allow you to tailor the car as much as possible for themselves. There are several modes to select the steering setting, the engine is running, Dynamic Stability Control DSC, and has additional modes for the transmission M-DCT.

On the road, a four BMW M3 behaves precisely and flawlessly, like an Olympic champion.

Special mention deserves the hybrid soundtrack published by the exhaust system. Thanks to new technologies, which allow to simulate the interior sound of the exhaust pipes, work I6 slyly sounds like complete V8.

Given all the emotions that are able to give the BMW , M3 sedan is able to give a little more and practicality, really a lot of money. These subtleties in the future may allow the model to take a high place in its class.