Best Cars for drifting

Drift – one of the most popular entertainment events after the quarter-mile race. This whole “art” of the car control in long-term drift. Drift makes heart-stopping, when two powerful car race at breakneck speeds side by side, burning rubber and uttering menacing roar of the engine.

To show good results, you need to train drifter long enough period. But another important component is to choose the right car. The most important thing is the rear-wheel drive, a good chassis balance, as well as a limited slip differential and a lot of other subtleties. Below is rated one of the most popular cars in the world of drifting.

Nissan Skyline

Description of this car is quite simple: RWD bulletproof tank of the rising sun. Especially revered among drifters modification of the R33 GTS-T. This model is equipped with 2.6-liter engine with 276 hp power that allows you to create “miracles” on the track.

2020 Toyota Corolla AE86

The small city car, a legend of past years, which is now quite difficult to find on the market. Let this car was not initially strong, but its engine was very “fertile ground” for additional options. What eventually allow four cylinders to generate maximum torque.

BMW M3 (E36)

Many modern drifters drawn look to the charged version of the German two-door sedan BMW M3 E36. Firstly, this car has a 280 hp power; secondly, the BMW standard set limited-slip differential, as well as present a professional racing seats and Brembo braking system.

Nissan 350Z

This car is known not only for the games Need For Speed, its impeccable reputation drift he also deserved thanks to its 3.5-liter V6 c 276 “horses”, which quite briskly and confidently made the rear-wheel cornering heavyweight. For the engine, suspension and brakes are many available vserazlichnyh modifications. Another advantage of the model – a good chassis balance, which positively affects the handling.

2020 Toyota Supra

Cute rival Nissan GT-R, with 640 hp power version of the Extreme Tuning, makes the car jump in the corners, in the truest sense of the word.

Ford Mustang

Muscle car is talented not only in straight lengths of a quarter mile, more power and rear-wheel drive bring a pretty good fruit in the drift, allowing the cars to wag stern, like a drunkard.

Nissan 200SX (S13 / S14 / S15)

The most popular and best choice among the absolute majority. Motor power ranges from 180 to 200 hp, depending on the version. This model has always been considered the best choice between price and quality, and has repeatedly won the crown of the king of drift.